31 Ogos 2007


Jalur Gemilang

happy 50th birthday to my lovely country..Malaysia!

Malaysia is the best!

where else in the whole world can we see Malay eating roti canai, Indian eats nasi lemak and Chinese eats nasi kandar (esp. in Penang)..? Malaysia is totally rich with different kind of foods from every race; Malay, Chinese, India, Punjab, Utara, Pantai Timur, Pantai Barat, Sarawakian & Sabahan also. when i was in Negeri 9 Matrix College (KMNS), i seriously cant't eat the masak lemak coz it was very hot & spicy. not like what i usually cook and eat at home. and now i am in penang or Utara area, i eat foods like pasembor, char kuey teow ( i dont find any char kuet teow like this in KL), mee udang and more. and i'm getting to love this foods and i will surely missing it during sem break or holiday.

another thing i love about Malaysia is the culture, heritage and dance. we have a lot of dance type in Malaysia. Even to be spesific, in Malay traditional dance also we can see there are lots of dance type. Zapin, Inang, MakYong, Joget, and so on... i love to see Malay & Indian dance myself. I salute Ramli Ibrahim (Sutra Dance Theater) who is really into Indian dance like Bharata Natyam and that he can dance it better than an Indian does. talking about dance makes me remember things bout myself. i really miss the time of my live when i use to dance in Kelab Seni Budaya KL and i miss the dancers in KMNS. Dancing traditional dance for KMNS was a great experience ever. for the 1st time i dance for a Minang song. i really miss that time...

Ramli Ibrahim

29 Ogos 2007

Infineon Kulim industrial visit~

as 1 of the assesment for ebb323 semiconductor fabrication technology course, we need to attend for an industrial visit chosen by our own. so i've choose Infineon Kulim (IFKM) and today is the day for the visit.

today is a very tiring day. started my class at 8 and need to go to the lab at 9. after azrul do some weighing, we need to come back at 10 for the testing. finished lab, i have anotha class at 11. since the class started a bit late, the lecturer finished it 10 minutes after 12.


the trip journey started with us ready to go at 12.45pm. the bus arrived at 1pm ad we went to kulim with all 20 student + dr.cheong. we arrived there at about 2pm. the first thing we need to do before we enter the building is to put on a plastic to cover our shoes. hehe... CUTE!~ even to enter the office building also we need to put it in to minimise the dirt or contamination inside the building and the fab area.

firstly, we were bring to a meeting room for a briefing about the company product, and all... then only they took us to the fab area that is in next building; separated by a bridge. the fab area is in a cleanroom. and the room is waaayyyy very clean. we need to put on ths thing like a robot garments. all in white. covering all over the body except for the eyes. it is a very lucky for us since we were the only group which get to experienced the working environment in a cleanroom.

after we put on the baju robot, we need to get thru an air shower to reduce any small small particle that might happened to stuck on us. the we were bring for a tour inside the cleanroom, from the fabrication to the testing.

before we went back, they served us tea and coffee and some kueh and gives us sourviniers. infineon kulim is way too great!! thanx to the staff who treat us good and share their skill n knowledge. tetibe jatuh cinta pulak dgn semikon! hehehe..

Great experience eventhough after a tiring day... Worth it!!

Infineon - Never Stop Thinking!

28 Ogos 2007

what does my birthday mean?

Your Birthdate: October 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February

27 Ogos 2007

boring weekend...

i just finished doing my latest lab report that need to be passed up 2moro. dr.razaina oredi gave us extra time, but all i did is watching cerita2 at my laptop during weekend. weekend was boring. nothing much to do. i studied a lil for coming semiconductor test (tuesday). since the lecturer is a new one, we cant really assume what the question will be like.
btw, there was a niiiccceeee story. i was planning to go for a jog with bee (since i was criticised by my own mum saying that i look teribly fat now) at ampang jajar last saturday. we did go there and unfortunately, it starts to raining when we reached there. it is really a bad start for me who is very lazy to go for an exercise. and when the mood came, it turned out to be raining. so, i just went back n lepak-ing in my room, continue watching my wife is a gangster 3.

26 Ogos 2007

we are the polymer!

we had our photography session in last few weeks and the photos are ready. just wanna show and share the picture of me with my other 'monomers'... the Polymer Engineering USM '04- '08

memories remain! friendship forever!

23 Ogos 2007

it's bowling time!

this is what how we define POLYMER. we are the monomers; bonded together as a chain. =)

coursemates and I went to bowling at penang megamall last night. there were some of us.
me ekey sha ayu yun uyu kema sufiah midah ayen amid kulert hakim yasin amin peja ise
it was FUN! we had been in several group and i was in a team with sha and hakim. we WON the first game! yay! thanx to sha who scored highest among us. hehe... but unfortunately, we lost in the 2nd game. a BIG lost. huhu...all in all....i REALLY did enjoy the nite.thanx to all of u!!

p/s: special thanx to dr.razaina, we get the permission to pass up our report next week, and we could come along.

Final Year Project

did i tell u that i get the final year project title as i requested??

get the chosen title doesnt mean i can do the project perfectly, and the result will surely satisfy the supervisor aite?
aja! aja!

"effect of hybrid filler on elastomer"
do YOU, by any chance have the idea of what it means..? =)

back at home..AGAIN!!!

i went back again last weekend. 3 times in 6 weeks. new record, huh! i went back with AYU (coursemate) thursday at 12midnite and reached kl in about 5am. so, friday activity.. visiting along and her harris. i took nurin and hilman as well. nurin loves to see and hugs and kiss and belasah baby harris. and she also likeeeeeessss it so much to lay in harris' baby bed. love it so much to lepak with the children around. nurin can already talk a lot. which really make US, the elder miserable. talk just like an adult, even worse the older.

not only being at home last weekend, i went to PEKAN pahang to attend a cousin-to-cousin's wedding. alang-alang menyeluk perkasam.. biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. we went round the town. a small town, but big enuff to be called 'Bandar DiRaja'. it is really nice to see the two world living facing each other in the town. the ISTANA ABU BAKAR is in front of the villager's house. And there is a Polo field in the village which foreigner from many countries come to play and watch the Polo sport. even in kg pandan (KL!!), we only can see indonesian (and not mat saleh) who lives like they owned the place.


house on my right, palace on my left; separated by this road
(i love the combination of the trees and the road and the istana gate and the rumah kampung)

and to our lucky, we found and we ATE the famous murtabak in pekan town, MURTABAK MENGKASAR. it was really sedap hingga menjilat jari. we were surprised at first when we read the sign Biasa rm4, special rm6. but we only realised then that the murtabak is twice the size of the normal murtabak.
(p/s: there were articles on MURTABAK MENGKASAR in Utusan, Metro and NST for its well-known murtabak)

before going back, we went to MUZIUM SULTAN ABU BAKAR, GALERI PENGANGKUTAN AIR and round the town. that was for photography time!!! =p

11 Ogos 2007

weekend at home

nurin turned 2 last August 1st.

along had saftely (Alhamdulillah) delivered harris the next 2 days.

amir, hilman and nurin got a new fren!

i was a home last weeked.

welcoming harris as a new family member.

as well as celebrating nurin's big day.

also tahlil 100 days for gramma's sister.

training report settled.

pameran also settled.

now only busy with the lab report, becoming assignment, quizes and tests.

today we need to submit our choice for final year project title.

i have the instinct of not getting my choice.

huh~ nvm..

but really hope i will get a topic and the lecturer that will realy help and easy to do work with.

[ Harris, Day 2 ]

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