17 Jul 2013

The first casing

I used to be jealous of iPhone users as they got to put nice, cute, pretty casings on their gadgets while I was stuck with boring casing for my old phone. So, since I got myself an iPhone, I kept on looking for nice casing. But I ended up with only a silicon case. I browsed through online shops, took a look at Machines' casing display rack, but still, nothing really caught my eyes. There might be some that I thought were pretty, but just not enough to make me spend for it. Not until about a week ago when I was browsing through Groupon apps, I fall in love at the first sight with an iPhone casing. It's the Marvel's Captain America casing! XD I super super like the casing. The Captain America looks very very cute. 

1 Jul 2013

"Tulang Yee dah hancur..."

Last Friday evening, my cousin Kak Lina updated her status on FB that she was at HUKM sending her daughter Nurin. After few comments and chatting via WeChat, I found out that Nurin broke her hand earlier in the afternoon. Kak Lina said that they were still waiting for the results from the doctor.

Later that night I talk to Nurin on the phone. She was surprisingly not so sad, but happily telling me the story on how she got her hand broken. Apparently, she was excitedly jumping around (not sure why, maybe she was playing with her friends) while waiting for the bus to go to the sekolah agama (evening school). Then her friend told Angah (a.k.a Hilman, her brother) that she fell and felt that her hand was in pain. Hilman told her not to go to school but she went anyway. She went to school, stayed until the school period ended and came back home by bus like she normally does. When the parents came back only they brought her to the hospital as they saw her hand began to swell.

While we were on the phone.

14 Jun 2013

Watch and vote your fave Ramli

So, the Mencari Ramli 2 show has started  airing from 19 April 2013 on TV3 every Friday, 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm with 12 episodes in total. 

I can say that I'm so proud to watch the kids, so young yet so talented in showing their talent in playing football. They really show their spirit and courage to be voted as the best among the best young Malaysian footballers. 

I'm happy to see faces of true Malaysians of all races contesting to be our next Ramli. We have Malays, Chinese and Indian boys - from east and west Malaysia - giving their all on the field to win the chance to attend the two weeks training session at MUSS and a 3-year football scholarship at Frenz United Football Academy, as well as watching Manchester United in action at the glory glory Old Trafford. I think it is also cute to see that there are twin brothers on the show. They could be the next Rafael and Fabio da Silva. Hehe.

13 Jun 2013

The coffee story

We were watching The Voice Top 6 Performance Show while drinking a cup of Nescafe when the conversation of my addiction to caffeine took place. 

Me: Kalau org ada rezeki pregnant, kamu bg tak org minum coffee ke Nescafe hari-hari?
Husband: Sorry la.. Mestilah tak. 
Me: Kalau macam tu kalau org pregnant org tak nak bagitau kamu at least sampai 2 bulan ke atau sampai perut nampak.  Hmmpph!
Husband: Macam mana yg kamu nak sorok tu?
Me: Hmm org sorok la. Kalau period tak datang, ckp la maybe sbb tension buat research. Pastu kalau rasa loya-loya, org pegi toilet cepat2 pegang perut ckp sakit perut ah. Pastu bukak air kuat2. Pastu kuar toilet org ckp ah "org rasa org keracunan makanan laa.." Hahaha. Pastu dah 2 bulan baru buat2 tak sihat, pegi klinik cakap baru tau rupanya pregnant
Husband: Banyak la kamu. Hahaha. 

We both laughed. Then the conversation seemed like it ended. But after 10 sec of silence...

Husband: Huhu tak boleh jadi ni. Kena berhati-hati. 
Me: Kenapa?
Husband: Tak leh caya kat kamu. Kamu bkn nye boleh, kang betul2 buat sbb nak minum kopi punya pasal. Hahaha


Do you think one will be able to hide a pregnancy from the husband? 

And do you think i'll do that just for the sake of coffee??? Ppfffttt.

5 Jun 2013

My very stupid mistake


I used to have a Gmail account associated to my old blogshop. I registered this blog account with a Yahoo account. A few years later, Gmail and Blogger merged or something so all must use only Gmail account for log in. I remember linking my Yahoo account with the Gmail-blogsop account. In addition, I also added my Gmail-personal account as my blogs admin. Then, I started to blog with my Gmail-personal account for log in.

But since I closed down the blogshop, I decided to delete the Gmail-blogshop account as well. Eventhough I do not check the email anymore, I just feel like deleting it anyway. And so, without thinking much, I did.

Then only I realize that all the photos embedded in all my blogs posted BEFORE I started blogging with my Gmail-personal account for log-in were uploaded by the Gmail-blogshop account. And all the photos are gone together with the email account.... *sigh* *cry* All the photos were 'kept' online with the email or something like that I don't know how to put it in words,  so there you go... I have hundreds of posts WITHOUT pictures. Just hundreds of photos of an exclamation mark.

(Posted on 20th October 2009)

Yeah... my blog is now full of this. :(

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