30 Nov 2012

My reception pelamin

Me being me, always want something that is different from others. Not that I'm being choosy, more to unique I would say :P When the wedding finally came into reality and the planning started, I just can imagine my wedding to be full of creative-DIY-things. I'm so glad I have a mum that accept me as who I am and let me decide of what I want. Hehe. 

Hence I decided to choose a pelamin without all the fresh flowers like all the other girls dream of. Mine was very.. different. Well not that different since dah ramai pengantin use this kind of pelamin anyway. Huhu.. I remember seeing the pelamin I like from a friend's photo of her sister's friend's wedding (ok panjang gila connection hahaha). So I Google and search through Facebook and blablabla and I finally came across the Filmshortartifact.

Mail them requesting for quotation, having hard time making decision (looking at the price thinking if I could or could not afford it) discussing with mummy and thinking again - cut the story short - I decided to hired them to make my reception pelamin. Meet them, Haidar and Azney, in person to discuss about the details. They were very helpful very nice to deal with.

And the result of the ideas and their hardwork....

I present to you...

Cantik tak? Cantik tak? XD

And here's the details of the pelamin...

19 Nov 2012

Eskimos and penguins

In the ISO 9001:2008 training I attended today, the trainer asked us a (very tricky) question.

Why Eskimos don't kill penguins?

(Source : Google.com)

We were trying hard to think of the answers, and some that came out were:
- Eskimos need penguins to help find source of food
- There is a rule/act that penguins are endangered species, so cannot be killed
- Penguins are to cute to kill

..and so on and so forth.

Obviously we were wrong.

So, do you know why the Eskimos don't kill penguins?

15 Nov 2012


OMG I super miss blogging! I miss my blog! I miss updating my blog. I feel like I have so many things to write, so many pictures to post but I just still couldn't find the time to do so.

For the meantime, just wanna update the blog with some big news.


19 October 2012

20 October 2012

If a picture tells a thousand words, hope this video tells a million words. :)

The solemnization ceremony highlights..

and the reception highlights..

Will be blogging on the details soon! InsyaAllah. 

9 Okt 2012

I miss....

I miss hanging out lepak makan tengok wayang window shopping doing outdoor activities blablabla. I feel like I haven't watched any movies since ages!

I miss tweeting. I miss being a Twitter addict. I miss holding my phone while having meals, checking on the Tweetdeck every 5 minutes just to communicate randomly with the Twitter friends. :(

I even miss hanging out in front of the television at home doing nothing at all. Or watching TV series on my iPad. Yeah.. I have downloaded two episodes of Revenge, four episodes of Glee, three episodes of New Girls and few others and they are still in my waiting list to be watched. . Haishh.

I miss lying down on the bed reading my favourite book.

And the thing that I miss the most is blogging! I have so much to tell but I'm too busy to blog. :(

I need the time on my own.
I just have to get through with THIS, and then I'll have all the time I needed, insyaAllah. And then I'll do massive update to this blog.

In the meantime, I hope I pray that everything will go well. Semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan Allah. Aminnnn~

p/s: Thanks Baiti and Hanie for the surprise you guys arranged last Saturday. Suka sangat! Love u guys a lot!!!

p/s 2 : It's a final countdownnnnn! *CUAK MODE SWITCHED ON*

22 Ogo 2012

Kasih sayang

Rentetan gambar yang tak pernah gagal buat aku tersenyum.

Januari 2011
Nurin Adrianna dan Harris Zikri

September 2011
Nurin Adrianna dan Hadief Zayeed

Ogos 2011
Nurin Adrianna dan Nur Khaleef Ridzki

Kasih sayang antara dua-pupu :)

15 Ogo 2012

#WordlessWednesday #13

(Kuala Lumpur, 12 Ogos 2012)

Raya Giveaway from Kak @nor_emila

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 15 Aug '12, 7.26pm MYT]

After few attempts to win some gift from Kak Emi's blog, finally dapat jugak this raya gift from her lepas spam comments on her blog to win the top commenters of the week. Hehe. The sampul duit raya is from Hush Puppies. Tapi nak shopping kat Hush Puppies to get the sampul, memang tak la kan.. So sanggup try menang this to get a hold of Kak Emi's cartoon sampul duit raya.

Kak Emi is one of my favourite illustrator. She blogs at emilayusof.com, full with her beautiful sketches and drawing. Kak Emi dah lukis kartun for Hush Puppies' raya promotion for few years kot. Tiap kali lalu HP time bln puasa mesti nampak gambar2 kartun yg sgt familiar tu. Hehe.

Thanks, Kak Emi!

The Annual Iftar with Girlfriends

One of the best break-fasting sessions I had every year would be the annual break-fasting sessions with my lovely girlfriends. You know how some little things might look little, but actually touched your heart the most? I have one very touching memories of the iftar with girlfriends in 2010 when I had issues of coming back home for the annual session. I love you girls lots you knowwww :')

So anyway, we had our iftar on the Friday, 3rd August 2012. Except that this year, it should be call "Iftar with Girlfriends..and families". Yes... we were celebrating the first appearance of husbands and FOUR babies during the iftar! Last year, there were only us ladies, with three of them were pregnant and this year, four of them came with husbands and babies. We had always to go Little Penang Cafe, but due to not-so-comfortable to bring in babies' stroller etc., we needed to find somewhere else. After several discussion of where to go what to eat - we've decided to go to Pizza Hut, a place for (mostly) all. :P

Sha, Amie, Azid, Hanie, Natrah, Baiti, Fadilah, me, Naddy, Eda, Abg Ham, Shafiq - and babies Nidal, Raihan, Syasha.

MIA - Abg Zikri and baby Aisyah

10 Ogo 2012

Dugaan di bulan Ramadhan

Semalam pagi-pagi masuk ofis terus siap2 kene pegi Kuala Pilah, ada pegawai KPT nak visit Clinical School sana so bos suruh ikut dia pegi. Agak teruja sebab dah lama tak pergi Kuala Pilah, sejak meninggalkan KMNS dalam 2004. Semua org duk cakap dah tak lalu Bukit Putus, so dah tak pening-pening.

Habis lawatan dan mesyuarat dalam pukul 11 lebih terus berangkat pulang ke Bukit Jalil. Dalam perjalanan tu sempat lagi singgah beli makanan-makanan dan buah di kedai di tepi jalan Kuala Pilah. Macam la pergi melawat melancong ke mana-mana nak beli macam2 untuk bawak balik ke rumah kan.

Nona Sarawak

20 Jul 2012

Taste of Malaysian fruits

One thing I like about this employee engagement thing is that we get everything for free. After the free tickets and pop corn Madagascar 3 night out, yesterday we got to eat Malaysian local fruits for free! I did not plan to join as I had a meeting scheduled to be finished at 5.30pm and I don't like the idea of going home late as I would be stuck in the traffic congestion. But since the meeting finished so much earlier than expected, and I kind of fall for the Chancellery sisters' persuasion,  so I went to the pesta buah tempatan.

16 Jul 2012

And so it begins...

It's just a few days away from Ramadhan and yes, I know everyone is already getting busy with Raya preparation. Kan? Kan? :P

I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman on the last weekend of June and man, the traffic was VERY VERY bad! I guess most of them are out doing the last-minute-before-puasa-plus-gaji-baru-keluar shopping. Some shops along Jalan TAR have even started playing raya song when I went there again last week. Haishh.

So anyway, I am one of them who got everything ready even before Ramadhan came. What am I getting ready for?


4 Jul 2012

IHH Healthcare Berhad Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Before the top management of IMU make official announcement on IHH Healthcare Berhad (the holding company of IMU health, Parkway Pantai Limited and Acibadem Holdings) going public listing in the Bursa Malaysia, I was actually informed about this by my Uncle. I guess businessman reads more on the business section than a non-businesswoman, me. Hehe. I have never actually know what is all this share and stock and so on and so forth is all about. Not until the President of IMU finally announced of the listing last few weeks that I google informations on shares and IPO.

To cut the story short - with Khazanah as IHH's major shareholder - today, 4 July 2012 marks the date of the IHH prospectus launching and is due to list on July 25.IHH's IPO for the Malaysian public, directors and employees has been fixed at a retail price of RM2.85 per share.

 International Medical University (IMU) President) and IHH Healthcare chairman - Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman at the prospectus launch yesterday. 
(Source : The Star online)

10 Jun 2012

Madagascar 3 movie night out!

Our management is being so kind to treat the staff to watch the Madagascar 3 as one of the employee engagement activities (and to make us love working there more and more, I guess. ;p) So anyway, since it's a free movie pass and free popcorn, of cos I wouldn't say no. More over, it involved my favourite Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria!

Me & Nurin with the Europe's Most Wanted!! ;D
(Universal Studio Singapore)

6 Jun 2012

Family tree

Yesterday, one of my cousin asked for my great-grandmother's name. I thought her name was Maria. I recheck just now on Geni that her name was actually Masnah. Maria was my great-great-grandmother.

Talking about Geni.com, I can't remember exactly how did I find out about the website but I've joined Geni since years ago. Before Geni, I managed to get the late family members' name starting from great-great-grandparent from my grandfather and I drew my own family tree but I lost it anyway -___-" So when I found out about Geni, I was so happy to know that there is an easier way to keep record on the family and to build a family tree. So I went back to grandfather and mum to collect information on my maternal family members. I had a feeling that grandfather might be talking to himself  "Berapa kali la nak bagi budak ni senarai nama-nama semua..dah la kene ingat balik satu-satu..." Ngehngehngeh.

My printed maternal family tree from Geni

15 Mei 2012

Middle east lunch for Woon Shin's farewell

A colleague from Admissions department, Woon Shin's last day in IMU was last Friday. My manager wanted to have a farewell lunch with her as she had been working with us for quite a lot of time when involve Admissions department. We decided to go to Al-Diafah, a middle east restaurant in Sri Petaling for her farewell lunch together with Kak Liza and Jacinta.

Al-Diafah is a very nice middle east restaurant, from environment, decorations up to the food that they serve. I've been there for a few times including another colleague's farewell last year and dinner with mummy. I like the decorations so much it makes me feel like I'm in the Arabic countries. 

14 Mei 2012

Kerosakan Bahasa Malaysia oleh warga asing

Walaupun kebanyakan dari tulisan dalam blog ini ditulis menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris, ketahuilah wahai pembaca bahawasanya saya masih menghormati Bahasa Malaysia.

Cuma bila tulis Bahasa Malaysia, jadi macam ni lah. Agak kaku. Dan kalau guna Bahasa Malaysia yang terlalu pasar, nanti rasa tak hormat bahasa kebangsaan pun timbul. Mungkin kalau sikit-sikit okay lah lagi, kan. Nak bahasakan diri saya ke, aku ke, pun jadi masalah. I have to admit, it is much easier when writing in English. I can use the word 'I' and won't feel weird at all. Nampak tak perbezaan ayat-ayat yang nampak kaku dan sedikit easy-going bila guna Bahasa Inggeris tadi?

Hari Sabtu lepas, saya pun pergilah berjalan ke Chow Kit yang tidak dinafikan memang penuh dengan warga asing - Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar dan lain-lain lagi. Tak kurang juga makcik-makcik yang bertudung merah ramai-ramai duduk depan Hotel Cititel Express, yang bersebelahan dengan Batu Road lama tu. Pelik jugak tengok ramai sangat makcik-makcik pakai tudung sedondon duduk bersila kat depan hotel macam tu. Rupanya.. makcik-makcik berkenaan adalah makcik-makcik dari Terengganu yang datang untuk perhimpunan 66 tahun UMNO di Bukit Jalil. Banyak bas-bas sekolah dan ekspres beratur di depan hotel tu.

Berbalik kepada perkara dalam pendahuluan tadi, semakin ramai warga asing, semakin banyak lah juga mereka yang cuba mencari peluang pekerjaan dan peluang perniagaan di kedai baju, kedai runcit, stesyen minyak dan kedai makanan. Yang tak enaknya ialah apabila mereka cuba memasarkan perniagaan kepada warga tempatan dengan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia (agaknya lah) tanpa memeriksa dengan warga tempatan sendiri ejaan dan ayat yang digunakan.

Kedai Makan Pakistan

Kedai di GM Plaza

Sedih, kan?

24 Apr 2012

Pencuri hati

One of my favourite Elite's song. Dari dulu-dulu suka lagu ni selain lagu lain yang agak famous seperti Manisnya Senyumanmu dan Trauma. Kadang-kadang boleh tahan makan dalam jugak lagu ni. :p Try carik video lagu ni tapi x jumpa2. Audio je yang ada.

Sekali sekala dengar balik lagu zaman-zaman muda remaja dulu layan jugak, kan?

16 Mac 2012

Ayat ayat mengayat

Sejak sejak duk layan Opera Van Java kat Astro channel Bintang 141.. dah jatuh cinta pulak dengan si Andre Taulani tu. Haishh.. Mane tak nye.. kalau ada yang datang mengayat macam ni hari-hari... mau tak cair...

Lelaki-lelaki, apa lagi. Pulun hafal cepat! ;p

15 Mac 2012

Handsome boy was admitted again

Along was on leave from work yesterday as her son a.k.a our budak handsome, Hadief Zayed was on fever. We commented on Hadief's photo on Along's Facebook when she suddenly stopped replying. I only thought shew was busy handling her two little monsters at home. An hour or so, I received a text from mummy saying Hadief is admitted into the hospital, again. I was quite surprised since just few minutes ago Along was on FB and didn;t say a word about hospital.

Asked mum and cousin Effa what had actually happened. Basically what I was told is that Hadief was on fever and he was suddenly became unconscious. Luckily his grandma was looking at him, calling out for him, and luckily Along was on leave and at home. And luckily Along remembered there was a new hospital just 1 km away from her house. Hadief remained unconscious until they arrived at the hospital and was bathed with ice water and given oxygen supply.

Went to visit him at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Cheras Selatan after work. He looked good, Alhamdulillah.

6 Mac 2012

Less crazy pose, more serious pose

Baiti asked if I wanted to help answering some sort of questionnaire for The Star's International Women Day slot. One of the requirement was 'send your photo in high resolutions.'

B warned "Gambar YOU ok bukan Nurin plss. Kau bagi gambar anak buah kau, siap hang."

Haha. Macam tau tau je I have more photos of niece and nephews than my own photo.

So anyway, since I had agreed to help her friend to answer the questionnaire, I have to search for the best OWN photo in high resolutions to send to them. I looked in my phone, I looked in my Facebook albums. Then only I realize that I have a huge problem.

2 Mac 2012

IMU 20th Anniversary celebration

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 2 Mar '12, 1.17pm MYT]

Oleh kerana dah lama x update blog ni, mari lah mengupdate sebelum beliau merajuk. Ke patut tutup je live blog ni? Huhu.
By the way, 2012 marks the 20th year anniversary of the International Medical University. So banyak lah aktiviti yang telah dirancang sepanjang tahun untuk menyambut harijadi IMU ke 20. Bermula dengan perasmian hari ni. So hari ni semua bersuka ria sempena University Day. Dapat baju kaler2, ada team building, makan free, dpt thermos IMU free :P
my group's team building is at 2.30pm. Jom warm up get ready utk berlari lari kesana kemari kejap lagi. Huhu.

3 Feb 2012

Facebook timeline cover photo

Have all of you intentionally change or forced to change to the new Facebook timeline?
I changed mine months ago, thanks to Cik Chokilala sebab dia yang bagi link tutorial masa tu. Hehe.

Anyway, there are lots of cool, nice and creative Facebook timeline cover photo shared all over the internet. But you know what is more cooler?

To have other's cover photo with you in it. :P *mode mengada je nih*

Cousin Sis Alice's FB
- Herself, Effa, Diba, Haziq and me on top of the Broga Hill-

-The girls on Sharmi's solemnization day, Putrajaya-
(nampak la jugak walaupun ditutupi Eda cesss)
Happy dan ceria kan kami?

Bangga wooo. :p

31 Jan 2012

Bila nak kahwin?

I bet that most of you who is still single or in a relationship, 24 and above have been asked with that question by the makcik makcik especially during hari raya or family member's wedding kan kan kan? Some of you might find it ok, senyum jawab dengan ikhlas but I know some of you feel totally the opposite - menyampah, jawab dengan sakit hati jiwa raga, and ada yang terasa juga. Tapi ok la jugak kan kalau yang tanya tu makcik makcik - sinonim dengan perkataan busybody mengambil berat. -___-"

(Photo: Ghada Abdel Aal's I Want to Get Married)

But have you girls been asked that particular question by your guy friends? And then they make comments on you dengan jawapan - jawapan yang diberikan? I do. In fact there are many guy friends - married or not - have asked me the same question. Yang buat sakit hati nya adalah bila mereka memberikan komen sesuka hati diorang je. Here are some of the comments/assumptions made by them that I've compiled.

19 Jan 2012

Please tell me caffeine has more advantages than disadvantages

I needed to hear that because apparently, I think (or I just realized) that my caffeine intake per day is way too quite high.

Lets see... what is caffeine?

Caffeine chemical structure

Caffeine is a biochemical that is produced exclusively in plant leaves, nuts and fruits of over 60 plants, including common tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves, coffee (Coffea arabica) and cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans and kola (Cola acuminata) nuts and assorted berries. Caffeine also can be produced synthetically, and is commonly added to commercial drinks such as cola, sodas (pop), selected foods and diet products. This simple compound has significant biochemical and physiological effects, many beneficial and some, potentially, harmful (Reinhardt, 2009).

17 Jan 2012

Can't get enough of it!

Yuna singing Terukir di Bintang (source: Budiey's Youtube)

Jangan kau persoalkan siapa dihatiku
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu"

15 Jan 2012

Bad experience with Sajian Enak, Kenanga Wholesale City

I don't normally blog about any shop that I went and had bad experience with. But I really really want to blog about this particular restaurant that I had a very very bad service I've ever received.

Went to Kenanga Wholesale City with mum, cousin, aunty and niece last Saturday. Was very hungry and looked for a place to eat. We saw this one Malay restaurant, Sajian Enak, located at floor 3A. They had promotions such as Nasi Minyak dengan Dalca Daging and Nasi Kerabu. Mum felt like eating Nasi kerabu so we decided to have our lunch there.

And let me tell you our experience there.

13 Jan 2012

IMU Open Day 150112

Date: 15 January 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Venue: IMU Bukit Jalil Campus
Theme: Pathways to Family Wellness

12 Jan 2012

She is Super Something!

I don't know where my passion to blog went,  but I honestly don't feel like blogging at the moment even though I have so much to tell. I hope the passion will come back to me sooner or later. -___-"

Anyway, went to the fabulous singer, Yuna's Terukir di Bintang showcase at DBKL last Saturday with Baiti, Kak Harim and Hanie. I knew I wanted to watch her again after I first went to her concert in DFP months ago. And there she was... as awesome as always. Going to her show is worth every penny spent.

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