21 Dis 2009

Polymer (unofficial) gathering ;)


During my oh-so-great-i have-a-long-holiday-at-home, i managed to see some people that i havent meet for quite a while. and due to the NSPM 2009 that i attended with some other coursemates, we managed to do a little unofficial last minute planned gathering.

The polymer-mates who went to the NSPM 2009 as well were Hamid, Faizal, Amin, Sufiah and Amalina.
On Sunday night I told one of our friend Azrul who’s working in Bentong to take an emergency leave (haha sukati je kan ;p)  the very next day to join us in KL. he said he could take a half-day leave.

And just when we gathered at the Residence Hotel at UNITEN, i texted Rahayu if she’s free and i would pick her to join us. and so glad that she could make it :)

2009_12_14_5184Rahayu Saniman
2009_12_14_5194 Sufiah, Amalina, Ayu & me

2009_12_14_5209 2009_12_14_5211
I wish we could gather with bigger crowd next time :)

So, the NSPM 2009 was held at the Residence Hotel at UNITEN; organized by Faculty of Engineering Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and thankfully my presentation went well (at least I think so). I was so worried that I couldn’t present or forget what i was gonna say. Plus i was having fever+cough (in fact i still have them till today blerrghhh~).

DSC05389 Prof. Hanafi Ismail’s students
2009_12_16_5232Lunch after the presentation on Day 2
2009_12_16_5257 With the most favourite lecturer, Dr.Azlan ;)

p/s: Congratulation to Ragu who win the Best Paper for Oral Presentation NSPM 2009.

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