27 Jun 2008


been very very very busy for last week. i've been moving twice. from hostel to a senior's house somewhere near the campus and back to hostel. damn, i have lots of things. rase macam dah hantar balik banyak barang. tapi knape still banyak barang di sini. aahhhh! sangat penat. and today, i can finally rest~

so, few days without blogging and blog-hopping. Along's new blog dedicated for his cute and lovely harris zikri, who's going to be 1 this coming August. and a schoolmate-with-controversy (du`uh~ =D), acap also came up with a blog which i just found out. blogs can just help me keeping in touch with people around me. like sis marhani who i haven't met since in high school. we've been apart, contact through sms before and several ym, and now, blog set us together back. am waiting for nanim dearie to update hers. i quoted "I miss blogging, but i am just not into it right now." will wait for u, babe!

twin Ekha & Kaina are back in hometown! so sorry i missed the date u arrived. didn't realize it till Kaina called 2 days after. enjoy your days at home before going back to Aussie ya.

i miss home!!! i'm sooo home-sick. duduk kat kampus doing RA sangat x sama dengan time belajar. byk masa terluang at night, doing nothing and reminds me of home. i want 2 b at home. i do basically nothing at night besides watching back-to-back Gilmore Girls started back from season 1 (currently dah sampai season 4), and some movies i've downloaded.

till next time, peepz!

15 Jun 2008

Jale Jale kota Bharu, Klate

so, as mention, the next day after attending Kak Ti's wedding in tanah Merah, i went to Kota Bharu. gi jale jale ngan ore tersaye. hiksss!~ finally after 1 month ++ not seing each other. *very very big grin* so, since the time was limited as me+zydah need to go back to campus, we just stayed around KB, buy some tudungs, and have lunch and pusing2 sikit.

Istana Jahar (Kelantan Traditional Royal ceremonies Museum)
this palace was build by Sultan Mohamad II for his grandson long Kundur in 1887. it is now a museum, placing Kelantan traditional royal ceremonies such as engagement, wedding, 'lenggang perut', 'jejak tanah & belah lidah', khatan and more. There are also lots of antiques in here. The building is laced with beautiful wood carvings, serving as an example of the fine craftsmanship of local artisans. but, sorry, no photographs allowed inside. =(

Ok. this beautiful, tempting baby is Fiat 500 model, manufactured in Turin Italy in July 1957 with engine capacity 499.5cc. this car was donated by Mr. Teh Beng San of Heng Huat Antiques to the Kelantan State Museum Corporation. I loiiiikkkeee!!!!

Gelanggang Seni a.k.a Cultural Centre
This is the place where Kelantan's rich cultural heritage may be witness. You can enjoy the cultural performances and traditional games and pastimes handed down through generations. There will be traditional dance, wayang kulit, silat martial art, mak yong, rebana playing etc. performance as well as to watch traditional Kelantanese's games such as gasing, wau. The cultural centre is open three times a week from March to October each year. Performance times are 3.30pm to 5.50pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and 9.00pm to midnight onWednesday and Saturday. I went there on Sunday... so unlucky me, huh!

But lucky me, there was a Pesta Thai. so.... its shopping time! =D

Masjid Muhammadi

It is situated along Jalan Sultanah Zainab, the name of this state mosque was taken from Sultan Muhammad IV. the mosque played a huge role in Islamic education in Kelantan. mostly the students will pursue their studies in Masjidil Haram in Mekah after finished their studies here. It was so famous as an Islamic education center, until it was known as "Serambi Mekah".

Not forgetting, mercu tanda bandar Kota Bharu, the Merdeka Square.

12 Jun 2008

Tanah Merah

last week pergi tanah merah, kelantan. Nurul's sis' wedding. went on Friday night by bus from Kulim with Zydah. Nasib baik mak zydah dah belikan tiket bas. the day kitorang naik bas tu tiket dah naik lagi rm10. gile!!! pasni kalau nak balik kl pun tambang dah naik! uwaaaaaa~~!!! sedih!

so berbalik kpd cerita orang kahwin. seriusly sangat la meriah. pagi2 lagi jiran-jiran sedara-mara dah mula berkunjung. nak tolong masak. lembu tumbang seekor. nak masuk dapur pun dah x de keje sbb dah ramai sangat makcik-makcik yang membantu tu. masak gulai, ada ayam masak merah, acar. and yang takde kat kl, ada solok lada.

and yang x sama dengan kl, tetamu datang betul2 waktu makan tghhari. so rumah/dewan jadi penuh sbb semua datang serentak. kat sana, orang dtg x tentu. dari pagi sampai ke petang masih ada orang dtg. malam pun ada jugak org yang sampai. tapi sbb hujan kan, so x la ramai sangat.
yang paling best dalam trip ni ialah dapat berjalan-jalan ke KB pada esok hari nya.. hehhe.... lain kali cerita pulak.

5 Jun 2008


had been tagged by sis marhani.

List Out Top 5 Presents You Wish For & The Reason For Your Choices

1) A Car

seriously a car is a need nowadays. furthermore, maybe in KL i can go transport like cab, bus or LRT. but here (parit buntar/nibong tebal)? where can i find those? aanywhere by public car has been my wish-list since like forever! but today, as the petrol price increased, i think i need to think twice. maybe a scooter will do just fine. >_<

2) Sony Vaio Laptop i've fallen in love with Sony Vaio CR20. i own a laptop. my lovely baby lappy. i know i don't really need this. but the Sony Vaio laptops are just too tempting to resist! agree? i never used a Vaio, so i don't know how it perform. but if one day it happen to be that i need a new laptop, i will surely force myself to buy this (if only i had a work and earn my own money. hikSss~)

3) Htc PDA

Htc Hermes or Herald would be a very perfect give from me to myself. But as a student (yang dah x study lagi, tp still live as a student, eh..ape merepek ni).. i don't think it is suitable for me to own a PDA. but, it's a wish right. of course i can wish for it. hehe~

4) Coach Patchwork Tote
The Coach Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Tote is fabulous from head to toe, awash in a fun, irreverent array of flowery, stripey, patterned squares; while the Coach Hampton’s Patchwork Soft Tote is perfect to add a bright touch to any outfit. Do i need any reason why do i want this?

5) A DSLR cameraThe camera that i want - Nikon D200! (Huh~ demand sungguh!!) Nikon D200 satisfies the requirements of passionate and demanding photographers. It is a high performance digital SLR camera combining brand-new technologies with advanced features inherited from Nikon’s venerable D2X professional digital SLR camera.

The Person Who Tagged You is
Sis Marhani

5 Impression Of Her/Him
1) Caring
2) Kind
3) Creative
4) Friendly
5) Sweet

Most Memorable Thing She/He has Done For You
She used to make me cards. Lots of cards and letter. (time skola2 dulu x pakai email2 and sms lagi). Of coz the most memorable thing is her first letter to me saying she wanted to know me and asking me to be her lil sis. Thanks kak! For being a great sis.

5 Person You Wanna Tag
Sis Mala
Mia Suraya

2 Jun 2008

Jalan2 Penang...Again! Part III

Botanical Garden
-located at Waterfall Road, it was built in 1884 by the British. The garden are also well-known as Waterfall Garden; as there are a waterfall at the end of the garden with the height of 122m. This garden is the another sanctuary for all , offering fresh air , beautiful lush greenery and a cool hideout!

There are lots of houses of plant; such as cactus house, fern house, and orchid house. While walking through the garden, you'll find various beautiful floras that maybe unknown to you. some of it are not even originated from Malaysia.

The tree at the right photo is the "Cannon Ball" tree. It's native to South America. It has a really beautiful flower and around the trunk it bears the fruit.

People come here to jog as early as 5.00am till late evening. Some other come to just enjoying the green beauty of the garden.

Some facilities available here are recreational or picnic areas, toilets, wheelchair access walkways, bandstand, gazebos, jogging tracks, jungle trails, resting lawns and plant nursery.

There are also a lot of monkey all over the garden. They come from everywhere. "Do not feed the monkey", warned the garden management. But who can resist? They are so cute (the babies..i mean) which encourage people to feed them fruits and nuts and even ice-cream!

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