29 Nov 2010

How will d post looks like if i post via Pixelpipe?

Lets try and see how it work. If it's good, can use this for live blog. If not, will stick to flickr for live blogging. So what say you? P/s: I can't use (enter) to go one line below. Wonder if break works. Try break...

Testing New Template

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Yayy! It works! ;D

25 Nov 2010

I’m the proud owner of the Nokia N8


Thank you Maxis for giving me the chance to review the Nokia N8 for the Maxis10 programme, and now let me own the gadget (wehoo!!) just when my HTC Tytn II failed on me… –__-“
Anyhow, I’d also like to thank my family especially Mum for the support, and friends who indirectly and directly helped me through the reviewing period.

23 Nov 2010

When life gives me lemons…

…i tried to make lemonade, but it doesn’t taste good.

I am not a person who like to plan ahead of what I’m gonna do and what I wanna achieve in life. The only thing I planned, that I can remember clearly is to get married on the 20th October 2010, which I obviously failed to achieve.

But during my Master degree, I started (try) to plan of what I was gonna do next and how to achieve each of them. I planned on when to start my lab work, when I’ll be able to finish. When to start writing for the thesis and when is the target date to finish it. I planned to graduate by certain time, to start working, so on and so forth. But I guess planning just won’t do for me. I failed to finish writing on the particular period as i planned. I failed to start working as I planned. I’ve failed myself.

20 Nov 2010

Hanging out session after a #kltour day

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Spend my day with some twitter friends @ayongqiela @sickchild72 @amanfirdaus @mrkaymy @holocoustine and ayong's sis, epy for a #kltour to few places in kl. First stop was the National Museum. Then had lunch at the museum cafe, then walked to the National Planetarium. 3rd stop was Tugu Negara, due to very expensive admission fee of Butterfly Farm and Bird Park. And now we're at Central Market, cuz Eny have never been here. Ayong and her sis have went back, so here me with d others hanging out at OTWC.

19 Nov 2010

The day I spend with my loved ones

I had my day spend today with my loved ones – my mum, niece Nurin and nephew Amir the whole day yesterday. Went to several places as promised to Amir and Nurin. Too bad Hilman didn’t join us.

I picked Amir & Nurin up, together with their grandma (my aunty) in Cheras at noon and headed to our first destination – The National Planetarium. I don’t wish to talk about the place now, but surely will add it up in my Travel Blog later. But there are some of many interesting things I like about the place which I last went during my primary school visit.

aIMG_5913Virtual football court

13 Nov 2010

My dear Sharifah Norazura

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Tahniah my dear Sharifah Norazura ;)
a friend that i know 15 years now had finally tied her knot with her loved one, syafie. Solemnisation ceremony was earlier today at 930am and now we're at Dewan MPAJ for her reception ceremony.
We the single and attached girls planned to wear pink today for her special day. :)

12 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Record and edit your HD video

We’ve talked about how good the 12mp camera provided by the Nokia N8. And from the very same camera, video recording is also available and what’s more awesome is video recording is in HD! N8’s Carl Zeiss lens video recording gives a great HD video shot in 720p.

In video recording, you can choose scene modes – Automatic, Low light or Night. You are also able to change the setting of White balance and Colour tones. And for fun, you can even record video of yourself using the secondary (front) camera. :D

Here are some example of virgin, untouched videos recorded by the Nokia N8.

Penang very own popiah skin maker made his way to the upper level, when he was featured in one of Astro food channel.

11 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Lets go with the USB-on-the-go

If you ask me, what is another interesting feature of Nokia N8 that I’d go awe to… I’ll definitely answer it’s the USB-on-the-go!

Call me noob, but this this something that really awed me. I never thought (or have) a phone that can directly connected to USB drives, like flash drive for instance. And then the phone can actually read the files. And copy and paste and move the files. Just like you do it on your laptop or computer.

7 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Capturing Penang with the 12MP camera

Through these few days I’ve spent with the Nokia N8, yes there are few things that do not satisfied me. But, as a person who love photography, I’d say Nokia N8 is by far the smart phone with the best camera built.
Nokia N8 offers its 12 megapixels (mp) camera with Carl Zeiss optic, maximum aperture f/2.8 with xenon flash. The flash range is 3-3.5m for normal condition. The camera has the wide-angle capabilities of a 28mm lens which would be very convenience than the typical 35mm. The 1/1.83” sensor used in the N8 uses 1.75 micron pixels which, with its 12-megapixel resolving capability, results in a sensor larger than most compact digital cameras. The ISO range is ISO100 (default), ISO400 and ISO800.

In a video of Dr. Hubert Nasse of Carl Zeiss talking about the N8 camera module during Photokina 2010 in Cologne, he stated that the Carl Zeiss lens inside the N8 are made out of 5 single optical elements with complex shapes never seen before in large scale optics. This results in excellent image quality.

The camera function of the Nokia N8 included of some setting options like Scene mode, Self-timer, Colour tone, White Balance, Light Sensitivity (ISO) and the Face detection, which are mostly available in compact digital camera.

So, below are some untouched pictures taken with the Nokia N8. The 12mp size photos are in 4:3 ratio while the 9mp photos are in 16:9 ratio.

05112010161 Penang Bridge. Landscape mode. 9mp.

3 Nov 2010

Rapid Penang is now with free WiFi access

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If u hav a phone that support WiFi connection and you're touring around Penang Island especially in Georgetown area, u can now access free WiFi internet in the Rapid Penang busses. This is also a way to attract people in Penang to use public transport.

Nokia N8 – Troubleshoot Mobile Internet Connection

Hey. I’m off the topic to review the Nokia N8 for this post but this is something that I think I need to share.
I had problem connecting to the internet when I first received the phone. I thought the problem must be with the telco or my sim card, so I went to the Maxis Centre in Queensbay Mall, Penang to fix it up. To cut the story short, it’s fixed. No sim card replacement, and actually can be done by myself (if only I knew how). It’s actually caused by the phone setting.

I don’t think to share the information until a dear friend, who already bought her Nokia N8 told me she couldn’t go online too. So, I told her what to do (like the Maxis guy showed me) and tadaaaa… she’s able to connect to the internet.

2 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Social Networking made easy

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some times, you would came across this post and know that I am a total social network addict especially Twitter. I check my Twitter and Facebook for like once every 5 minutes.

When I first received the Nokia N8, I wonder if its social networking-friendly. What I did first was to download all available Social Network application from the Ovi Store, and it was easy. Thanks for my Maxis Unlimited Data plan, I don’t have to worry to download as many application as I want :P


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