21 Mei 2015

Jom #TajaMereka berbuka!

Ramadhan is coming again!

And as previous years, the Kindness Malaysia team has started planning for Taja Mereka, which is a buka puasa activity with orphanages, the poors, as well as homeless around Malaysia. Taja Mereka concept of buka puasa donation and activity is you - individual or company - donate in form of sponsoring the recipients, and you are also welcome to join the buka puasa.

Last year was the first time that husband and I joined Taja Mereka where we buka puasa with the Rohingya children at Rohingya Education Centre, Seberang Perai, Penang.

15 Mei 2015

Balqis first solid food

I've think I've become one of them. I think my new blog posts topics will be mainly about baby and parenthood. Just like how my Instagram is now full with my daughter's photos. Isk.
But if that what keeps me blogging, let it be. Haha.

Balqis turned 6 months old last Tuesday. For new mummies, baby turning 6 months-old marks a very important date as it is the new rule of present time parenting to introduce solid food to baby's diet. And so am I. I was very excited that I even prepare a schedule for Balqis' solid food rotation etc. ppfftt like I'm gonna refer to it anyway. 

Macam takde paper nak kena tulis kan, byk lak masa buat ni kan...
Semangat je lebih tapi nanti bukan ikut pun -___-"
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