24 Feb 2008

Special Post for Effa & Farah

+ 1901 +
a great place with pleasant memories. place to meet. place to hang out. place to chill. place to talk. having 1901's new york chicken at tesco taiping the otha day just reminds me of the sweet days i had with the girls before. hope both are doing fine with whateva they are doing right now. all the happiness to both of them. really miss to hang out like before~


us....then. =) babies of 1985. cute & chomeY!

17 Feb 2008

Kellie's Castle

after mid sem break, on our way back to campus, we went to kellie's castle,batu gajah perak. just near cousin kak lina's mentua's house. last time i went there was in form 1 (1998) and i didnt seem to like it so much. i didnt even own a camera (mum had one) to take photos as much as i like. dulu kan pakai filem, nanti bazir la x leh delete kalau x cantik. huhu...

so, this visit was really great. cuz i had plenty time to read the articles bout the castle. i really amazed and admired of the ancient castle, or also known as 'Malaysian Taj Mahal' by local people. if only the castle built by the Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith, as a prove of undying love to his wife is completed, i think it would be as great n beautiful as the Taj Mahal....

Kellie's Castle full story can be read here or Google it!

First floor corridor

Ground floor corridor

Anybody willing to built me a castle..?

11 Feb 2008

now back to campus. been busy during mid sem+CNY holidays at home. dont have extra time to update blog. just online to check sms mails n update friendster n facebook. some things happened while at home. will update later. daa~
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