12 November 2010

Nokia N8 – Record and edit your HD video

We’ve talked about how good the 12mp camera provided by the Nokia N8. And from the very same camera, video recording is also available and what’s more awesome is video recording is in HD! N8’s Carl Zeiss lens video recording gives a great HD video shot in 720p.

In video recording, you can choose scene modes – Automatic, Low light or Night. You are also able to change the setting of White balance and Colour tones. And for fun, you can even record video of yourself using the secondary (front) camera. :D

Here are some example of virgin, untouched videos recorded by the Nokia N8.

Penang very own popiah skin maker made his way to the upper level, when he was featured in one of Astro food channel.

The arrival of KTM train from Kuala Lumpur at Parit Buntar KTM Station.

The size of the video might be big, as it is in 720p HD. But don’t be afraid if you like to share any video as MMS or in social site straight away. Video can also be recorded in normal mp4 with 4:3 aspect ratio for normal TV (high quality) and limited size 3gp for MMS (sharing quality).

And with Nokia N8, you can easily editing the videos together with photo to make a new video or photo slide show. The video editor and photo slide show software are pre-installed and very easy to use.

scr000037Pre-installed video editor in N8

scr000039Video editor storyboard

So here is an example of video edited with the N8 video editor. (Random video, pictures and song used )

Beside editing a video, there is also a photo slide show maker which you can choose any background such as Blackboard, Color flow or Old photos, and insert a song to be played as background music.

scr000038Photo Slide Show storyboard

And here is an example of the photo slide show prepared by the N8 video editor.

As this is the (might be) last review post of the Nokia N8 from me as a reviewer for the Maxis 10 Programme, I would like to thank Maxis for the opportunity given and for having trust on me by selecting me with the other 9 Nokia N8 reviewers.

If you are interested in Nokia N8, you can get one for yourself,or maybe the loved ones at Maxis store today from only RM999 with any data plan. :D

And a special thanks to the other 9 guys who directly or indirectly helped me through the 2 weeks reviewing Nokia N8:

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