3 Feb 2012

Facebook timeline cover photo

Have all of you intentionally change or forced to change to the new Facebook timeline?
I changed mine months ago, thanks to Cik Chokilala sebab dia yang bagi link tutorial masa tu. Hehe.

Anyway, there are lots of cool, nice and creative Facebook timeline cover photo shared all over the internet. But you know what is more cooler?

To have other's cover photo with you in it. :P *mode mengada je nih*

Cousin Sis Alice's FB
- Herself, Effa, Diba, Haziq and me on top of the Broga Hill-

-The girls on Sharmi's solemnization day, Putrajaya-
(nampak la jugak walaupun ditutupi Eda cesss)
Happy dan ceria kan kami?

Bangga wooo. :p
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