12 Jan 2012

She is Super Something!

I don't know where my passion to blog went,  but I honestly don't feel like blogging at the moment even though I have so much to tell. I hope the passion will come back to me sooner or later. -___-"

Anyway, went to the fabulous singer, Yuna's Terukir di Bintang showcase at DBKL last Saturday with Baiti, Kak Harim and Hanie. I knew I wanted to watch her again after I first went to her concert in DFP months ago. And there she was... as awesome as always. Going to her show is worth every penny spent.

She performed few of her old, famous songs such and some of her new songs which are included in her new album such as Fears and Frustration and Terukir di Bintang.

Yuna & Dina of Era fm

Era-Yuna contest winner

Bumped into an old friend who is now an mStar reporter, Feride. She was covering the Yuna showcase while B, who is also a The Star journalist, on the hand went to the show to just sit, relx and enjoy.

Feride, me, Baiti and Hanie

Sister sister

 The Random Awesome Super Something Yunalis Zarai.

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