28 Sep 2009

Ubi kayu oh ubi kayu


Apa yang bila dah lame x dapat, and tetiba mengidam nak makan, and bila dapat makan sangatlah memuaskan hati cik bubbles?

Ubi kayu rebus + sambal ikan bilis + ikan masin

Satisfaction. Setelah mengidam sejak bulan puasa lagi. hehehe.. Akhirnya dapat gak last week. Thank you, mum!

24 Sep 2009

Iftar + Lepaking Session


Lets us postponed Raya post & picts eh.

Back to 2 days before raya, still during the holy month of Ramadhan. I went out my the girls for iftar at Pavilion. Plan was to go to Capsquare but was changed then due to some difficulties. Anyhow, iftar was great wherever it was as long as i had the chance to spend my time with the girls & the food was great. :D

Tepanyaki for me

The crowd

B couldn't make it on time since she had to run some errands but she made it for desert, together with sister Kak Harim & bestie Kumar. We had desert at the Ministry of Food (MOF).

Choclate Shake. The yummmmiessttttt!

x cukup dgn desert from MOF, Nuth bought this.
and B came with somemore cupcakes. haisshhhh~

Do Not Disturb.

Naddy, Sha, julia d bubbles, B, Nuth, Eda & Amie

Thank you girls & guys for making the lepaking session fun!

If only the other - Hanie Fadil Eza Aira etc - could make it, it would be merrier, for sure. But nvm. This bunch of girls & guys already made my day! :D Love u!!

23 Sep 2009

Malam Raya


one of my fave menjelang raya.
pelita lampu tujuh likur yang atuk buat sendri guna botol brylcream zaman dulu-dulu

anak anak saudara beronok bermain bunga api

mak bapak saudara seronok main ni. :p

20 Sep 2009

Salam Aidilfitri


Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf zahir batin, kalau ada silap salah terkasar bahasa
Jemput datang rumah ye kawan2 ;)

-Julia d Bubbles-

15 Sep 2009



Since i am too busy (kononnye :p) and there too many people that i love and care for celebrating their birthday in September, i'll just make an all-in-one post wish eh. :)

Happy belated birthday..

5th September
An darling

Acap Saim
8th September

11th September
Cousin Effa

12th September
Cousin Sis Mala

12th September
Cousin Haziq a.k.a Abang

13th September
Atuk tesayang


Happy becoming birthday...

24th September
Naddy darling

24th September
Fadilah a.k.a Kembar
(we seriusly need to meet up, baru sdr dah lame gile xjumpe fadilah sampai gambar pon xde kene curik dr blog fadilah..huhu)

26th September
Cousin Farah

30th September
Sis Marhani
(sory ye curik gambar dr FB. pun xde gambar akak.. jom jumpe tgkap gambar byk2. )

Neng Azhani (2/9)
Ainor (2/9)
Azdel (6/9)
Husna Alyaa (9/9)
Beep (15/9)
Eza (28/9)
rasa mcm ramai lg tp x mampu nak ingat.

Happy birthday, lovely people
Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki
and may Allah bless
I love u

13 Sep 2009

Bila nak balik raya ni......


I spend my Saturday in the room. The initial plan to go out with roommate was canceled. Since i've already got back my paper back from my sv, i think it's better for me to make the correction a.s.a.p and submit it to my co-sv. during my working with 20% concentration and laziness level up to 80%, i got 3 mms from mom.

tengah buat tat gulung

siap gulung

dah siap bakar

ape ni... dah start buat kueh raya tanpa menunggu kepulangan anak yang comel yang di perantauan ini. hehh~ perasan comel.

uwaaaa...bila nak balik raya ni.........

the day before, i received a video call from mom. but for sure i know it wasn't mom who really wanna video-call me and see my face. of course la my little precious Nurin was at home and she was the one who wanted to do the video call. then she went pusing pusing satu rumah asking everyone to talk to me. sampai atuk pon kene. haha apelah di bulinya semua org. i wanna go home. sabar Julia, sabar. hehe =D

10 Sep 2009

Saja nak menyemarakkan suasana..


Hari ni dah 20 Ramadhan. Lagi 10 hari nak raya. dah habis shopping x? i got myself few pairs of baju kurung yang i know will end up pakai masa raya je then letak la dalam almari tu. or at least pakai masa kenduri kahwin.hehe.

btw,gambar2 kat bawah ni adlh gambar hari-hari sebelum raya tahun lepas (2008) yang dah pernah pun di-post di blog ni. tapi saja saja nak mengupload semula, sempena raya yang makin nak menjelma ni. ape salahnya kite melihat gambar2 yang makin menyemarakkan suasana nak raya kan. =D

bila dah tinggal lagi 10 hari nak raya..paling best kat rumah bila atuk dah start pasang lampu 7 likur. masa kecik2 pas berbuka masing2 berebut nak nyalakan api. makin besar makin malas xde kes berebut2 dah. hehe

bile dh ade pelita. mesti la kene main bunga api.best main bunga api yg kaler2 tu. fave dr kecik2.

pastu sehari dua seblum raya mesti atuk gi beli daun pisang yang banyak. untuk ape..??

for this..!!!!

masak lontong yang sangat banyak ialah kerja bonda tersyg sehari sblm raya. kerja sy ialah menyemak menonton membisingkan diri :p oleh kerana sjk kecik asyik makan ni je..i dont prefer nasi impit yang dalam plastik tu. i want this for my pagi raya meal.

my fave raya dish!!

then bila dah ada lontong, mesti la kene ada lauk pauk jugak. seperti kuah lontong yang kaler kuning tu, kuah kacang (yay! kacang tanah dah beli ari tu) and rendang. kadang2 tukar selera buat la ayam msk merah ker, kurma daging ke. ah sdpnye kurma daging. huhu.. and *ehem ehem* of cos menu adalah mengikut selera empunya blog. hehe

note for self: sila la belajar pandai2 camne nak buat ni tanpa bantuan.trima kasih.

bila nak raya lagi..mesti ade raya cookies kan kan? tahun ni x buat 1 jenis pon lagi. ntah sempat ke x nak buat. dah la balik pun xtau lg bile =(

and the most important part of raya is......

berkumpul di pagi raya!!!!

and mesti lah pergi beraya ke rumah sanak saudara dan sahabat handai. =)

atuk's cicit
tahun lps ber4. tahun ni ber5. hehe

siape kate kalau raya kat KL je tak cukup meriah? :p

p/s: saya nak kad raya. sape nak bagi saya kad raya?
p/s2: jemput la ke rumah raya nanti.. hehe awal2 dah jemput

9 Sep 2009



it's the day!!!
it's the road safety day!!

today i'm gonna honour my pledge for the MUFORS 090909.

saya akan menumpukan perhatian semasa memandu.

er, mcm la x concentrate before ni.
aahh x kisah la.
i'll concerntrate when i'm driving today for the sake of 090909.
and hopefully for life.


7 Sep 2009

SABIAN 09-02 dearie...


To all my lovely SABIAN batch 1998-2002 who is reading this blog, and by any chance did not receive Ijad a.k.a John's Facebook msg of invitation to an iftar reunion, pls read this & do tell your other friends,too okays.!

"Hi guys

Due to popular requests, I am going to organize a berbuka puasa gathering for our batch Sekolah Aminuddin Baki (SAB) 9802 in the spirit of this year’s Ramadhan.

I have attended few corporate berbuka puasa events since last week and what I have in mind to suggest to you guys is:

Impiana KLCC Hotel @ 16 Sept 2009

Location-wise, it is strategic and easily accessible via KLCC Putra line. There is also a band of musicians playing wonderful traditional melodies while we indulge the variety of meals that are being served.

So, think no more – RSVP asap! I need to make the reservation.
Oh yeah, spread the words, the more the merrier – once a year ;-)

Cheers for now

Sharazad (John)

Oil Business Division


E-mail: mohdsharazad@gmail.com

Mobile: ask me, xleh ltk kat public"

So people, spread the words!!

and those were the days....

2 Amanah 1999

3 Amanah 2000
days before Mr.Goh nak bersara

4 Kamil 2001
Miss Anita blanje makan @ KFC, KLCC

5 Maju 2002 @ KLCC

Girlfrens, 2003
datang skola jumpe B yang mase tu tgh kat form 6


Al fatihah to Arwah Raimi, Bai & Hafiz.
U'll always be in our hearts.

4 Sep 2009

I've pledged to show my support. Have you?


On our way back from KL to campus last Monday, we've stopped by at Tapah R&R to perform prayers. And there were some man asking us to pledge on something. At first we didn't really take note on what they were asking us to do. But then we read the posters/banners saying it was for the Road Safety awareness and it think it's kinda cool for us to join the campaign.

The campaign is on road safety and named the Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) and the MUFORS day will fall on the 9th September 2009 (090909). The MUFORS 090909 are calling all Malaysians to pledge on how to reduce accidents and save lifes and to honour their pledges on Wednesday, the 9th of September, 2009 between the hours of 9:00am-to-9:00pm.

Writing down my pledge

There are few ways to pledge; beside the one that I did. All you have to do is visit the MUFORS 090909 web and pledge via video, photo, text or SMS.

Your pledges can be as creative and crazy as possible but most importantly, do remember to honour your pledges on the 090909 and hopefully, for the rest of your life.

What's more?? The best five video and photo pledges will receive a PLUSmiles card worth RM500, and the best five text pledges will receive a PLUSmiles card worth RM300. Sounds great, right? So, what are you waiting for? Show your support; you can be the start of that change.

Let Malaysians Unite for Road Safety!

1 Sep 2009

Potluck Iftar


Last Friday i went back home for finally having iftar with family at home sweet home =)
Went back on Friday morning with Kak Husna, Kak Ann & Kak Ida.
One of the weekend activity was potluck-ing for iftar on Sunday with the whole bunch of the family.

Ni la antara orang-orang yang rasa diri x cukup femes+glamer so meminta gambar mereka dimasukkan dalam blog. :PCraziest cousins

So menu of the potluck iftar:
Nasi putih, for sure
rebung masak lemak cili api
paru masak cili
sambal udang+petai
roti jala
lots of kueh mueh
roti hotdog
Homemade air soya yg sgt sedap x terkata. thanks mummy!!!!

dan yang paling penting....
Terima kasih kak lina sebab bwk pecal yg telah lame diidam2kan ini. lazat!!

oh gambar makanan2 lain xde sbb malas. terima kasih. hehh~
btw, menu makanan x la penting sangat. but the important and valuable thing about the iftar was the company; bagi seorang anak perantau spt saya. cehhhh konon :P

Cousin Along didn't come coz harris isn't feeling well after he got an injection, so x dpt berjumpa dgn harris and baby hadief.

And sebelum masing2 beredar...

konon2 tengok mercun la tu
saya & adiba dibuli budak kecik ini utk menyanyi lagu raya bila dia nak main bunga api. isk.

Gambar2 bunga api x cantik la pulak.sape suh xbawak balik camera best.padan muka sendiri.

Had a great weekend at home.
Oh, cousin Along came the next day (Monday) so sempat jumpa harris & hadief before i went back to campus. =)
Baby hadief dah besar. Raya tahun ni ada anggota baru.

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