26 Nov 2007

back to campus

afta spending a week at home, i am now back in campus. got here yesterday but just spent the time sleeping. i got this headache and i can hardly get up out of the bed. i woke up very early 2dy and find myself better and freshier. hehe... i dont now what i'll be doing 2day. might go to school to see my supervisor according the FYP or might as well spending time watching gossip girl in the room. OMG! i miss my Dan Humprey so much! and Blair. and Blair-Chuck affair. ahaks!~

oh, went to see besties, Nurul & Zydah just now to give the cupcakes i made for Nurul's birthday and Zydah's belated birthday. but they were out to send Nurul's bf to the bus-station.

oh, i missed the Indian rally things in KL. whats up with that? i didnt have the time to catch up with the news yet. but on my way back yesterday, i saw some road-blocks in some KL area. mum sent me to Puduraya and as the bus moved, i sms-ed mum "thanx. balik terus tau." now i need to worry since she is the one staying in KL, which is no longer safe.

i gtg. taking my shower before i need to install some stuff in this Presario. did i tell u? my laptop have been attacked by virus and couldnt start the Windows while at home. baru je re-install tadi.

have a nice day everyone.

will blog about the one week at home l8r.

17 Nov 2007


... it's over! hehehe...

Exam is finally over...!!! yay! fortunately the last paper went well, so my mood for holiday wont be affected by exam very much. oh, btw, there is no holiday actually for me, since i need to stay and start my Final Year Project (FYP). but since d supervisor wont be around next week, i'm going back home for about a week or less first, instead, i'm going back tomorrow! hehe.... KL! here i come!

i kinda miss Nurin so much. the last time i talked to her by the phone she can already talk in a full sentence like, "bu, nonoi akap nonoi wom akan". (bu, nonoi cakap nonoi belom makan.) eventho still pelat (kate pun little girl kan) but she can at least say it in full sentence not like before.

as to celebrate our freedom from examination week (at least for this sem, next sem gonna b crazie again!), myBf and I went to penang just to eat pasembor and kerang bakar. huhu.. both of the food became my fave food since the last 2 years. kononnye nak makan before going home for holiday (it's like a tradition 4 us) but when i think back, didnt i say i'm gonna spent the holiday back in campus?? huh! alasan nak makan btul aku ni. and I mms-ed cousin farah photo of bf with kerang bakar.

"Padang Kota!! Bila mau mari lagi??"

and know what she replied??

"Kaki berjahit jatuh moto bila mau tengok..? Wakakaka"

Adoi....bile la pulak sepupuku itu jatuh moto.... Lagi boleh gelak gelak.. Isk....

10 Nov 2007

i am SO not ok!

and now only i realise that my printer broke down.
i didnt even touch it after the last use --> copying past year paper a week ago.
and just now when i wanted to use it; it is not operating.
perfect timing to break down.

i fell like s***!

i cant sleep.
yet i cant study.
i cant look at the books more than 1 hour.
but the problem is, after i get some rest, it's hard for me to find the mood and start studying again.
i got another 4 papers 2 go.
in straight 6 days.
starting this monday.
somebody help please!
this is my last year.
my suppose-to-be final year to improve my result before graduating next year (insyaAllah).

Ya Allah, give me strength.
i need strength.

People, pls pray 4 me too...
thank you...

7 Nov 2007

Raya picts

Finally can upload some picts. tetibe syg pulak kat USM. hikhikhik... These are picts during raya at Dr.Zul's place (27 oct 2007)

Julia, midah & nurul

some of the gentlemen

our dr.Zul Ariff, the tuan rumah

polymer engineers-to-be. aminnnn....

peja & myBee

the ladies

5 Nov 2007


internet in campus macam ntah pape. i cannot upload any single picts. =( mcm die swuh stadi je exam2 ni kan....

3 Nov 2007


i've decided to rename my blog-name for no particular reason. (",)

1 Nov 2007

to kill my boredom


Favorite fast food restaurant? Mc'd
Favorite sit-down restaurant? at the mean time, A.Rahman Nasi Kandar, Parit Buntar
How much tip do you leave? 0
Something you could eat for twoweeks and not get sick of it? MeGgi
Pizza toppings of choice? pizza Hut's bbQ chicken


Are you right-handed or left-handed? right
Have you ever had anything removedfrom your body? nope
What was d last heavy item u lastlifted? heavy item? urm..my nephew is heavier.
Have you ever been unconscious? never


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? i think so. so i can be well-prepared
If you could change your name, whatwould you change it to? Norfaratul Akma - mum said that was the name she planned to give to me
What color looks best on you? chocolate
Have you ever swallowed a non-fooditem by mistake? not sure. x ingat lak


Would you kiss a member of the samesex for $100? urm..best x?? huhu~
Would you allow one of your littlefingers to be cut off for $200,000? if i really need that money to save some1 life, maybe..
Would you never blog again for$50,000? yes, i will
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? no way
Would you take someone's life for$1,000,000? kalau dgn kewujudan die menyusahkn hdp org lain.haha..


What is in your left pocket? Tissue
Is Napoleon Dynamite a good movie? dUnno
Do you sit or stand in the shower? stand
How many flip flops do you own? entah
What would you be when you grow up? a gEwd wife =p


Friend you talked to? zyDah
Last person who called you? bOYfriend
Person you hugged? mum
Person you kissed? aLiff hilman.. cOusin's Son


Missing someone? very much
Mood? boring
Listening to? paula Deanda feat Bow Wow - Easy
Watching? nothing
Worrying about? EXAM!!


First place you went this morning? toilet kot? or kedai fotostat
What can you not wait to do? jalan-jalan
Do you smile often? mAybe
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