23 Julai 2019

Experience Balik Pulau by Cycling, Balik Pulau Festival 2019

It's just last two weeks that we went to the Audi Dream Farm in Balik Pulau, and we were there again last weekend to join Let's Rock Balik Pulau programme, in conjunction with Balik Pulau Festival 2019.

There were two activities offered through the Let's Rock Balik Pulau programme - cycling at Balik Pulau or mangrove boating and hiking. The event is organized by Tourism Malaysia together with Matahari Cycle Tours and Travel.

The inaugural Balik Pulau Festival 2019 was held for three days from 19 to 21 July 2019, offering various programs including running events, cycling, traditional orchestral performances, services from government agencies, games, food and handicraft.

Cycling Balik Pulau, Balik Pulau Festival, Matahari Cycle Tours, Penang

18 Julai 2019

Feeding the farm animals at Audi Dream Farm, Balik Pulau

We found out about Audi Dream Farm months ago when I saw some friends postings on going there but then, we forgot about the place until recently so we decided to take the kids there since Balqis had been bugging us to take her to the zoo. FYI, Penang tak ada zoo ye. So, Taiping is the nearest and we just been there last few months too.

Audi Dream Farm is located in Sungai Rusa, Balik Pulau, Penang. Just Waze "Audi Dream Farm" and it will take you there straight away.

For MyKad holders, the admission fee was RM 10 each for adult, RM 5 for children 3 to 12 years old and free for below 3. For animal feeding, the basket cost RM15 including several animal foods, pre-packed.

[ Get Audi Dream Farm Admission Ticket with Camel Riding here: http://bit.ly/audidreamfarmklook

The Audi Dream Farm opens everyday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm including most public holidays.

Audi Dream Farm Balik Pulau Penang Petting Zoo Feed Animal

10 Julai 2019

Penang Sentral, the newly opened transportation hub in Penang

Remember last time when I blogged about our little outing taking the train to Butterworth and hanging out at Penang Sentral? Well, I did not mentioned much about Penang Sentral because I think it deserves a post on its own.

Penang Sentral is the new hub for all transportation and transits in Butterworth - KTM station, bus station, jetty for ferry and of cos, taxis. In addition to the convenience of public transportation, Penang Sentral offers several facilities and services to enhance the traveler's experience while in transit. 

Penang Sentral is build with shops, ticketing counters, prayer rooms, a food court, a nursing room and many other facilities to accommodate the needs of travellers. There are also parking spaces available for the convenience of those using transport facilities there. Penang Sentral is hoped to play an important role in streamlining transportation in the state as the place was a hub for long and short distance buses, taxis, ferries and trains.

Penang Sentral Butterworth Pulau Pinang KTM Bus Jeti Feri Ferry

08 Julai 2019

Taiwan Halal Products Sharing and Cooking Demo by Chef Nurilkarim

Halal bubble tea? That’s right! The ever-popular bubble tea from Taiwan is made using halal raw material which makes it the ideal beverage for Muslim in Malaysia and beyond.

One of the activity during the Taiwan Expo 2019 is the Taiwan Halal and Bubbles Tea Products Sharing Session which was held on the second day of the expo, 6 July 2019.

With the Penang government actively developing its halal industry, there are plenty of business opportunities between Taiwanese halal products manufacturers and Malaysian businesses waiting to be explored. Taiwanese halal products are highly regarded for the high-quality production and attractive packaging, and the products on display at this year’s expo include many halal food and beverage items, halal beauty products and halal agricultural products.

07 Julai 2019

Witnessing awesome Taiwan products and services at the Taiwan Expo 2019

After attended the Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Solution seminar, I went to the Taiwan Expo at the Ballroom of Setia SPICE Convention Centre to witness the awesomeness the Taiwanese brought to Penang.

Based on Taiwanese government’s flagship programs and prospective areas, the Taiwan Expo presents and share Taiwan’s experience in various industries.

There were different pavilion with different theme showcasing Taiwan finest products and services including Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, Taiwan Tourism Pavilion, Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion, Taiwan Beauty Pavilion and Taipei Your Partner Pavilion.

06 Julai 2019

Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Solution Seminar by Taiwan Excellence, Taiwan Expo 2019

During the Taiwan Expo 2019 that was held in Setia SPICE Convention Centre on 5th to 6th July 2019, I managed to attend one of the seminar organised by the Taiwan Excellence, the "Industry 4.0: SMart Factory Solution" seminar, which also in conjunction with the existing products on display.

The seminar objective is to share Taiwanese experience in this area with Malaysian counterparts.

Speakers include representatives from renowned Industry 4.0 manufacturers Advantech, Hiwin and Nexcom as they touched on topics of co- creation models, smart machinery and their Internet of Things. The seminar was well received by the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Penang Foundry & Engineering Industries Association (PENFEIA).

04 Julai 2019

Ruang kerja menarik di The Venture co-working space, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Bekerja dengan permandangan laut yang saujana mata memandang? Mesti lah nak, kan! The Venture co-working space yang terletak di Tanjung Point merupakan ruang bekerja yang pertama dengan pemandangan laut di Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang.

The Venture menawarkan pelbagai pakej menarik untuk memenuhi keperluan anda, termasuk 'digital nomads' pada harga RM 20 sehari dan pas pelajar pada hanya RM15 sehari, dengan akses internet berkelajuan tinggi, kopi, teh & snek dan utiliti percuma.

Perkhidmatan lain menawarkan alamat perniagaan, pengendalian mel, pencetakan dan pengimbasan. The Venture juga menyediakan ruang untuk mesyuarat dan ruang acara.

The Venture Coworking Space Tanjung Point Tanjung Tokong Penang Pulau Pinang
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