30 Jan 2008


quick entry. nak jugak menyelit walaupun tgh banyak keje nak kene buat.

lepas mandi about 730pm today, ade missed call dari my mum. cam pelik gak, slalu die msg je kalau nak ckp waktu2 ni. or she would call later after maghrib or isya'. so called her back and her voice cam lain je. and she began... "rumah banjir sikit. hujan lebat, ribut." ok. i kinda pelik since our house cam atas bukit and wont easily naik air. then she went, " bumbung bocor. rumah abes basah." and i began to cry. i just cant imagine how bad the house could be. we never been in any bencana alam before. mum said she hasn't check out other places in the house yet. she was surprise and straightly go to mandi and nak solat first to calm herself down. i will be back this friday/saturday and now i feel like going home tomorrow. but she said before we hung up, "jangan pikir sangat. insyaAllah xde apa2. buat kerja kat sane elok2. jangan pikir sgt sini." i know she doesnt want me to feel worry about home. but how couldnt i??

cousin effa came home later at 815pm. 3G with her. everything was in the dark. black-out. harris and nurin were there. nurin mcm x bising2, ddk diam je. maybe terkejut dengan keadaan rumah. atuk looked fine, boleh gelak2 jugak. talked to cousin mimin as well. they told me that UMNO came to take some picts tempat2 yang rosak. masjid sediakan makanan untuk sesiapa yang nak makan. dewan dibuka untuk penginapan sementara kpd keluarga yang rumah rosak teruk. oh, yang ade kat rumah mase jadi camtu atuk dengan my aunty je.

Ya Allah..jaga lah keselamatan kami sekeluarga. Amin....

(Petikan dari utusan online > terkini)

Lebih 100 rumah di Kampung Pandan rosak dipukul ribut
30/01/2008 12:57am

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Jan — Lebih 100 buah rumah rosak akibat dipukul ribut ketika hujan lebat dan angin kencang yang melanda Kampung Pandan, di sini petang ini.

Kejadian pada pukul 5.30 petang mengakibatkan 70 keluarga terpaksa tinggal sementara di Dewan Orang Ramai Kampung Pandan Dalam setelah rumah mereka rosak teruk.
Seorang mangsa, Kassim Sulaiman, 74, berkata rumahnya dan beberapa rumah berdekatan mengalami kerosakan teruk akibat kejadian ribut itu.

“Biarpun rumah saya rosak tapi saya bersyukur saya dan keluarga tidak cedera. Saya berserah kepada Tuhan atas apa yang berlaku. Saya harap pihak berwajib dapat mengambil tindakan segera dalam membantu kami mengatasi masalah ini,” katanya ketika ditemui di luar dewan berkenaan.

Seorang peniaga durian, Nasril Marlis, 32, yang melihat kejadian itu berkata angin kencang itu membentuk puting beliung dan menerbangkan beberapa atap kedai berhampiran serta tayar kereta.

“Puting beliung itu benar-benar menakutkan saya. Gumpalan angin tersebut mampu menerbangkan tayar kereta...itu yang buat saya cemas. Puting beliung tu berlaku kira-kira tiga minit.

“Bentuknya serupa macam yang saya pernah tengok dalam National Geographic,” katanya ketika ditemui di gerainya di hadapan Pasaraya Besar Tesco, Ampang.

Nasril berkata, pada mulanya hujan turun agak lebat dan angin yang membentuk puting beliung itu berlaku di seberang jalan tempat dia berniaga.

“Ketika gumpalan angin tu mula menuju ke arah saya, ...langit mula cerah dan gumpalan tu hilang sedikit demi sedikit. Kalau tidak, matilah saya. Saya tak pasti mana nak lari,” katanya.- Bernama

25 Jan 2008

Sungai Petani Trip

Yesterday, coursemates & i went to The Carnivall for mandi-manda and Ayen's house for makan-makan.
We were supposed to gather at 11am but it was already 12.15pm when we were start moving. Made some stops - Bank Islam, Shell Nibong Tebal - and continue the journey. Reach Sungai Petani (S) tol at about 1.50 pm, went to the mosque for Zuhur. We then have our lunch at a stall in front of the mosque before finally went to The Carnivall.
The Carnivall was OK. Not that great as expected, i mean. But the people who came along make the day greater. Tired, but I did enjoy the day so much. Thanx to my monomers who came along yesterday. U are all the great sisters & brothers!! Oh..and a great hubby as well. xD

Some picts of yesterday!

Budak comot saya!

Some of the lovely monomers

Sha. Yun. Kema. Uyu. Julia. Ayu




However, the pics inside The Carnivall Wet Park are censored. =p

23 Jan 2008

Nothing i hate about Patrick Verona...

few days back, i was so proud to be the one informed baiti about the death of brad renfro. that means i still remember her so-called 1st love aite. hehe...

this morning, when i was still sleeping, i got a sms from baiti.

"noi, my cousin said heath ledger passed away today!"

all i can reply was,


i was still sleepy but i can understand the meaning of heath ledger passed away. that means my favourite actor, heath ledger is no longer alive!

he was my Casanova...

he was found unconscious and naked in his apartment at NYC, died because of drug overdosed.

i'm gonna watch 10 Things I Hate About You today. daa~

15 Jan 2008

i signed up a facebook account. at last.

i am halfway finishing my FYP. the compounding is done. curing the rubber is also done. just need to do some more testing.

i am so tired, exhausted, going to the lab from early morning to the evening.
had started writing the report.

want to go home. thaipusam wll be hodiday in Penang,means no class for wed to fri, but may not go back to kL since classmates are planning to go sungai petani ( the karnival + a fren's house). furthermore CNY hols will be with the mid sem. (31/1/08 - 9/2/08). just the other week around. will my girls be free on CNY? feels lke hanging out again.

oh, i am using my baby lappy, my lovely Presario! yehee... sudah keluar wad!! bf went to kl the other day to pick it up for me ( i had Plastic & Rubber Institute of Malaysia,PRIM seminar and industrial visit went on last week).

keyboard off!
prison break S03E09 is waiting!

7 Jan 2008

Taiping, Bandar Warisan

i went to Taiping, Perak the other day with myBee. of cos, like always, he would drive since i am very the lazy to. he always complain about my laziness of driving btw. he even decided not to renew his license so i need to drive no matter what it takes. huh! x baik sungguh. so back to the Taiping story, it took us nearly an hour from Parit Buntar to Taiping through Bagan Serai (it will take about 30mins only by highway). we planned to go to some interesting places but unfortunately, it was raining and the choice of places to go were limited.

the Perak Museum is located in front of Taiping Jail. the building is very old and classic, yet very nice and beautiful.

Stesen Keretapi Taiping was so much different with KL KTM station. I took some pics of it, and the cloud was so nice at that time....

Classic parking meter

King Edward VII

Zoo Taiping

Burung Kakak tua.....

unfortunately, my camera batt was running low during our tour in the zoo and finally unable to switch on. the next pictures in Taman Tasik Taiping were taken by my phone camera. so sad that i couldnt take the picture of the amazing Taman Tasik. i should go there once more for the picts. oh, and for Bukit Larut as well (as bf promised)!! :D

Dinner time! Where to eat? What to eat? There's a restaurant of famous kuey teow goreng in Taiping...

It's DOLI Kuey Teow Goreng special!

i still believe that i should go to more jalan-jalan before i finish my study. they say that it would be hard for u to go anywhere once u start working.

so, where's next?


p/s: More pics can be seen here!

Days with the Sisters

Kak Farhah was here for the weekend. she got something to discuss with her lecturer bout coming back 2 USM. she will be doing a research (RO) and might also continuing her Master Degree. we spend some times together, with Kak Ida as well. Unfortunately one of the ex-roomate, Salmi wasn't be able to join. went to Penang for a movie at Queensbay but there was none nice movie that we would love to watch. Oh, we didnt go by bridge (which is nearer to the Queensbay) since Kak Farhah insisted that we should take the ferry.

Sisters on ferry.

Kak Farhah will be back in USM!! Yay!!!

Lovely Kak Ida & Kak Farhah,

Char Kuey Teow, Sungai Dua

the next day, Kak Farhah, Kak Husna & I went to Megamall without Kak Ida, who need to see her supervisor. Kak Farhah bought a Samsung handphone for her sister, a shirt for herself and we watched Alvin & The Chipmunks. Very funny & very cute..

later at night, we went out AGAIN to juru. Kak Ida was like mengidam the Secret Recipe's, so we bought the cakes and have dinner + cake at the McDonald's. Oh! while watching Step Up on Kak Husna's laptop.

Kak Husna & Kak Farhah @ McD, Juru

Meja kami yang bersepah dengan kek Ida-chan

Kak Farhah's new shirt


1 Jan 2008


HaPpy nEW yEAr 2oo8!!!
hOpe thiS yeAr wILL bring JoY & hAppineSS to aLL of us.
09 10