27 Feb 2009

pgsc bowling tournament

so, the bowling tournament for postgrad students and staffs of SMMRE was held on the 25th february 2009 at megamall, penang.

some of the team:

farid (staff), suhaimi (staff), me, nik

ain, pedot, lendew, zydah

kak an, fendi, azam, firdaus

yun, shahril (staff), rokman (staff), kak laily

bile boring, seperti biase.. aktiviti berposing sana sini....

kak jun, axxa, nizam, kak zue, kak ani

penyampaian hadiah time........

best player nik noriman

1st runner up


25 Feb 2009

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang II

Colmar Tropicale

after japan, lets fly to france!!

Colmar Tropicale is the unique French-themed attraction at Berjaya Hills. like the japanese village, it's the first of its kind in Malaysia. it is modeled after the 16th Century Colmar Village in Alsace, France and has retained the authenticity and European feel of its counterpart.

beside the beautiful castle-like buildings, the attraction of Colmar tropicale are the swan lake, bridge, wishing well and u may climb the viewing tower or spectacular view of the resort. there is also a picturesque cuckoo clock tower which was designed after the requewihr tower, france.

"yi.. ape tu?"

Rabbit Park

rabbit park is another attraction of bukit tinggi. the entrance fee to the rabbit park is rm3/person. free for child under 2. when u buy the entrance ticket at the counter, make sure u buy the rabbit feed at rm1.50/packet (which i heard last time was only rm1).

this is the open area for the rabbits. u can touch and play and feed the rabbits. there is another area for newborn rabbits, which are quarantine and u can't feed them.

"feed me..feed me..."

nurin lg berani dr saya utk member rabbit makan =p

nurin called him "kawan kak nonoi.."

this is nurin's "unta", ok!

nurin is riding a kudai (kuda+keldai)

i can't remember the white donkey's name that nurin rode, but i remember 2 of the donkeys name were simon & sofea. gile glamer name!!
beside rabbits and donkeys, there were also bangau, billy the goat and tortoise.

24 Feb 2009

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

last saturday, went to bukit tinggi, pahang untuk berjalan2. from home, went to batangkali to fetch mr.Bf, then went straightaway to bukit tinggi. went there with mum, cousin diba, cousin haziq, nurin & mr.Bf sbg driver. hehe
i need mr.Bf to drive coz seriously, Myvi, moreover manual transition, sgt lambat pick up, lagi2 kalau naik bukit. so, i am not confident enough to drive by myself to bukit tinggi tu.

once arrived at the bukit tinggi, there are drive thru counters, utk beli ticket, rm10/adult and rm8/child. children below 3 is free. then, drive naik sikit lagi sampai a parking lot. from there, u can either jalan (specifically mendaki) ke japanese village & botanical gerden, or wait for the shuttle bus.

日本の村 - the Japanese Village

Japanese village is located 3,500 feet above the sea, and said to be the first of its kind outside Japan. it is a beautiful garden with Japaneses style waterfall, bridge with koi pond and plants. you can rent a kimono suit if u want to feel like u're in japan. you can also participate in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. honestly, this is one of the most beautiful garden i've ever been.

"welcome to the world's first Japanese Tea House in the Tropical Forest"

ini budak comel kesayangan kami



saya mahu ke sini lagi!!!

20 Feb 2009

adik2 ku mahu pulang sudah...

My 2 adiks yang kembar itu sudah mahu pulang ke Australia, for their last sem. They're going back on next Tuesday, tp since x dpt hantar ke airport n so, i went back home days before weekend spy dpt berjumpa mereka itu. So, yesterday i went out with them to Sunway. went to their house around 2++pm. they actually had plan already, so kirenye i just masuk menyelit & menyebok sekali. xp

we've been accompanied by nazeri

kaina with her new black devil.

this is ekha with her so-called Wangi (if she proceed to call that Wangi la, sbb she intend to change the name), tp x wangi pun.

kami otw balik sudah.

ekha & kaina,
thanks for the day. slamat pulang ke Australia, study smart. last sem. chaiyo2!! see ya when u're back nanti. muuaxxxx!!
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