28 Mei 2011

Are you an Angry Birds freak?

Have you ever feel like throwing away your smartphones or crash your lcd monitor screen when the pigs just don't wanna die?

Do you spend lots of time playing the Angry Birds than reading school books?

Are you ones with lots of golden eggs?

If the answers are yes, yes, yes... than you really should be at Low Yat Plaza, KL this coming 11 June 2011 from 11am to 9pm, because Nokia Malaysia is bringing you the most awesome World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground!! How big could it be? It is an attempt for the Guinness World Record - Most People Playing in a Mobile Phone Game Relay. Yes people. THATTT BIG!!

Register here to participate. Admission free, fun and prizes await!! So, do I see you there? ^_^

25 Mei 2011

One after another

Last week I got an mms from cousin Along, a picture of nephew Hadief Zayed with burnt right arm. Not sure how exactly did the hot water spilt onto his right arm. Due to the over-concerned, I went to visit him at his grandma’s place on Friday night together with mum, cousin Alice, her mum, and Nurin.


20 Mei 2011

Si hensem Hadief kecederaan

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 May '11, 10.17pm MYT]

Tengah sibuk kat sana sini pasal #asidsplasher atau penyimbah asid, tetiba dapat tau anak buah kesayangan sorang tu melecur tangan kena air panas. Adehhh~ ape lah budak hensem sorang tu. Macam2 hal pulak..
Malam semalam ayah dia mms gambar. Sayu pulak tengok, so balik kerja tadi ajak mak pegi tengok Hadief kat rumah nenek dia. Bawak Nurin sekali. Tak padan luka kat tangan tu... Ligat dia. Tapi berhati2 gak nak main dgn dia, takut terkupas teruk dan berdarah lagi teruk.
Semoga cepat2 baik Hadief.

Kesimpulannya, kena asid kat tepi jalan ke, kena air panas kat rumah ke, kemalangan boleh berlaku di mana2 bila2 masa. So berhati2 lah dan ingatlah orang tersayang.

As bad as I am...

These few weeks, I’ve came across a lot of incident which involve things that would hurt one’s mum’s feeling. Not that I’m such a good daughter that never hurt my mum’s feeling, but there are some things that happen around me that I know, I wouldn’t do when it comes to involve a mother.

Weeks ago, I tweeted that I overheard a high school girl talking about how she feels ashamed if she has to go out with her mum, just the two of them.

Penang, 1990

18 Mei 2011

Yong Tau Fu, Kampung Pandan

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 18 May '11, 2.18pm MYT]

Tadi mata merah balik, lepas beberapa minggu dah baik. Mata merah dan pedih, and I became a bit scared so took out the lenses. Asked cousin Along to send me back to take my glasses. I couldn't drive home after working hour without neither lens or glasses, could i? On our way back to Bukit Jalil, we drop off at the Kampung Pandan famous yong tau fu. Kedai yong tau fu tu dah ada kat situ since like forever kot. At least I grew up makan kat situ. Balik sekolah agama Al-Watan singgah situ. Kalau org Kampung Pandan x tau kedai ni, jangan mengaku org Kg.Pandan la ye. :p

9 Mei 2011

Too much doodle to handle

Arrived at the office like the usual this morning, switched on the computer, opened the Internet Explorer and went to Google.com to google on something. Saw a doodle and I thought it was cute. Clicked on the doodle to find out about it. Today Google doodle is dedicated to Roger Hargreaves for his 76th birthday. Wikipedia says that he was a British author and illustrator of children's books, notably the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, intended for very young readers.

I might not know this Mr Hagreaves, but what catched my attention was, when I opened the Google.com for the second time today, it showed different doodle from the previous one. Then I clicked refresh. Another one. Me likey! So much doodle for this guy! Here are some of them;

Mr Rush

3 Mei 2011

Malaysian Today Secret Phrase

Have you ever heard of the Malaysian Today fortnight newspaper? I started to read Malaysian Today after I started working in IMU as the paper can be found at colleges, universities, and popular eateries for free on Thursdays, fortnightly. Malaysian Today is not like the average tabloid you boring-ly read everyday. It is a magazine-style newspaper which gives you facts, information, so colorful and it is fun to read. Really suits their slogan: No 1 Youth Weekly. Plus,they give gift-away too!


And yours truly is one of the winner of the Malaysian Today secret phrase gift-away. Yayyy! It is as simple as ABC.



One of the covers which I twitpic-ed before.



So how to win the gift-away?

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