17 Okt 2008

Raya pics

these are some of my raya pics, yang baru sempat nak upload, which some of u must've already view in facebook. well, this is life without baby lappy.. =(
btw, for those yang belum tgk, here they are~

harris zikri

pagi raya, the sweet & the cute

wajah-wajah yang sentiase over ceria

atuk & his cousin @ the cousin's house,hulu langat

cik nah & mum @ atuk's cousin's house, keramat

favourite - kueh cili - but instead of pedas, it's sweet (name cili is for the shape only)

like mother, like daughter

OTWC - malam raya ke 3

nurin & hilman @ cik ton's house

atuk's greatgrandchildren - harris, hilman, nurin, amir

atuk's lovely grandchildren - me, along, kak lina, kak alice, angah


with harris

8 Okt 2008


Kar.ma (Kär-mæ)

1. Action that has consequences
2. Fate ; Destiny

So it has been blogged about, huh. Well, i dont wish to comment or say anything further. Just so you know, things happened to me and everyone , but i don't blog about it. Why? Because i dont want to buka pekung di dada. There's no need for outsiders to know what had happened.

At least the incident happen in the house. Only. But, she did something to us involving outsiders. A letter. 8 year ago. Still fresh in my mind, and still well kept. Have i ever blog about it? No. That was not the only thing, by the way....

Whatever it is, i belive in Karma. What goes around, come around. What goes up, will come down. Allah promises that. I do not wish to blog about what hurt us, may Allah repay everthing. Wallahualam..

p/s: bile la laptop nak repair ni... asyik x dpt online aje... =(

3 Okt 2008


Hope its not to late for me to wish every Muslims readers Salam Aidilfitri.

If there ever things i did wrong, or say things and make jokes that u can't take and might have hurt, maaf zahir dan batin.

Raya come again this year, after one month fasting.
Some of us may have time when they have mood for raya and sometimes not in mood to celebrate raya.
But i've always been waiting for raya for these...


Pelita for Malam 7 likur


Raya cookies

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