20 November 2011

Cuti cuti Medan - Part 2

Woke up very early in the morning. The day started earlier than in Kuala Lumpur. It was such a nice and calm feeling to woke up and went to the window and looked at the sun rise. Breakfast served at 0700 and as told, the tour guide came to pick us up at 0730. We check out from the hotel as we were going to stay in Berastagi on the second night. Picked up the family of four (from Melaka) at another hotel and went to a jetty where we took a boat to Samosir Island.
SAM_0108Saujana mata memandang

18 November 2011

Yayy I've got mine!!

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Been hearing everyone talk about the Starbucks card and been wanting the card so badly! i havent been to Starbucks for quite a while so tunggu je lah.. But now i'm at the Berjaya Times Square so i can finally get my Starbucks card yayy!! And the cardholder too weeee! I'm a happy girl. :D

Last year i didnt manage to collect all stamps for the Starbucks planner on time, so someone bought me the planner instead. Agak2 this year ada org nak belikan lg tak kalau tak sempat kumpul point lagi? :P

Cuti cuti Medan - Part I

It was kinda a sudden decision to go on a trip to Medan. Mytarget for travelling this year was actually achieved with the Kota Kinabalutrip with Mum (day 1 and day 2) and the second Singapore visit with the family (which I realise Ihaven’t post anything on it, yet! USS babyyy!! Will do soon!!). Penang tripsdon’t count as travel, ok. :P

I was thinking about Bandung, Jakarta and Medan. Thoughpeople keep telling me how nice shopping in Bandung would be, I remembered howI used to love looking at Lake Toba’s picture and how I wished I would see thescenery with my own eyes. So I decided to ask mum on a trip to Medan and LakeToba. I extended the invitation to my aunt, uncle & cousins too. And theywe were last week – on our trip to Medan.

Web and mobile checked in made easy

07 November 2011

Recipe searching made easy with Google

I was looking for some recipe on the internet via Google when I came across one thing that I've never realise before. Maybe some of you might have seen this, but this was the first time for me. And I think I'm loving Google a little bit more for this cause it helps make my recipe hunting easier. :D

Ok first of all, if any of you have known this for quite a while, please don't brag at me. Saya tahu saya selalu agak ketinggalan zaman dalam hal sebegini -___-"

So anyways....

Can you spot the thing that I said made my searching easier?

03 November 2011

Susah juga kalau pemikiran terlalu sempit

Semalam ternampak satu screen shot Google Translate yang dikongsi oleh satu group yang agak banyak yang 'Like' kat Facebook. Gambar yang dikongsi tu pun tak kurang banyak jugak la yang 'like' dan komen. 

Panas, kan?
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