19 Jan 2012

Please tell me caffeine has more advantages than disadvantages

I needed to hear that because apparently, I think (or I just realized) that my caffeine intake per day is way too quite high.

Lets see... what is caffeine?

Caffeine chemical structure

Caffeine is a biochemical that is produced exclusively in plant leaves, nuts and fruits of over 60 plants, including common tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves, coffee (Coffea arabica) and cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans and kola (Cola acuminata) nuts and assorted berries. Caffeine also can be produced synthetically, and is commonly added to commercial drinks such as cola, sodas (pop), selected foods and diet products. This simple compound has significant biochemical and physiological effects, many beneficial and some, potentially, harmful (Reinhardt, 2009).
Cehhh macam tulis journal ngan thesis pulak dah kan. Rindu nak menulis la tu konon :P

So anyway, this is approximately what I take everyday:

Morning (at home) - 1 mug of Nescafe-O
Morning (at the office) - 1 tumbler (approx. 2 cups) of instant Nescafe/Hazelnut White Coffee/Black Coffee
Evening (around 4.30pm) - 1 tumbler (approx. 2 cups) of instant Nescafe/Hazelnut White Coffee/Black Coffee
Night - 1 big mug of Nescafe-O

Hmm... what do u think? Ok lagi tak?

"It's generally agreed that consuming up to 300 mg of caffeine per day is safe. That's roughly the amount of caffeine you would get from three cups (not mugs or big paper cups) of coffee. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant may want to decrease that amount or skip the caffeine altogether." 

Differentiate: cup and mug

I am not going to calculate how much caffeine I take every day. I think it will be scary. -____-"

Positive Side Effects of Caffeine

Alertness - Caffeine makes our brains active and alert for an hour or two. Regular intake has shown to increase brain power.
Anti-oxidant  - Caffeine can prevent heart diseases. For as long as you do not have a heart disease to begin with, caffeine can help prevent serious heart diseases and even some forms of cancer.
Stamina - Taking caffeine before exercising and working out slows down production of adenosine which 
causes muscle fatigue.

Negative Side Effects of Caffeine

Addiction  - When you start out the habit of drinking coffee every day, you will notice that in the long run, your body will be craving for it every day too. This is because caffeine is addictive. When we skip it, we become irritable, tired or depressed or even have headaches.
Dehydration - Caffeine in coffee has diuretic properties which can cause dehydration.
Panic attacks – Heavy doses of caffeine in our body for a long period of time can cause the fight-or-flight instinct and panic attacks. A person begins to have shaky hands, sweaty skin, and the state of always thinking that something bad might happen.

Please list more and more advantages of caffeine pleaseeee..... 

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