3 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Troubleshoot Mobile Internet Connection

Hey. I’m off the topic to review the Nokia N8 for this post but this is something that I think I need to share.
I had problem connecting to the internet when I first received the phone. I thought the problem must be with the telco or my sim card, so I went to the Maxis Centre in Queensbay Mall, Penang to fix it up. To cut the story short, it’s fixed. No sim card replacement, and actually can be done by myself (if only I knew how). It’s actually caused by the phone setting.

I don’t think to share the information until a dear friend, who already bought her Nokia N8 told me she couldn’t go online too. So, I told her what to do (like the Maxis guy showed me) and tadaaaa… she’s able to connect to the internet.

So for those who might face the same problem, here is how you do it.

Firstly, go to your Menu > Setting > Connectivity > Setting > APN Control.


Once you click on “APN Control”, if you see the warning '”Connection restrictions active” like in the figure below, then you face the same problem with me.

If not, then you should really go check with your telco company.

If your connection restrictions is active, this is what you need to do.

Click Options > Deactivate restrictions.


Enter PIN2 code : 1234 (Nokia default pin)


The connection restrictions now should be deactivated and you can connect to the internet.
yes. That simple.

If problem still occur, please do visit your nearest telco centre.

P/s: Thanks to Maxis Centre Queensbay Mall guy for helping out, even though he actually took his time to check out the N8 first before start troubleshooting -__-“

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