26 Nov 2008


Di Tag oleh Acap

1. 7 Fakta tentang saya

  • i drink seriously a lot of water
  • dance traditional dances. then.
  • talkative. Only to ppl i know.
  • i'm not exactly anak tunggal (right?)
  • i like cat, but i don't like having it as a pet
  • i like Hindi movie
  • bubbles is from Bubbles character of the PowerPuff Girls, 182 is from Blink 182

2. 7 Perkara menakutkan saya di dunia

  • Ghost. Serius!
  • Exams
  • Rapist
  • Walking alone in the middle of the night
  • Losing my mum & grandpa
  • Forgetting who I am, being not-myself
  • Death, by killed.

3. 7 Lagu wat mase skrg

  • BSB - If you want to be good girl (get yourself a bad boy)
  • BSB - 10,000 promises
  • The Boyz - Let me show you the way
  • N Sync - Just got paid
  • N Sync - For the girl who has everything
  • Nico - Rindu
  • Nico - Engkau & Aku
  • Option 1 - Maafkanku
(i know... i know... so back to the 90's)

4. 7 Perkara yang selalu disebut

  • Oh. My. God!
  • iskkkk!!
  • comot.....!
  • tampar kang..
  • is it??
  • Ala........
  • "lolait~" (bahasa Nurin = alright)

5. 7 Perkara yang amat bernilai

  • Family
  • Dearest friends
  • Baby boo
  • My Degree in Polymer Engineering
  • Baby lappy
  • Handphone
  • My Novels

6. 7 Pertama kali dalam hidup saya

  • 1st kindergarten at 5 years, Tadika Anakku Sayang
  • 1st naik LRT Putra with rombongan SRA Al-Watan (untuk percubaan b4 perasmian)
  • 1st naik Menara KL rombongan jugak, SRK Dato' Abu Bakar darjah 4/5.
  • 1st hp is a Samsung (hilang dalam cab otw gi Sg.Wang, 2000) with no 0126674786. current no is 2nd.
  • 1st part time work @ Yuha, 2001
  • 1st tgk ShahRukh Khan live at Bukit Jalil concert
  • 1st time knowing/seeing 'him' @ 15years old.

7. 7 org bertuah sambung tag ini...

  • Along
  • Fadilah
  • Sis Mala
  • Zydah
  • Ekha
  • Sis Marhani
  • Nanim

23 Nov 2008

Walking down memory lane

Lately i've been downloading songs from the 90's and early 2ooo's, in the other words, songs i listened back in primary & high schools. most of them were boy-bands and girl-groups. I can sing along most of the songs which some i haven't heard for years. Back then, there will be one of the member in each group will be my short-term boyfriend, until another group came up with cuter member. If you guys are around my age, do you still remember them, too?

Boyzone was one of the earliest group from Republic of Ireland. They were Ronan, Stephen, Mikey, Keith and Shane. Some of their famous were Picture of you, No matter what, and Baby can i hold you. They were also the mentor of next Irish boyband, Westlife.

Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Sporty were their nicknames. Popular with their hits such as Say you'll be there, Wannabe and Spice up your life, also starring in their own SpiceWorld:The Movie, the Spice Girls gave big impact in each girls life then. Fans are glad that they reunited for the tour concert this year.

N'Sync means how "in sync" their voices are; also a play on the letters of each member's first names - JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, JasoN and JC. They were from Florida, and some of their killer songs are Tearin' up my heart, I want you back, Bye Bye Bye and It's gonna be me.

Lee, Jimmy & Spike were the member of well-known British boyband, 911. How do you want me to love you, All I want is you, Bodyshakin' and Don't make me wait are some of their hits. The band split up in February 2000 , when they announced their break-up live on Chris Moyles Radio 1 show.

The unique girls, T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli was a contemporary R&B, hiphop and pop group known as TLC. I like their "Unpretty" so much as the song always reminds me to be thankful with what I have and to be just who I am. Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes was killed in a car accident in Honduras in early 2002, just before the release of TLC's fourth LP, 3D.

AJ, Kevin, Brian, Nick and Howie-D. Everyone knows them (except Baiti, i think. She had this not-into-boyband thing), the BackStreet Boys. With the hit, I'll never break you heart, they became the most successful debut artist in the world in 1996. They are in Guiness Books of Records for lots of thing and one of it is "First group since The Beatles to achieve 30 million sales of two discs" (2001).

A Canadian country music & pop/rock band composed of brothers Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave Moffatt. Clint, Bob and Dave are triplets, but only Clint and Bob are identical twins. The Moffatts came to promote their album Chapter 1: A new begining in Malaysia in 1999. I went to their showcase in Tower Records KL Plaza. They are famous for hits I miss you like crazy and I'll be there for you.

Five bad boys withe the power to rock you!
Yes, they rock my world! 5ive are a British boyband with the members Rich, Scott, Abs, J and Sean. Slam Dunk da Funk, When the lights go out, and Until the time is through are some of their hits. They disband in 2001. 4 of the five original members briefly reformed the group in 2006, but only 7 months after announcing a comeback, Five made an announcement via their official website they would disband, again!

Ok! Maybe some or most of you won't be recognizing this group, called The Boyz. The group compromises Kane, Salvatore, T-Soul, Flow and Stephane, and from Germany. They have two singles - Round & Round and Let me show you the way; which is available in 3 other version, Italian, French and Spanish. Anyhow, those 2 were their only songs i ever know. I can't believe I know this band existed! And I found their mp3 and video!! 'Let me show you the way' is one of my all time fave song tho.

And mostly, back then, in high school i was madly madly and madly in love to this British singer. Not a member of any boyband. He's the one and only....

Anthony Kavanagh!!!

a.k.a. Kavana

OMG!!! he is like the love of my love. i signed my name Mrs. Julia Kavanagh when i was in form 2. Crazy, I know! But what could i do? He is just so handsome, cute, adorable, gorgeous, lovely, and ..... tempting (?!). Funky love, MFEO, Crazy Chance, Will you wait for me, Special kind of something. I could listen to them all day long. I had a friend, Maygala recorded by VHS a Kavana Special Kind of Something Show aired in NTV7 in 1999 because my house had problem with NTV7 signal back then.

There were also other groups like Hansons, 98 degrees, Westlife, Code Red (ring a bell? Famous for their This is our song), Destiny's Child and S Club 7.

For those who also miss their teenage life and hoping to find their songs, feel free to download it from my 4shared folder.

18 Nov 2008

My weekend at home

I went home last weekend for some reason, as well as to see mom as her birthday just a few days back. Went back home on Thursday afternoon by bus. On Friday, went to Low Yat Plaza with Dba and Nurin. Before that, went to lunch with mom and took Nurin to mom's workplace, Kompleks Antarabangsa to see the pond where the fishes are so big. Then only we went to Lowyat, where Nurin called a pc montor as "TV". huhu~ i bought my baby lappy batery as my current batery is weak and only lasted for about half an hour, and sometime didn't even charges after hours of charging.

The next day, i took mom to BTS SushiKing for her belated-birthday lunch. We were accompanied cousins Effa, Angah, Kak Alice and Najihah. Why Sushi? Because I miss sushi so much and i want to ask Kak Alice to try one! Hehehe

Mom with the salmon tepanyaki set

My salmon fried rice + croquette

Then, we went to karaoke at KTV News , Imbi Plaza.

Ini semua gara-gara Effa, ya! Attention to Encik Ikhwan: I sang Hindi song at last!! Hahaha. Besides normal karaoke songs, we sang 90s songs like 911's How Do You Want Me to Love You, BSB's Quit Playing Games with my Heart, N Sync's It's Gonna be Me. We totally miss our teenage year, ok! And the finale song was Spice Girl's Mama, dedicated to the one and only, birthday-woman.

On the way home, got phone call from Auntie Rozi asking if i would like to join them for dinner and movie and to spend the night over. Twins Ekha & Kaina were home already. Thanks for the dinner movie, uncle & Auntie. =)

13 Nov 2008

Girls Night Out!!

Looking at Liyana's Penang trip pics seriously make me feel like i'm missing Penang so much. So near yet so far. It had been awhile since i went to Feringgi, makan2 and jalan2 Penang. Yup, since Mr. Bf isn't here anymore.

Roommate, Zydah had her final exam for the last 2 weeks and finished yesterday. So, we were planning on going out to jalan2 release tension (konon) as well as looking for Mum's bday present maybe in Megamall or Jusco. But plan was changed, and there - Feringgi - was where we were! Yayyy!!

Quality control is a need before purchasing, ok!

After shopping, it's time to makan! Went to Padang Kota as i am really looking foward to eat pasembor. 4 years here, jiwa dah sebati dengan Penang cuisine. Huhu... Mms-ed Mr.Bf pics of kerang bakar and pasembor - our food kalau lepak sini.

Oh! Nanim video called when i was shopping2. It was dark since she was in the car. So i can't see her clearly la pun. Btw, she was with Aira and Nads. Aira is in town!!!! She really need to see me. Lame x jumpe dia itu!!

Heading back home today!! =)

Twin Ekha Kaina will be back soon. For 3-4 months. Hope can see them soon. Have a safe trip, girls.

P/s: Happy belated birthday to abg Zuraidy.

11 Nov 2008

For The Love of My Life

Happy 54th Birthday.
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & Allah bless always.
I love you always & forever.
Have a lovely birthday,

Puan Rokiah Mohamad,
the one and only.

6 Nov 2008

To my 2 lil girls...

Happy Birthday, Lovely twin!!
Wish u all the best and success in life.
Have a nice day, nice months and nice years.
I love u both very much.

To Ekha & Kaina,

5 Nov 2008

Genting with family

A day after the Not-so-raya open house, we went to Genting Highland. Kak Lina & fam + Along & fam + Dba + Haziq went a day earlier, stayed over at Awana. Kak Alice fetched me & mum up early morning, together with Effa yang ponteng part-time work dia. Arrived at Awana quite early, but waited for Angah & Mimin (came from Bentong) yang membuatkan kami lambat naik ke atas. Mum stayed at Awana with Kak lina & some aunties+uncle. Malas nak naik kate mereka. We went for indoor only, cuz with all the kids, there were no way we could go outdoor and play satisfyingly. But, we had fun tough!! Great time!

Lining up for Genting Skyway

Captured from the other cart

Mimin yang sengih2 cover takut+gayat+cuak. I should've post her pic yang muke tgh pucat lesi. Hahahaha

The family i heart so much!!

Our lovely Harris and Nurin

Mimin, Effa, me & Abg Zuraidy

Cousin Dba + Harris

Amir Hakim, Effa, Angah, Mimin, me & Dba

He puts smile on our faces

<3 <3

Going down!!!
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