25 Apr 2011

The first social activity with the IMU colleagues

Some of you might have known that I am currently working on a contract basis in Chancellery, IMU doing what is not really my cup of tea - office job. I've been going into labs for years that I feel a bit bored doing things like sitting in front of the computer for  7 to 8 hours straight. Well, I wouldn't be if I'm sitting in front of my laptop doing things I love - blogging, tweeting, blogwalking and stuff. Hehe. Well, anyhow, it's been more or less 4 months since I first started working here, and only last Friday I went out socializing with my other colleagues.

Kak Yang, on behalf of the organizer who organized the unofficial bowling tournament had been kind enough to asked me to join them too. I didn't really plan to join cause I have the part time tuition. But I had cough and sore throat, started to lose my voice so I cancelled the class. Cousin Effa who excitedly came to join the bowling get together asked me to tag along so I thought I might just go with them as the class had already been cancelled. So there were we, playing bowling at the Bukit Jalil Golf Resorts.

22 Apr 2011

IMU bowling not so official tournament

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The kakaks from one of the department send out emails to ask us to join a bowling get together, tournament for fun. The plan was to go to Endah Parade, but due to some circumtances the venue was changed to Bukit Jalil Golf Club. 20 players are currently playing. Well i was supposed to go for my tuisyen class but i cancelled the class cos im having a cough and im losing my voice now. Effa join the bowling and she asked me to tag along, so here i am! Hehe.

20 Apr 2011

Mugs and cups

Beside collecting postcard and keychain, I also like to collect mugs and cups. But due to limited space available to keep those at home, I can't really buy just all mugs and cups I see pretty and catchy. I like to collect mugs and cups from different size and design. I took out some of the mugs and cups from the collection cupboard and took some photos.


Different size and design.

19 Apr 2011

For your eyes only - Part 2

As of today, 19th April 2011, it had been approximately 12 days since i realized that my left eye became reddish and scared me, and others too. In my previous blog entry, I've posted a picture of my red left eye captured on the 14th April 2011, means on the 7th day since I spotted the reddish on the eye. That was like 3 4 days after I went to the clinic which the doctor told me I got pterygium blablabla whatsoever.

Day 7

14 Apr 2011

For your eyes only

Last Friday my left eye suddenly turned a little red. I realized it some time in the evening when I was still in the office. I thought it was just because of my eyes are tired or because they were dried due to contact lens usage. On Saturday I didn't really check on the eyes. Same goes on Sunday when we were busy at home for Khaleef's majlis cukur jambul. Later that evening I went out and like always, wearing my contact lenses, and I found out that my left eye started to turn red again. Maybe it was obvious because I see my eyes at the mirror without my glasses on.

It doesn't really look serious eh?

8 Apr 2011

Let’s make it 5 a day

No, I’m not gonna talk about the five times solah a day as a must for a muslim.

I actually wanna talk on a healthy diet that we all should practice. I didn’t notice that the 5-a-day is actually known worldwide, until the Nutrition team of IMU organizes the Nutrition Week with the slogan of “5 colours a day”.

We all know that we need vegetable and fruit every day in our balance and healthy diet. But we don’t really give attention on how much of a fruit and vegetable portion should we take. So, as a way to practice healthy diet, I forced myself to take the 5-a-day challenge.

What Colour is Your Food?

4 Apr 2011

Sharmi’s Bollywood style reception

I didn’t really blog about friends’ weddings lately (except for KNizam’s) since there were too much wedding one after another – Sharifah, Eda, Ashraf, Salmi, Sharmi etc. But I gotta blog about Sharmi’s Bollywood reception.  Sharmi’s father is a Pakistani, she had this Bollywood style reception in honor to her paternal bloodline.


Went there with Baiti, Eda and her husband. Sharmi, Eda and I are known as Bollywood fans not Baiti. During high school, Sharmi, Eda and I used to sing and dance to Hindi songs a lot. And if you know me well, you would know that Bollywood is sooo my thing!



Ain’t she pretty?


Day 2 without laptop

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It's day 2 without laptop and I feel like dying already. Dah la hari ni ada MQA accreditation visit, means I'm not at my desk - no computer. Ok all together, aargghhh!
Ok, what actually happened to my laptop was it was infected (sound serious ey?) by stupid virus and instead of looking for the anti virus whatever thing, i wanted to restore like I once did. I mean, restore to the factory setting. Little did I know, i misplaced the backup CDs. I only realize it AFTER I restored the laptop to the zero system. Yayy! Clap clap to the genius Julia. -__-"
And now I'm left with nothing. Yes. NOTHING! *cries*

On the other hand, have you heard about the beast teacher who beat and abused a 7 years old boy till death, just because the teacher claimed that the student stole RM7? Does one's life too cheap, as much as RM7 to that 26 years old beast who thinks he can do that? Stupidness! He's a teacher. In a sekolah agama, for God's sake! Astaghfirullah.. Hope he realize what had he done..

Al fatihah adik Saiful Syazani.. May you rest in peace..

1 Apr 2011

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

My manager asked me if I’ve heard of a song written by a father who has a down syndrome daughter. She said it is a beautiful and very touching. I search upon the song on YouTube. Indeed, it touched my heart.

Steve Moser wrote the amazing song about the birth of his daughter, Anna who was born with down syndrome.

My idli breakfast!

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Dah lama tak makan idli. In fact dah lama x makan Indian food like tosai, capati etc. Hari ni dapat idli for breakfast. The kakaks at the office decided to share rezeki masing2 dapat bonus with the department staff. So setiap orang gilir2 belanja breakfast utk 3 minggu mula semalam. Tapi exception untuk yang baru masuk kerja sbb tak dapat bonus. Kitorang tukang makan je. Haha.
Semalam kak rina belanja nasi lemak. Hari ni Denize belikan idli. Hari tu plan nak makan idli for Nida's birthday tapi x jadi.
Thank you Kak Rina & Denize! Tengok next week dapat apa pulak. Hehe.

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