19 Dis 2019

Local, Affordable, Natural and Organic Skincare by Orgga Malaysia

I received my first Orgga skincare Oliva complete set about three weeks ago. I wanted to blog about it sooner, but I wanted to give it a try first hence the postponed blog post. I used to not taking much care about my skin. But *cough* aging makes me think twice. And getting to try Orgga is a great way to a new start too since I'm pretty much into organic and natural products. When I found out that Orgga is using natural and organic ingredients and The Butterfly Project was looking for blogger to review their set, I was excited and eager to apply!

Orgga is proud with their products that are free from alcohol, hydroquinone, mercury, SLS, paraben, synthetic preservative, sulfates, synthetic colouring and fragrance. Their ultimate goal is to provide a natural skincare made with premium ingredients at affordable price.

The Oliva Complete Set is generally suitable for dry, aging and premature aging skin. Basically, the complete set consists of Oliva Luxe Beauty Oil (20ml), French Rose Facial Cleanser (50gm) and your choice of Face Mist (60ml) and Face Roller.

For me, Le Neroli Face Mist and Rose Quartz Dual-Sided Face Roller together with the Olivia Luxe Beauty oil and French Rose Facial Cleanser.

When I first take a look at my set, I was excited to try the French Rose Cleansing Powder as it is my first time trying a powder-form facial cleanser, which also work as mild exfoliator and can be used as mask too. The French Rose cleanser is specifically crafted for dry, aging, premature aging, normal and combination skin.

I am quite impressed when I see the list of ingredients. It is not like many other cleanser in the market. The ingredients for the French Rose Facial Cleanser includes 100% natural and mostyly certified organic ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, brown rice flour,  flaxseed meal and moringa leaf. It is also formulated with rose geranium, palmarosa and frankicense essential oils.

Besides clean and hydrate the skin, the Orgga's French Rose Cleansing Powder also help to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and treats acne. It give you smooth and softer skin right after it is rinsed off. With lots of vitamins and antioxidants provided by the natural ingredients, it also give the skin a healthy natural glow as well as treating uneven skin tone and texture.

The Le Neroli Face Mist is suitable for all skin type, specially for the dry and aging skin as well. Made from all natural and organic ingredients, the Le Neroli face mist is made from neroli hydrosol, aloe vera leaf juice, acai berry extract, strawberry extract, radish root ferment filtrate, vegetable glycerin, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, aqua together with neroli, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils.

Once the face mist is sprayed and applied to the face, I can feel it refreshened and hydrates the skin and give the skin a natural healthy glow. The face mist that has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it also can be use to set and refresh make up. Isn't that amazing?

Mind you that I am not a skincare and make up junkie, but the face mist is now in my handbag all the time! That is how much I love it!

Every night, after I wash my face with the facial cleanser and apply thin layer of the face mist, I will end my new routing with the Oliva Luxe Beauty Oil that came with the set. The Oliva Luxe Beauty Oil is formulated to provide effective and natural care for dry skin, mature skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Yeahh.. that's so my skin...

The key ingredients to this oil is olive squalane, prickly pear oil, seaberry oil, rasberry seed oil and pomegranate seed oil. It also contains meadowfoam, kukuinut, morrocan argan, sweet almond, rosehip, natural vitamin E and sunflower oils. To make it more effective, it is also formulated with neroil, frankincense, sweet orang, palmarosa, clary sage and carrot seed essential oils.

The  Oliva Luxe Beauty Oil is not greasy and sticky and really easy to absorb. It helps to provide the nutrients that the skin needs to help regenerate new skin cells. Its rich of anti-oxide property helps to boost skin elasticity and help improve collagen production.

And don't forget the dual sided face roller that comes with the set!

Rose Quartz is a gorgeous rosy pink variety of the Quartz stone. It is known as the love stone and valued for its vibration of love, joy, tenderness, healing, self-care, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to the Egyptians, the Goddess Isis used Rose Quartz stones as facial massage stones by the Nile River to prevent the wrinkles and keep her complexion crystal clear.

Egyptians believed that the rose quartz stone comes with incredible anti-ageing properties. It heals and rejuvenates the skin. Packed with minerals like iron, sodium, silica, magnesium, sodium, and oxygen. All of these elements allow the renewal of skin and improves the dull complexion. (Source: orgga.my)

Do you know that they are currently having the Year End Sale? It's a good time for you to give them a try too! I know you'll love it just how I love mine! Check out their website now: www.orgga.my or visit their Facebook Page for more info!

I am actually planning to buy their trial set. Just so that I get a smaller packaging and easy to bring around when travelling or to put in my handbag. Meanwhile, you, go see their testimonials and results too!

Thank you, Mamasan and The Butterfly Project, as well as Orgga Malaysia for the opportunity to try and review this local and affordable Orgga Malaysia skincare!

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  1. Bgusnya produk nie. Rasa selamat dan yakin nak cuba sbb dri bahan smulajadi..

  2. Nampak best la pula produk Orgga ni. Bahan-bahan dia pun terdiri dari bahan natural, organic dan harga pula mampu beli.

  3. Saya guna jugak produk ni memang bagus sebab dari bahan organik kan

  4. Sekali tgk packaging dia pon dah jatuh suka apalagi yang pakai produk ORGGA ni .. bagus kan produk ni sbb di buat drp bahan2 natura ..

  5. Wah ramai review produk ni.
    Moga bertahan di pasaran!
    Bahan2 natural memang menjadi bahan utama utk skimcare now, kan.
    Terbaik! Tidak guna bahan kimia.
    Sesuai la utk kulit muka yg halus.

  6. Saya pun guna produk skincare orgga nih... memang sangat sukakan bau yang natural dari bahan organik.. kulit jadi selesa dan lembab

  7. Ramai dah guna kata bagus. Ni yang buat sis nak berpindah gunakan produk ni. Nanti nak survey lah

  8. Wah premium betul produk Orgga ni. Pencuci dan skrub dalam bentuk serbuk tu agak pelik dan kelainan. Nak face-roller tu!

  9. Looks promising of this skincare products! Mouse mommy also loves skincare products with essential oil ingredients :)

  10. Ruby pun suka skincare yang jenis organic.

    Orgga ni bebas chemical. Memang bagus untuk kulit muka 👏

    Pestime tengok cleanser yang jenis serbuk macam ni.

    Packaging dia menarik, putih bersih.

    Ada sale bagi trial set. Murah sangat dah tu 👍😊

  11. Not nad la brand ni. Sebab ianya organik. Bagus untuk penggunaan harian kan

  12. The trial set is so affordable, I wanna try out this brand too. Eyeing the face roller think I'll love it.

  13. Terarik tgk cara penggunaan dan ingredient dia. Mmg cari pon produk jenis organik mcm ni

  14. Guna jugak orgga ni memang best sebab bahannya terdiri daripada bahan organik dan natural

  15. Nak grab promosi tu. Untung sangat dah kalau pakai. Nanti nak beli lah.

  16. Never hear this brand before until I read your blog. Interesting

  17. Bagusla b3bas chemical, sekarang dah ramai ada kesedaran memilih produk yang selamat digunakan

  18. huda pun dah pakai orgga ni, best sangat, kualiti terbaik dengan bahan2 yang bagus sangat untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan kulit

  19. First time tau tentang produk ni. Maybe ramai yg tau, tapi saya ni kurang amik tahu tentang produk kecantikan hehe. Terima kasih share :)

  20. wahh syoknya set ni .. siap ada face roller tu.. best tengok.. senang kalau pakai satu set produk ni.. jangan campur-campur produk.. tak elok

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