10 April 2013


Alhamdulillah... syukur for the rezeki given by Allah swt to husband and I from the beginning of 2013. We were given the opportunity to be His guest earlier in February. And now we've moved to a new home - the place we can finally call OUR HOME.

Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan

I've never thought I would move out from my lovely city of Kuala Lumpur. Been born and bred in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, I've always thought I would end up settling down there, too. It was like an unwritten rule - those who is going to marry me must be willing to move to KL. Hahaha. Well, that was the plan. But Allah has better plan for me. After 4 months living separately - me in KL while husband was in Penang - I moved to Penang to follow my husband (and my dream *wink*).

To make the decision to move here was not that easy since I am the only child and should take care of my single-mother who is still living and working in KL. But of course, as a wife, the responsibility towards the husband is more than the parent after we're married. After lots of istikharah and discussion with husband, we've decided to got us a place of our own here in Simpang Ampat, Penang earlier this year. And now we've officially moved to our new home.

Last few weeks were hectic weeks. With mum being hospitalized and the moving plan needed to proceed, I thank the in-laws very much for helping us setting up few things necessary before we move our thing. We're still setting up the house, doing this and that. I am so excited to do the gardening since I've never got the chance to do that before. I dont know if the plants will grow up well anyway, but still I have a lot of things in mind I want to plant. :p

So tiring but soooo happpyyyy! :D

Preparing the soil for my so-call garden :p

Will post lots of pictures of my plant (if it ever grow).
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