28 April 2008

Saya dah habis viva......!!!!!!!!!


25 April 2008

Wonderful trip ever!!

went to genting with my lovely girlfriends and boyfriends; zydah, nurul, ikhwan & penick. the very un-planned trip went just fine. if not because of zyd had her pre-viva on thursday, we might as well go to a 2d1n trip. but instead, we went for a very long one day genting trip. took train at 10.48pm tueasday from parit buntar to kl sentral. had mc'd breakfast. i was so hungry. slept for 2 hours on train and the next 4 hours listening to a KTM pakcik talking bout all the facts he'd ever known - astronomy, medical, engineering, politicals issues bla bla bla~

favourite big breakfast

took 8am bus to genting from kl sentral with all park package. oh, the skyway was under maintainance. too bad. xde feel la naik genting x nak skyway~ =(i slept in the bus all the way to genting. i was so sleepy thanx to the pakcik KTM. huhuhu.....

tried all the rides that i've never tried before. but i limit myself. no riding too much rides cuz i know the effect to my own body. not so good due to experiences. =D the sun shone so bright in the afternoon.

thumbs up!!

stop playing at about 1++pm for lunch. had our lunch at burger king. mushroom swiss,pls! and we bought a cake. a friendship cake. a 'thanks-for-the-memories' cake. with candles. 4 candles for our four years of meaningful friendship.


got down at 7pm and had dinner at kl central. headed to puduraya at around 9++pm by putra to masjid jamek to catch our 11pm bus to parit buntar. i steped in kl without going home, can u believe it? this is so not me! huhuhu...

zydah & penick, dinner @ kl sentral

all in all, just wanna thanx my best-dearest-and-great friends for the wonderful trip.

ikh,uyu, penick & zyd,

i know i couldn't make these 4 years here without all of you. thanks for always be there when i needed the shoulders to cry on. and thanks for the memories....

lots of love,


Penang III - Rumah P.Ramlee

Rumah Tan Sri P.Ramlee in Penang - rebuilt using the wood from the original house, which was built by his father and uncle, which was demolished to give way to the government quaters.

Kerete Raja Lawak Musim Pertama

there are lots of P.Ramlee stuffs such as his school report card, ic, birth certificate, some photos in here. and at the gallery (no camera allowed) there are also pics of him with lots of people, from fans, to friends, to wives, to Tunku Abdul Rahman. His favourite clothes and violin, and more~

21 April 2008

Penang II - Lorong Kulit Flea Market

flea market at lorong kulit, near penang old stadium. they sell lots of things -from clothes, to handphones, from fruits to antiques, from bags to second hand camera,phones, walkmans and lot more. i really like to see the antique iron, pans, bottles, plates and cups. but kind of scared to snap-snap. huhu~

12 April 2008

I Bake a Blackforest Cake

maybe for some people they bake this a lot before but this is my first time baking a Blackforest cake. i baked chocolate cake, cupcakes, muffins, bla bla bla but never a Blackforest. so, i planned on baking one since it's one of my fave cake. the cake might look a bit ugly. i cut the basic cake a bit senget. huhuu..... but, ok la. it taste good pun.. (puji diri sendiri =p ).

10 April 2008


Exams finally over. Got 2 papers in 2 days, and now i'm free from the exam-stressed! both papers went just okay. books are away from my sight now. hehehe.... =D

last night, the polymer engineering 4th year students went to have a great mee ketam dinner at Juru, treat from our very own Dr. Zul Ariff. there were like 50 of us, including Dr.Zul and his wife, a vocational officer and 2 Dr.Zul's post-graduate students. thank you very much to Dr. Zul, and have a nice & safe journey~

Eat, people. Eat!

Great Dr.Zul with lovely wife

My big family =D


so, viva will be on the 28th - 30th of April. got to prepare stuffs for that. but, before i'm getting busy with those things, i am gonna enjoy my days at home....!!! yes!! i'm heading home tomorrow. KL..........wait for me!!!! can't wait! can't wait!

07 April 2008

Exam... Oh.. Exam...

i have my mold & die design paper this morning at 9. just dropping by, blog-hopping and check the mails to calm myself down. i cant look at the notes anymore. enough input already. adding some more will just help my brain to explode.

last saturday, students from faculty of applied science Uitm Shah Alam (polymer & material tech) who are also members of Plastic & Rubber Institute of Malaysia (PRIM) Student Chapter: Central Region visited our school (PRIM Student Chapter : Northern Region). we couldn't prepare much since everyone is busy studying for final. overall, it turned out good (i guess.. and i hope). and hey, a friend from SAB, Eza was with the group. she called just few minutes before they arrive and told she was coming too. so loooong since we've last met. pics will be uploaded later.

this baby lappy's hard disk had been cleared. the movies + dramas that i've watched had been deleted. why? because... i'm downloading more and more stuffs - preparation for my very long holiday before my viva (on last week of April, maybe). yay!! i am so gonna love holiday. will be back home for a while before coming back here and working on the presentation. might also start sending my stuffs home... leaving USM, huh~

good luck in your very 'final' exam, Julia~
and best wishes to all..
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