30 Jun 2010

A house is not a home

Few months back, i wrote a blog post about a shelter home, Rumah Titian Kasih (RTK) near Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur (read it here) during a visit there. I met lovely yet  lonely orphanages, old folks and single mothers.

DSC05817Me & Kak Cik

In more or less a year before,  bestfriend, Baiti came up with her beautifully written article about the same RTK in The Star “Welcome cash boost for home’s residents”.

So, anyway, since I’m known as a person who is so lazy to read the news, Mum always text me if there are something big in everyday news that she think i need to check it. I had a perfect morning – woke up early & fresh, despite went to bed a bit late, had Roti Planta & Neslo Ice for breakfast, and received the claim cheque – until I got Mum’s text…

“Penghuni rumah titian kasih kene halau x mampu bayar sewa. Kosmo ada gambar Nana tgh keluar”
 DSC05826 My cousin with Nana :)

I can still remember her voice.. repeatedly saying ““mana ibu nana…?” “kenapa ibu x datang..?”Mak Pah baik… jaga kami….mak Pah baik sangat….

So I checked out Kosmo online, and TheStar online and… i almost had tears in my eyes.

I know there’s nothing I can do. All that I’m capable of doing is to pray that there is someone, or some organization, or the government, whoever out there will come and help them, as we know Mak Pah can’t handle this all by herself, alone.

Taken from the article written by my bestfriend, Baiti;

“However, I worry what would happen to the children if we don’t own our own house. I won’t be around forever,” 
– Mak Pah

Visit Rumah Titian Kasih blog here.

27 Jun 2010

Look what hadi got for me!

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Well bukan la Hadi bg dgn mudahnya. I asked him to reload his Celcom number to get the bear. And we got Englbear yayy!! Thank you Hadi!!

P/s: Sally & Norrish... Nak blue bear jugak pls...

19 Jun 2010

Jon Chu’s Step Up 3 in 3D


Step Up (2006) is one of the movies that i like to watch repeatedly every now and then. Starring the lovely-wed couple, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan as Tyler Gage and Nora Clark, the movie grabbed my attention with the dance steps from two different dance; break-dance & ballet. Tyler and Nora paired in the final dance (showcase) combining both dances, turned out to be a splendid dance show. Plus, i just simply love Channing Tatum. Well, it’s a bonus to have him as the lead actor, right. :P

The songs listed in the soundtrack like “Give it up to me” by Sean Paul ft. Keyshia Cole and “Get up” by Ciara ft. Chammillionaire have been in my repeat mode playlist since then, till today.

Then two years later, Jon Chu came out with Step Up 2 : The Street, starring Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman.


Even though Channing Tatum made only a quick appearance at the beginning of the movie, and i don’t really like Robert Hoffman who played Chase Collins style of dance, the movie totally killed it with the street dance choreography. I like the character of Andie’s new friend, Moose (by Adam Sevani). Moose is just..cute!

If you’re a Gleek, and u’ve watched Step Up 2, you’ll recognize that one of the New Direction member, Mike Chang a.k.a “Other Asian” (Harry Shum Jr.) starred in the movie too as Cable.

Again, this year Jon Chu make a comeback with Step Up 3 releasing (maybe) in August. And it’s in 3D yawww!!


There will be no Tyler & Nora, no Chase & Andie. But Moose and Cable will stay in this 3rd sequel of Step Up. Jesse McCartney , Flo Rida, Trey Songz, B.o.B, Sean Paul, Girlicious and T-Pain are some of the artists name listed in the soundtrack.

New York’s intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D as the raw, passion-fueled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (Rick Malambri) and Natalie (Sharni Vinson), team up with NYU freshman Moose (Adam Sevani) and Alyson Stoner, and find themselves pitted against the worlds best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.

And check this trailer out!


Oh My.. I cant wait for this!!!

16 Jun 2010

Rebak Island Getaway!!

Thanks to Uncle Zahar & Aunty Rozie, I went to Rebak Island for a short getaway on June 5th-8th with the whole family – Uncle Zahar, Aunty Rozie, cousins Ekha, Kaina, Shana, An, grandma (Mak), brother (Abang Awin) and sis-in-law (Kak Ann).

Rebak Island is an island off Langkawi Island. To get to Rebak, we took the boat from a small jetty, located more or less 5 minutes away from the Langkawi International Airport. The boat ride took us around 15minutes to reach the breathtaking Rebak Island.

2010_06_05_8184The cousins (fr left: Shana, Ekha, Kaina, An) on the boat.

See Shana’s face in above pict – the face of a person who ‘lost’ her BB. Ok, Shana, i need to admit. It was funny since Ekha acted real good! Haha.

I don’t really have a lot of thing to tell during the holiday. Just have a look at some of the picture of the place, ok. Oh, the place we stayed at was the Taj - Rebak Island Resort.

2010_06_05_8194The welcoming yacht at the Rebak Island jetty. I wish to own one. *pray*

2010_06_07_8445 Mak at the Rebak Island jetty

2010_06_05_8242 2010_06_05_8231

2010_06_05_8293I missed kayak so much, that I’m happy that we get to kayak there.

Since there were not many people around, it makes the kayaking more fun! But, to have to team-up with Shana means you need to get yourself to work harder. Shana suka curik tulang, duduk belakang tau la I tak nampak!! :P

Plus, look……


…she bullied me… :’(

2010_06_05_8324Get to play in the sea water!!

The next day we were there, we get to cycle around, played indoor games i.e ping-pong, archery (yeahh most of them try to beat Robin Hood so badly, but, well, you know..), and spend the time at the beach. Very chillaxing!

2010_06_06_8388 Kak Ann cycling.

2010_06_06_8423Kaina at the archery spot

2010_06_06_8372Ekha on the hammock, at the beach. 

2010_06_05_8281Uncle & Aunty relaxing


The resort library. Can you spot Shana?

Spend the next day at Langkawi main island. Went to several places, bought some chocolate and had lunch before coming back to Rebak Island.

2010_06_07_8449Makam Mahsuri

2010_06_07_8496Galeria Perdana

2010_06_07_8515 2010_06_07_8563If only this baby is mine… *drool*

2010_06_07_8467An, with the eagle at Eagle Square

2010_06_08_8592 At the room balcony. Ok i know it’s too bright you can’t see the beach at the background –_-“

2010_06_08_8582 Abang during the breakfast on the last day

32085_412160897898_807357898_4325430_7459143_nThe whole crew before leaving the lovely Rebak Island

Rebak Island is indeed a nice place to go, to spend the leisure time out of the busy life once in a while. Well, at least i think so since I was tired of reading and writing. But hmmm… now I am here back in the campus, and need to write and write again.

Thank you so much again Uncle, Aunty & the whole family for the trip, and for making the trip fun!! *hugs & kisses*

15 Jun 2010

I can’t take this anymore!!!!

It has been days. “Twitter is over capacity” again and again and again!!





My life would suck without Twitter!!

I know some of you feel exactly the same. –____-“



No Twitter, no mood to work, no mood to write.

13 Jun 2010

Teater Muzikal Teratak Minang

iyaa.. post ini post yg sangat sepatutnya sudah lama di update, tp x terbuat2. dah sebulan dah tgk teater ni, pd 2 Mei 2010. huhuu

dlm post ‘Siapa Lagi Nak Sayang Budaya dan Tradisi Kalau Bukan Kita, Kan?’ ada sebut kat situ psl teater ni secara ringkasnya.

Teater muzikal bukan baru dalam industri teater kat Malaysia ni. dari cerita se-tradisional Sri Mersing, se-agung Puteri Gunung Ledang, se-moden Cuci, juga teater kanak-kanak Taman Baginda. Kebanyakan teater yang dibintangi artis-artis terkemuka, pasti hebatlah sambutannya.

Teater Teratak Minang tak dibintangi oleh nama-nama yang terlalu hebat dalam bidang teater Malaysia, hanya nama-nama seperti Ebby Yus, Leez AF4, Mak Nani dan Razali Buyung. Teater hasil gabungan Malaysia-Indonesia ini uga menampilkan artis dari seberang seperti Hengky Zubir dan Nadia Putri.
  DSC06476  DSC06474    
Tetapi, kekuatan teater ini terletak pada barisan penyanyi-penyanyinya, seperti Elly Kassim & Eddy Silitonga dari Indonesia juga Mastura & Ally Noor dari Malaysia. Mungkin nama-nama ini tak biasa didengari, tapi bagi peminat lagu2 Minang, pasti sekali dengar dah tahu siapa mereka.

Mainan muzik yang diketuai oleh Pak Ngah a.k.a Shuhaimi Mohd Zain sangat bestt!! Sesape yang suka lagu2 tradisional, konfem terhibur dengan alunan muzik yang dimainkan.

Lagu yang didendangkan sepanjang teater merupakan lagu2 Minang Negeri Sembilan & Minang Padang yang terkenal seperti Ayam Deh Lopeh, Ubekkan Denai, Bugih Lamo, Kaparinyo dan my most favourite Minang Song, Badinding (Tari Indang)! :D


Kebetulan hari tu hari terakhir, Malam Gala, turut dihari oleh Dato Seri Utama Rais Yatim. Elly Kassim menjemput Puan Seri Utama berduet dendangkan lagu Ubekkan Denai pada penutup teater. Not bad! ;p

Oh, masa teater tu jugak, ada seorang jejaka telah berjaya menawan hatikuuuu!!


Rustam Rusdi, Arif Rahman Rusvid & Imam Rellygius Tartusi. 3 jejaka anggota kumpulan trio Ganto Rio dari Padang, Indonesia. Yang berjaya menambat hatiku itu ialah Imam yg comel :’) lantak lah org lain kata muka dia jambu. hati dah suka. nasib baik x ikut die balik Padang :p

Dah lah sedih x sedar kamera kompak set ISO tinggi.. tengok gambar dah byk noise.. :( sbb tu jugak x leh upload banyak gambar.

Untuk gambar2 Teater Muzikal Teratak Minang tengok kat sini. Jumpa masa Google hari tu. Nak lebih lagi, Google la sendiri. Hehe.

Honestly, eventho without the cutie pie Imam Rellygius Tartusi, i would still give the show a perfect 5 stars!! Tak kisah la klau lakonan kaku ke, ape ke, sbb muzik, lagu & tarian Minang yang dipersembahkan dah sangat2 menyentuh jiwa! Elly Kassim, Eddy Sillitongga, the actors and actresses, the musicians, the dancers - Artistana Istana Budaya (Malaysia) & Sofyani Dance Group (Indonesia), the crews – they all deserved a standing ovation!!

Terima kasih abg Den Wahab for the beautiful Teratak Minang The Musical!! 

Next, Teater Uda & Dara akan dipersembahkan sekali lagi, pada 10-20 Julai 2010 di Istana Budaya. So, seperti biase, siapa nak belanja? ;p

11 Jun 2010

World Cup fever is back!!

i know that i have like 3 to 4 posts needed to be update *sigh* (note to self: need to start drafting one by one pronto!!)

…but i just have to show you this!!


this is like..totally cool, man!! use this hash tag (#) with short-form of the team u support for the 2010 World Cup, and you’ll see this on Twitter.com. Twitter also set up an official twitter page for the 2010 World Cup. You can check the schedule and easily read the tweets with hashtags of World Cup & sorted by teams there.


Plus, you can add the flag of your team on your Twitter avatar with Twibbon.

And for those who is staying somewhere without TV (like me, in hostel *sigh), and wish to stream instead of going to the mamak place, you can check Livestreamz.com or FromSport.com out.

It’s just few hours left, countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

So, which team are you?

The newly opened Perodua Servis Centre

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A Perodua Service Centre was opened in Nibong Tebal, Penang months ago. It's kinda easy for Perodua driver in this area, we dont need to go Perodua Juru that always have long queue. Even if you wanna book for appointment, u'd need to book 2 to 3 days earlier, which not always have free slots.
I came in, without appointment, and i dont need to wait long before my car is being serviced. Me love it! Currently at the customer lounge. And if u wanna hav a drink or some food to munch, Bistro Muhammad is just next to d service centre.
Gonna read Salina while waiting. ;)

5 Jun 2010

On the boat to Rebak Island

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Am currently in Langkawi for a holiday with the family. There are 10 of us. We're on the boat to an island off the Langkawi, Rebak Island.

Pict : cousins Shana, Ekha, Kaina & An

1 Jun 2010

PBSM Jalan Nipah

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One of d many reasons of why i like to come here is the books!
Anyway if u guys hav unused items - clothes,shoes,bags,books - anything, u can send it here. They'll sell the items at low price and will use the money for PBSM activities.

09 10