24 September 2007



Al-fatihah to the girl they finally found....
Allah may be loving her more than we do.
Rest in peace.

20 September 2007

Work Work Work

the Mood still hasnt came back yet.
i am still in the lazy mood.
lots of work to be done.
i should have started NOW.
dear Julia,
bring back the mood and start working.

18 September 2007


i'm so bored.
and tired.
and lack of sleep.
number of assignments and lab reports and FYP-things-2-do is increasing.
mum isn't feeling well at home.

what should i do to gain a good mood back?

14 September 2007

13 September 2007


Selamat berpuasa kpd semua Muslimin wal-Muslimat...

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini akan lebih bercahaya & membawa seribu rahmat dalam diri kita.

Ahlan ya Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

11 September 2007

perLis day trip

last Sunday, i went to perlis with my love one. i really want to go there for jalan-jalan in this sem and before i finish my study here, and he took me there. we went there for a day trip.

I woke up early in the morning and get ready. we went there by car and started our journey at 8.30 am. so, we go to petrol station, buy some drinks and.. here we go! we reached alor setar highway exit at about 10.00 am. through alor setar (jalan kampung), we reached perlis at about 10.35 am. fortunately perlis is a really small state. so we were sble to visit some places in a day. but i wish i could stay longer so that i can visit other places too.

we went to Muzium Kota Kayang which is situated in between Kangar and Kuala Perlis. The Muzium is in kampung area. it looks like an old istana.

After that, we went to Taman Ular & Reptilia. beside snakes, they also have iguana, crocodile, monkey families (org utan, beruk, mawas), memerang, kura-kura, ayam and also burung.

we continued the journey to the very north of perlis. Wang Kelian. one of the border of Malaysia-Thailand in Perlis. Every Sunday, u can pass the border to Thailand without any passport or border-pass needed. so, i have the chance to step on Siam land. ;) it doesnt mean u can go far in Thailand. just the market along the road after the border line. the market continues from wang kelian to thailand. they sell a lot of thing, clothes, electrical goods, food, toys and lot more.

then, we went to gua kelam. the jambatan gantung path took us about 10 - 15 minutes one way in/out. it is also called The cave of Darkness. walking in the cave remind me the day i went to Gua tempurung with schoolmates back in secondary school. =)

and from there, i drove to padang besar. we ate tomyam there. very very nicest tomyan i've ever had. huhuhu...
lastly, on ouR way back, we stopped by at an ostrich farm..

i really enjoyed this day. i love Bee! thanx so much!

08 September 2007

harvik - industrial visit

we gather in school at 7.45am to go to harvik rubber Sdn bhd with some other coursemate. this industrial visit; organized by John & Salmi - is for rubber engineering class. dr.azura suggested us to have a visit to rubber factory making engineering product. some of them went to a bearing making factory in kuala kangsar perak last 2 weeks. so, today is our turn.
harvik rubber made boots. safety boots. boots for oversea uses. boots for polo sport. boots for fireman. boots for petroleum field. when we heard the word boot, one thing that always come cross our mind is phua chu kang boot, isnt it? boots might look simple for some of us, but visiting harvik bring other perspective of boots to us.
we were bring to tour the factory. from raw material store to mixing process to calendering process to cutting and assembly of components that make a boot. most of the process is done manually. after more than 30 years operating, they still use conventional machine and human labour to maintain the quality ofthe product.
eventhough i've been to malaysian rubber board for industrial training, i still had a lot of question to ask. doing experiment in lab, research project and applying in industry is total different.
overall, going to harvik might help me a lot in completing my final year project since i've the opportunity to ask question from the experts.
later today we had chemical safety & health briefing for final year student.
mum is on her way to singapore by train to visit some relatives and to attend a wedding ceremony. she'll stay at a relative house. jimat, right? hehe..
when will i get the chance to go there too... =(

06 September 2007


Things i'd settle in the last 24 hours:
  • Lab report 2
  • Lab report 3
  • Rubber Engineering past year Qs ( 1 a & b only)
  • Find material for OSHA assignment ( nak bincang tonite)
  • Formal letter to PPKT, applying official web site for PRIM thru USM web

NEVER! NEVER tangguh kerja lagi, Norjulia! Do it & finished it on time.


Never on time. Instead.. always earlier!

04 September 2007

The guy who loves you....

The guy who loves you, can't tell you the reason why he love you. He only knew that, in his eyes, you are the only one.

The guy who loves you, actually always make you mad, but he do never know what stupid thing did he done, as everything he done, is for your own good.

The guy who loves you, seldom praise you , but in his heart, you are the best, only he know it. The guy who loves you, will scold or complaint if you din't reply his message but others, because he cares.

The guy who loves you, only drop his tears in front of you, when you try to wipe his tears, you are touching his heart, the heart which beat for you. The guy who loves you, will remember every word u said, even its accidentally. And he will use the word always at the nick of time.

The guy who loves you, will not give any promise that easily, because they don't want to break the promise, they want you to believe him and they want to give you the happiest and safest life ever after.

The guy who loves you, always tell you not to think too much, because they already plan it for you, he want to give u the best life in the future, he want to give you a suprise, believe him that he can do it.

The guy who loves you, maybe can't remember speciall occasion like somekind of anniversary, but, he do know that, every second he live, he's loving you, no matter what day is today.

The guy who loves you, won't said " i love you" that easily, because everything he done for you is showing that he love you already, but only he will tell the word at the special situation, because he dun wan u to misunderstand, he want u to know that he love you.

The guy who really loves you, will feel that, sometimes, something have to tell for only once, because he thought that u might already understand him, if talk so much, he will feel that theres nothing you will cherish.

The guy who loves you, will go to airport to fetch you, he won't carry a bunch a rose and call you darling like what you expect. But he will carry your ludgage and ask you " why are you becoming that thin within two days?" with his sincere heart.

The guy who loves you, will listen quietly to you, when you are mad, and when you finished, he will said, you still got class tomorrow, sleep earlier. With smile.

The boy who love you, don't know that whether he should call you when you are angry, but he will sent a message to you after few hours, if you ask him why he call that late, he will said, when you are angry, my explanation are all rubbish. But when you calm down, my explanation will only really works.

The boy who love you, always call you little girl, but everytime he want to make a big decision, he will first want to hear your advice. The guy who love you, don't like little toy like teddy bear, but he will always put the bear you gift him at his bed.

The guy who love you, while quarelling, he will apologize uncontrollably, althought you are the one who's wrong, and later, he will sent a message to you with "baby, actually you know its your fault, you know it urself ".

The guy who love you, while really miss you, he will want to buy a bunch of rose and wait you stupidly under your apartment. But he never knows, what he bought is daisy, but doesn't matter, because in his heart, that's roses.

The guy who love you, seldom said sweet words, but you know, his kisses already transfer his all passion to you.

The guy who love you, if he can't always see you, he will try to make himself busy, for not to have any time to remember you, because he knew, if he did, he will keep on missing you until he could do nothing.

GALs in crush, love, do you think the guy who's beside you do really love you?
If yes, wish you have the happiest day ever after.

FYP progress

i submitted my 1st proposal draft today to my supervisor. she said that it's ok and asked if i had any better idea. so, i said, yes, i have other ideas about the project. she listened and listened and tell me to re-do, adding the ideas i told her and submit it back. overall she said that the ideas were good and what i'd presented just now, the formulation, method to be used and testing are correct. i just need to study in detail about some topic such as:
  • styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
  • swelling test method
  • SEM
  • crosslink density

i hope i can finished the 2nd draft early, and submit the proposal early. then only i can start my project early or on time.

4th Sept, Tues - Rubber Engineering test.

5th Sept, Wed - (3.00pm)Final Year Project Guideline Briefing

6th Sept, Thurs - submit Lab Report 2 & 3

7th Sept, Fri - (10.00am) Industrial Visit to Harvick Rubber Penang, (3.00pm) FYP Chemical & Safety Briefing

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