8 Sep 2007

harvik - industrial visit

we gather in school at 7.45am to go to harvik rubber Sdn bhd with some other coursemate. this industrial visit; organized by John & Salmi - is for rubber engineering class. dr.azura suggested us to have a visit to rubber factory making engineering product. some of them went to a bearing making factory in kuala kangsar perak last 2 weeks. so, today is our turn.
harvik rubber made boots. safety boots. boots for oversea uses. boots for polo sport. boots for fireman. boots for petroleum field. when we heard the word boot, one thing that always come cross our mind is phua chu kang boot, isnt it? boots might look simple for some of us, but visiting harvik bring other perspective of boots to us.
we were bring to tour the factory. from raw material store to mixing process to calendering process to cutting and assembly of components that make a boot. most of the process is done manually. after more than 30 years operating, they still use conventional machine and human labour to maintain the quality ofthe product.
eventhough i've been to malaysian rubber board for industrial training, i still had a lot of question to ask. doing experiment in lab, research project and applying in industry is total different.
overall, going to harvik might help me a lot in completing my final year project since i've the opportunity to ask question from the experts.
later today we had chemical safety & health briefing for final year student.
mum is on her way to singapore by train to visit some relatives and to attend a wedding ceremony. she'll stay at a relative house. jimat, right? hehe..
when will i get the chance to go there too... =(

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