27 Dis 2009

My (self-proclaimed) newborn god-son hehehe


27122009841 Welcome to the world, baby boy.

Congratulations to my dearest Kak Farhah & Ikmal on the birth of your first baby boy. I am so incredibly happy for you. I wish you the best of luck with your new baby. Be good & loving parents, you both. May Allah bless.

 Dear you little one,
be a good son. 
I’m gonna love you to bits!
Can’t wait to see you ;)

your (self-proclaimed) god-mom 

25 Dis 2009

I have a thing for flea market


In Penang, there are the Feringhi Night Market which sell mostly crafts and souvenir; and the Lorong Kulit Flea Market – which almost as the same as the one in Amcorp Mall PJ – selling antiques, used book, clothes etc.

In Petaling Jaya, there’s this building, Amcorp Mall, located opposite the Taman Jaya Lake and Taman Jaya LRT Putra station. It might not be popular for shopping stuffs you prefer to buy in Mid Valley, KLCC or One Utama. But it is well-known for its very own flea market which opens Saturday & SUnday 9.00am to 5.00 pm.

The flea market are everywhere in the mall. From the lowest ground floor to the top floor, all over the corridor and lobby. The KL biggest flea market has everything you could ask for - antiques, records, collectables, homemade food, old and new toys, pictures and photographs, stamps, old weapons and other junkie item you can’t even think of!

2009_12_13_5106 2009_12_13_5108 2009_12_13_5110

So there are people who burn old songs from old records on CD to be sold. There are songs you can’t even find it online. And look what me & my mum find!

2009_12_13_5073Two old singers named Julia & Rokiah CDs. :D

2009_12_13_50792009_12_13_5087 2009_12_13_5095Who need this size of hanger?


When I’m at home and have no plan on Sunday, I would just ask mum to come here with me. Just like once in a while i would go to Lorong Kulit flea market or the Little Penang Street Market to just stroll and look around.

Yes....i have a thing for flea market. ;)

21 Dis 2009

Polymer (unofficial) gathering ;)


During my oh-so-great-i have-a-long-holiday-at-home, i managed to see some people that i havent meet for quite a while. and due to the NSPM 2009 that i attended with some other coursemates, we managed to do a little unofficial last minute planned gathering.

The polymer-mates who went to the NSPM 2009 as well were Hamid, Faizal, Amin, Sufiah and Amalina.
On Sunday night I told one of our friend Azrul who’s working in Bentong to take an emergency leave (haha sukati je kan ;p)  the very next day to join us in KL. he said he could take a half-day leave.

And just when we gathered at the Residence Hotel at UNITEN, i texted Rahayu if she’s free and i would pick her to join us. and so glad that she could make it :)

2009_12_14_5184Rahayu Saniman
2009_12_14_5194 Sufiah, Amalina, Ayu & me

2009_12_14_5209 2009_12_14_5211
I wish we could gather with bigger crowd next time :)

So, the NSPM 2009 was held at the Residence Hotel at UNITEN; organized by Faculty of Engineering Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and thankfully my presentation went well (at least I think so). I was so worried that I couldn’t present or forget what i was gonna say. Plus i was having fever+cough (in fact i still have them till today blerrghhh~).

DSC05389 Prof. Hanafi Ismail’s students
2009_12_16_5232Lunch after the presentation on Day 2
2009_12_16_5257 With the most favourite lecturer, Dr.Azlan ;)

p/s: Congratulation to Ragu who win the Best Paper for Oral Presentation NSPM 2009.

15 Dis 2009

Natrah, the theatre


Last Monday, December 7th I went to Istana Budaya with mum to watch theatre Natrah , directed by the one and only Erma Fatimah.

For those who never heard the story of Natrah a.k.a Maria Hertogh, please Google. semua orang harus tau psl dia, ok.

Btw i knew about the Natrah issue because my mom have these 4 volume of Dewan Masyarakat magazines back-to-back in the 80s (kot!) that tell stories about Natrah. I read about her story when i was small. And when i heard that they were making it to the theatre I insist to watch the show. Plus it’s been a while since i go to theatre with my mum.

Oh, and I am so so so glad that Diana Danielle x jadi pegang watak Natrah. Maya Karin did a very good job. i can’t imagine klau Diana Danielle atas stage tu.. blerrghh~

So by the end of the show….

the director, Erma Fatima DSC05309
Natrah’s mother, Cikgu Mansur, Natrah (13), Natrah (7), Director, Che Aminah, Natrah (70) DSC05310  DSC05313
DSC05318 DSC05321

Ekha, this is for you! ;p
DSC05323instead of calling (or shouting) his name Remy Ishak. the fans shouted ‘Mansur Adabi’ and most of the time, ‘Adam’. haha
DSC05331 DSC05336DSC05341

teringat zaman kanak2 tengok teater kanak-kanak Taman Baginda, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Siti di Alam Fantasi etc. masa tu belom ada Istana Budaya, kat MATIC je lg. ;)

13 Dis 2009

Cousin Angah’s wedding


So most of you knew that my cousin Angah a.k.a Ayien has finally married to Hakim last week from previous post right. I dont know what i did this whole week at home that i seems busy but i practically just lepak-ing at   home and do nothing. haha

And right now i feel so rajin to update the blog with my cousin’s wedding ;) err..when i say update, it means i’ll just upload the pics ok. hehe

 5 December 2009 - Pernikahan
2009_12_05_4136 2009_12_05_4180
Saat-saat medebarkan. Sekali lafaz beb! Bravo Hakim!!! :p

5 December – Malam Berinai
2009_12_05_4358 IMG_4773
Bile yang sepupu sepapat jumpe camera….
2009_12_05_4378Cousin Effa’s primary school friend & my secondary school friend , Sabrina Hakiem. Thank for coming!!

6 December 2009 – Majlis Persandingan
Fewwiiitttttttt~ rombongan pengantin lelaki tiba.
2009_12_06_4490 2009_12_06_4501
Gamelan yang mengiringi majlis2009_12_06_4526Angklung pun ade jugak.
meet Papa J from Sehati Berdansa, ya’ll~ he’s my mum’s cousin.
Angah’s new family ;)
a good example. bakal2 pengantin sila amek perhatian :p

12 December 2009 - Bertandang
2009_12_12_4901 2009_12_12_4924 2009_12_12_4952 2009_12_12_4983
ok. for more picts sila tengok fb saya :D

few updates.
  • it’s been more than a week at home and i just loveeee the feeling of waking up at home every morning..
  • Alhamdulillah Angah’s wedding went well.
  • Went for Natrah  theatre with mom, my treat for her belated birthday present. It was great, Remy Ishak sgt handsome (tetiba haha)
  • Congrats to my friends Anwar-Shikin & Hanie-fiance(xtau name ;p) for their engagements, both today.
  • Finally berjaya menghabiskan duit from “Bubbles Gadget Fund” for things that i hope berbaloi beli. haha. Skarang kene start menyimpan for that fund again –_-“
  • Went to see someone today. Am actually glad i made it ;)
  • Conference to be attended next week at Resident Hotel Uniten.
  • 2 more girl friends are getting engage this next weekend. Congrats in advance,
  • I want to see someone so badly!!
Going to bed. It’s 3.07 in d morning. Daa~

9 Dis 2009




Lovely friends,

Wana & GG



Darling cousin,

Angah & Hakim



Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat. ;)


p/s: gambar terrrrrrlalu banyak x larat nak upload kat sini dlu sbb terrrlalu busy di rumah :p more picts in facebook.

2 Dis 2009

Googling on the Wave


google_wave_logo_finalBasically, Google Wave is an online communication tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

For now, Google Wave is able for people who are invited only. And so i got the invitation for Google Wave. and I’m spreading the love and the invitation to those who are interested. But the invitation is limited. So come hurry!

For the mean time, I’m still so confused on how to use it. But still learning and I think I’m gonna love it just how much I love twitter now. No. not love. I’m addicted to twitter. hahaha. Makes life super easy and fun!!

google_waveA screen shot of Google Wave

Let me know if you want the Google Wave invitation.

Oh. If u tweet and haven’t follow me yet, please do! Follow me!!



p/s: I feel much much better now. =)

29 Nov 2009

As you wish


"I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I'd never existed."
-Edward Cullen
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