29 Jun 2011

#WordlessWednesday #3


Moving to the new work station

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 29 Jun '11, 11.53am MYT]

Been tiring these 2 days packing and moving to a new work station. Same level but relocated at a new room. Academic Program Development has a new work station yaww!
We are basically rebuilding our unit. New place, reorganizing our stuff and documents, restructuring the job scope. Yeah, when i leave this place, the new personnel should remember me being the one contract staff who help the manager setting up the unit. Haha. Kidding! :p
In the picture, the ITS guys helping shifting my manager's computer from the previous office to our new place. Thank you, korang!

27 Jun 2011

Layan Monday blues kat balai polis

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 27 Jun '11, 12.02pm MYT]

Monday blues kat office pagi tadi jadi tak berapa nak blues when I got a call from my manager telling she's involved with an accident with a motorcycle. She told me that the guy yang langgar her car, means she's innocent. But she, being herself, brought the guy to the hospital, paid for the registration fee sekali. Haishh. Btw, here I am, accompanying her at the police station to make a report. And she didn't even have the motor registration no. Boleh x? Isk3. We sms-ed the guy's friend for the reg no, he gave. Then he asked my manager to not make the report because he doesn't have the road tax. Now who's to blame?

23 Jun 2011

Pesta Chow Kit Kita Fasa 2

"Di tengah bandaraya orang merata rata
Dari segala bangsa tua atau muda
Ada yang berkereta ada yang jalan saja
Ada yang cuci mata ha ha ha ha ha ha"

For a true KLites, that famous song by Allahyarham Sudirman had always stuck in my head since like forever. Chow Kit, generally, was one of the place where I used to spend my time at. Grocery shopping at Gedung Harian or Batu Road Supermarket, early Sunday morning at Pasar Chow Kit, lunch at the food stalls near "Bangunan UMNO lama", buying bakery stuff at Bake With Yen, Lorong Haji Taib and other places.

Chow Kit (including Chow Kit Road, Jln TAR, Jln Raja Laut) had always be me and mum's place to go even until today when no other KLites are going there anymore with the reason of too many unwelcomed 'foreigner' there. With so much interest and love towards Chow Kit Road, I am so happy to know that KL teenages get together with lots of volunteer and the KL Krash Pad to held the Pesta Chow Kit Kita.

120620112474Have you heard about the festival?

12 Jun 2011

Nokia Angry Bird Biggest Playground

Remember my blog post titled Are You an Angry Bird Freak? Well, big news to those who are. On Saturday, 11th June 2011, the Nokia Malaysia had broke the record of most people playing mobile game with the record of 2030 people. And I can proudly say I am one of them who helped breaking the record. :D

06 Jun 2011

The first patchwork attempt

I've been meaning to try patchwork for quite some time now. But due to the laziness to collect and gather the pieces of clothes, it's been delayed from time to time. But few days back, I've decided to push myself to start working on it. I asked mum for some pieces, and looking for old clothes that can't be used anymore.

 patchwork (6)
Variety of materials
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