16 Mac 2012

Ayat ayat mengayat

Sejak sejak duk layan Opera Van Java kat Astro channel Bintang 141.. dah jatuh cinta pulak dengan si Andre Taulani tu. Haishh.. Mane tak nye.. kalau ada yang datang mengayat macam ni hari-hari... mau tak cair...

Lelaki-lelaki, apa lagi. Pulun hafal cepat! ;p

15 Mac 2012

Handsome boy was admitted again

Along was on leave from work yesterday as her son a.k.a our budak handsome, Hadief Zayed was on fever. We commented on Hadief's photo on Along's Facebook when she suddenly stopped replying. I only thought shew was busy handling her two little monsters at home. An hour or so, I received a text from mummy saying Hadief is admitted into the hospital, again. I was quite surprised since just few minutes ago Along was on FB and didn;t say a word about hospital.

Asked mum and cousin Effa what had actually happened. Basically what I was told is that Hadief was on fever and he was suddenly became unconscious. Luckily his grandma was looking at him, calling out for him, and luckily Along was on leave and at home. And luckily Along remembered there was a new hospital just 1 km away from her house. Hadief remained unconscious until they arrived at the hospital and was bathed with ice water and given oxygen supply.

Went to visit him at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Cheras Selatan after work. He looked good, Alhamdulillah.

06 Mac 2012

Less crazy pose, more serious pose

Baiti asked if I wanted to help answering some sort of questionnaire for The Star's International Women Day slot. One of the requirement was 'send your photo in high resolutions.'

B warned "Gambar YOU ok bukan Nurin plss. Kau bagi gambar anak buah kau, siap hang."

Haha. Macam tau tau je I have more photos of niece and nephews than my own photo.

So anyway, since I had agreed to help her friend to answer the questionnaire, I have to search for the best OWN photo in high resolutions to send to them. I looked in my phone, I looked in my Facebook albums. Then only I realize that I have a huge problem.

02 Mac 2012

IMU 20th Anniversary celebration

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 2 Mar '12, 1.17pm MYT]

Oleh kerana dah lama x update blog ni, mari lah mengupdate sebelum beliau merajuk. Ke patut tutup je live blog ni? Huhu.
By the way, 2012 marks the 20th year anniversary of the International Medical University. So banyak lah aktiviti yang telah dirancang sepanjang tahun untuk menyambut harijadi IMU ke 20. Bermula dengan perasmian hari ni. So hari ni semua bersuka ria sempena University Day. Dapat baju kaler2, ada team building, makan free, dpt thermos IMU free :P
my group's team building is at 2.30pm. Jom warm up get ready utk berlari lari kesana kemari kejap lagi. Huhu.

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