20 Nov 2010

Hanging out session after a #kltour day

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 Nov '10, 7.39pm MYT PST]

Spend my day with some twitter friends @ayongqiela @sickchild72 @amanfirdaus @mrkaymy @holocoustine and ayong's sis, epy for a #kltour to few places in kl. First stop was the National Museum. Then had lunch at the museum cafe, then walked to the National Planetarium. 3rd stop was Tugu Negara, due to very expensive admission fee of Butterfly Farm and Bird Park. And now we're at Central Market, cuz Eny have never been here. Ayong and her sis have went back, so here me with d others hanging out at OTWC.

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