6 Dis 2011

The end of another journey

I finished my Bachelor degree somewhere in 2008 and were conferred the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Engineering) during the Universiti Sains Malaysia 38th Convocation in August 2011. I’ve started to happily going into the lab and doing experiments, and reading journals looking for information and keep updated with the current trends of polymer field since the industrial training period and during my final year of Bachelor where we needed to submit a dissertation on research as a fulfillment to our Bachelor degree. Hence I decided to pursue my Master’s degree and registered in December 2008.

5 Dis 2011

Kuih Bunga Pundak

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 5 Dec '11, 3.36pm MYT]

Masa buat sesi lawatan ke utara dgn mak few years ago, masa bershopping2 kat Pekan Rabu, kitorang dikenalkan dengan sejenis kuih yang dikatakan terkenal di utara terutamanya di Kedah iaitu Kuih Bunga Pundak. Sedap jugak kuih ni. Ada inti kelapa. Nama kuih ni adalah sempena nama bunga pundak.
Hari tu layan2 Facebook, nampak ofismate Erna check in Pekan Rabu. So mintak tlg Erna belikan sbb so far x jumpa lg kat tempat lain. :D

p/s: masih mencari kuih jala mas kat tgh2 kota kuala lumpur ni...huhu..

2 Dis 2011

Asyik kena bedah je incik boifren saya

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 2 Dec '11, 6.53pm MYT]

Sejak pergi hantar incik boifren ketuk pintu belah kanan yang kemek sbb eksiden hari tu, memang rasa ada yg tak kena dengan tingkap kat tempat driver. Ada bunyi2 bila nak bukak tutup tingkap. Lately, x bukak tutup pun ada bunyi jugak. Tgh hari tadi paling kritikal bila nak keluar lunch, tingkap turun senget. Naikkan pun nampak senget. Tp tutup rapat lg. Td nak balik terlupa dah camtu, turunkan tingkap. Naik x leh rapat langsung. :( jalan la jugak dgn tingkap tak rapat tu. Huhu. Ingat nak pegi esok je kedai. Sbb ptg dah plan nak melawat baby dgn B. Tp cik B tak mereply Whatsapp.. By the time masuk area rumah trs terpikir nak singgah kedai dekat rumah tu. Pastu cik B lak msg kata tertido.. :| so di Pandan Utama inilah incik boifren saya dibedah lagi sekali. Sekian. Wassalam.

P/s: Happy belated birthday incik boifren. :D

20 Nov 2011

Cuti cuti Medan - Part 2

Woke up very early in the morning. The day started earlier than in Kuala Lumpur. It was such a nice and calm feeling to woke up and went to the window and looked at the sun rise. Breakfast served at 0700 and as told, the tour guide came to pick us up at 0730. We check out from the hotel as we were going to stay in Berastagi on the second night. Picked up the family of four (from Melaka) at another hotel and went to a jetty where we took a boat to Samosir Island.
SAM_0108Saujana mata memandang

18 Nov 2011

Yayy I've got mine!!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 18 Nov '11, 7.30pm MYT]

Been hearing everyone talk about the Starbucks card and been wanting the card so badly! i havent been to Starbucks for quite a while so tunggu je lah.. But now i'm at the Berjaya Times Square so i can finally get my Starbucks card yayy!! And the cardholder too weeee! I'm a happy girl. :D

Last year i didnt manage to collect all stamps for the Starbucks planner on time, so someone bought me the planner instead. Agak2 this year ada org nak belikan lg tak kalau tak sempat kumpul point lagi? :P

Cuti cuti Medan - Part I

It was kinda a sudden decision to go on a trip to Medan. Mytarget for travelling this year was actually achieved with the Kota Kinabalutrip with Mum (day 1 and day 2) and the second Singapore visit with the family (which I realise Ihaven’t post anything on it, yet! USS babyyy!! Will do soon!!). Penang tripsdon’t count as travel, ok. :P

I was thinking about Bandung, Jakarta and Medan. Thoughpeople keep telling me how nice shopping in Bandung would be, I remembered howI used to love looking at Lake Toba’s picture and how I wished I would see thescenery with my own eyes. So I decided to ask mum on a trip to Medan and LakeToba. I extended the invitation to my aunt, uncle & cousins too. And theywe were last week – on our trip to Medan.

Web and mobile checked in made easy

7 Nov 2011

Recipe searching made easy with Google

I was looking for some recipe on the internet via Google when I came across one thing that I've never realise before. Maybe some of you might have seen this, but this was the first time for me. And I think I'm loving Google a little bit more for this cause it helps make my recipe hunting easier. :D

Ok first of all, if any of you have known this for quite a while, please don't brag at me. Saya tahu saya selalu agak ketinggalan zaman dalam hal sebegini -___-"

So anyways....

Can you spot the thing that I said made my searching easier?

3 Nov 2011

Susah juga kalau pemikiran terlalu sempit

Semalam ternampak satu screen shot Google Translate yang dikongsi oleh satu group yang agak banyak yang 'Like' kat Facebook. Gambar yang dikongsi tu pun tak kurang banyak jugak la yang 'like' dan komen. 

Panas, kan?

31 Okt 2011

Portable charger - the birthday present from IMU

I was away to Penang exactly the day after my birthday, when I got an email from my Manager.

"Need you to tell me what you want for your b'day. Each staff dapat budget RM150. This way you get something you want rather benda you tak minat."

I then remember that she once told me that all staff are eligable for a RM150 worth present for their birthday from IMU. I told my manager to get me a portable charger or anything she think might be practical for me i.e for travelling purpose. But later she told to just get anything by myself, then claim. Yeah.. she being herself memang lambat la kalau nak pergi beli. (hehe sorry bos :p )

So yeahh I got myself a portable battery charger, the Energizer XP2001 :D

27 Okt 2011

Meeting the Buttercup and Blossom juniors

Besides went for food hunting in Penang last weekend, I also went to Kulim to visit my lovely, very own Buttercup and Blossom - Zydah and Nurul and their princess. Zydah and Nurul had been a very close friend to me since my first year in USM, back in 2004.

Zydah, Nurul & me. 2005.

26 Okt 2011

Yang dirindui di Penang

Last weekend I was requested by my supervisor to come and see him due to my unfinished thesis problem. As much as I was worried to go and think about my thesis, I looked forward to come to Penang for some reasons too. One of them was for its food. Yes, I am so much in love with Penang food and I've missed some of them since my very short trip to Penang like 3 months ago. So I decided to full fill my crave for Penang food and I made sure to check in Foursquare and counted the 'Yang dirindui di Penang #'. :P

Cheese Naan + Tandoori Set (Kapitan)

17 Okt 2011

Bubbles' new patchwork sling bag

When I go travel, I always need another bag  beside the backpack to bring my stuff (camera, purse, handphones, tissues etc) here and there. I don't prefer ladies handbag because it won't look nice with my shoes. I normally wear sneakers or just sandals, with exception to flats once in a while. And I prefer sling bag than a tote. I just feel more comfortable and secure as and when I need to move fast.

The border of Wang Kelian (Perlis) and Satun (Thailand)

14 Okt 2011

Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony

Last week, cousin Angah invited me to attend her son, Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony. Angah has the Rawa (Rao) bloodline on his father's side. Syawal is my third nephew who did this jejak tanah thing according to the Rawa tradition after cousin Along's sons, Harris and Hadief.

And no, I don't have the Rawa blood in me. I just have the interest in people tradition and culture. Another ceremony that I wish to attend and watch is the Lenggang Perut. You know... the ceremony for the 7-months pregnant mother-to-be, er.. well I don't really know what they do. But I do mean Lenggang Perut, ok. Not that oh-so-modern baby shower thing. So if you or any of your family/friend is having your/her Lenggang Perut, please invite me ok. *buat muka tak malu sikit*

Anyway, you can read about the detail flow of the Jejak Tanah ceremony on my previous post I wrote for Hadief's jejak tanah (click here). Yes, I'm that lazy to write everything up again. Huhu.

Enjoy the simple video here, follows by the not-so-many pictures took during the ceremony.

29 Sep 2011

Mark your date - the Sushi Bonanza is back!

Yes you heard is right! Mark your calendar, organizer, diary, smartphones, tablet, Outlook calendar, Google calendar whatever it is - the Sushi King Card RM2 Bonanza is back in town this October!!

Sabah & Sarawak :  3 - 6 October 2011
Selangor & KL : 17 - 20 October 2011
Penang, Perak, Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor & Pahang : 31 October - 3 November 2011

But of course, there are always terms and conditions applied. Click on image above to read them.

Anyway, looking at the dates for KL outlets... anyone wants to treat me for birthday? :P

24 Sep 2011

Akhirnya berjaya merajinkan diri membuat puding roti berkuah kastad

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 24 Sep '11, 8.53pm MYT]

Puding roti ni salah satu makanan kegemaran jugak. Tapi tak pernah try buat sendiri. Selalu makan kat mana2 buffet atau yang makcik2 pernah buat. Tapi lagi suka makan puding roti kalau yang hidang dengan kuah kastad sekali.
Dari minggu lepas dah beli susu roti semua tapi asyik malas je nak buat. Dari hari ke hari, akhirnya tadi berjaya merajinkan diri membuat puding roti jugak. Dengan kuah kastad sekali. Yayyyy! Puas hati dengan masakan sendiri. Ok lah for first timer kan. Mak pun kata ok. Hehe. Pasni boleh buat lagi! :D

20 Sep 2011

Cenderahati dari Vietnam

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 Sep '11, 12.31pm MYT]

Pagi-pagi dapat call dari Kak Hazrina kat Chancellery suruh datang ambil barang. So pergi lah ke Chancellery untuk mengambil barang yang dimaksudkan. They're souvenirs from Vietnam, from the kakaks - kak hazrina, kak azura and along. They went to Vietnam last week till yesterday with the IMU staff trip. Thank you, kakaks!

15 Sep 2011

Yunalis Zarai gave me goosebumps!

I am not a good reviewer. I don't write well-written review on anything - music, theater, movie, book, travel places. I know I didn't even write nice review on Nokia N8 for the Maxis10 programme. But anyhow, I still want to write something about the show I went to last Tuesday. It was the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas Spotlight - Yuna show.

When B first asked me to join her watching Yuna, I wasn't really excited about it. Guess I'm more to a theater person than a concert person, except Hindi concerts cause they are more like musicals. :P But I said yes anyway and bought us the tickets. Her original show was planned only for 12 September but tickets were sold out fast and they decided to make an additional show on 13 September, and we got our tickets for the second day.

9 Sep 2011

Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 9 Sep '11, 10.36pm MYT]

Sejak kedai rakyat 1Malaysia kecoh diperkenalkan, tak pernah lagi try pergi. So tadi alang2 nak carik barang, kakak sepupu ajak singgah kat kedai rakyat 1Malaysia kat Pusat Komuniti Bandar Tun Razak. Kedai dia macam kedai2 lain jugak cuma barangan yg dijual menggunakan label 1Malaysia. Sama je mcm konsep Tesco, Giant, Carrefour dan Hero. Barang ok lah murah harga. Siapa yg utamakan penjimatan boleh la membeli kat sini. Siapa yg malu or pentingkan jenama tu, no komen la ye.
Saya x malu mengaku saya shopping kat Mydin je. :)

6 Sep 2011

What I found during my massive spring cleaning

Weeks before raya, mum and I did a spring cleaning and yes, it was a massive one!
Well as you know, when you did a spring cleaning, you will surely find things you might never even remember having at all. Or is it just me? :|

Anyway I did found so many things that I didn't even know I still have them in my closet. Heee~ :D and sadly, there are also many things I need to let go..to give away.. If I don't, I think I can open up a museum - Bubbles Museum.

Btw, #random - do you know mum still keep my milk bottle that I used 25 years ago?

Lets see what are some of the things I found during the spring cleaning. jeng jeng jeng....

29 Ogo 2011

Menyiapkan incik boifren nak menyambut raya

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 29 Aug '11, 9.35am MYT]

Sempena nak menyambut raya esok , insyaAllah, kena lah siap2 kan incik boifren jugak kan. Tak kan la gefren dia je nak beraya sakan. Kesian la dia kan. Hehe. By the way sebenarnya lama dah kena hantar servis tapi sebab (konon) busy melampau, tak menyempat nak ke Perodua Service Centre. Ni pun baru tau ada pusat servis kat Pekan Ampang, dekat sikit dgn rumah. Padahal lalu jalan ni banyak kali tapi tak sedar kewujudan pusat servis ni. Huhu. Yelah... Sebelum ni kebanyakan servis kat Penang je masa zaman belajar dulu kan. Anyway Perodua kat Pekan Ampang ni ok jugak. Despite the congestion kat area ni, pusat servis ni betul2 tepi jalan, senang nak cari. Dan lagi satu, wifi connection dia not bad. Laju je surf guna iPad dari tadi. So memang x boring la kan. Hehe.

Sape2 yang nak drive balik kampung tu jangan lupa check kereta dulu ye. Drive safe, everyone!

27 Ogo 2011

Malam 7 likur

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 27 Aug '11, 12.18am MYT]

Masa kecik-kecik, start 10 malam terakhir puasa je, lepas berbuka kitorang mesti berebut nak pasang lampu pelita 7 likur. Sangkut pelita kat luar, nyalakan api terang rumah menjelang Syawal. Start pasang malam ke 10 akhir, pastu selang sehari sampai malam ke 3 akhir pasang straight sampai raya.
Lampu pelita kitorang bukan yg plastik yg boleh dibeli di mana-mana tau. Tapi special punya. Botol Brylcreem zaman dulu kala, zaman atuk muda mudi dulu. Botol tu botol kaca tutup besi. Atuk tebuk penutup tu untuk letak sumbu. Pelita ni la yg kitorang guna dari kecik2 dulu. At least yg ingat, sejak 20thn yg lepas. Usia sebenar pelita botol Brylcreem tu masih tak dapat dikenalpasti. :P
Btw, semua dah ready nak raya? Hehe.

19 Ogo 2011

Jom shopping raya jommm!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 19 Aug '11, 12.33pm MYT]

Hari pagi2 dapat emel yang menyejukkan hati, management nak bagi voucher jusco sempena nak menjelang raya ni. Hehe. Ni dah ambil dah voucher tu, total few hundreds ringgit jugak la. Kachinggg! Shopping raya,baybeee! Hehe. Btw, hari ni me and mum both ambik cuti halfday. Nak pegi hantar barang2 used yg dah xnak lagi kat pbsm. And hopefully sempat tengok Syawal kat Hospital Pantai yang dah 3 hari kat dalam tu sbb kena jangkitan paru-paru.

16 Ogo 2011

Village in the city for Aidilfitri

Most of the shopping malls had started to decorate their mall especially the lobby area to bring the raya mood to their customers in accordance to the coming hari raya Aidilfitri. Well, logically when the mood is there, the more they will spend on raya stuff, right. So I went to three different shopping malls in Bukit Bintang area last Saturday and found that all three have similar theme for hari raya decorations in the main lobby area – the Malay village.

Bukit Bintang Plaza

15 Ogo 2011

Saya baru sedar darah saya tak pernah diambil

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 15 Aug '11, 4.39pm MYT]

For some reason, I gotta do medical check-up. This is not the first check ups i went to. Pernah je masa nak masuk degree dan master dulu. Tapi tak pernah pulak teringat yang kena ambil darah. And tak pernah jugak seumur hidup ni pergi menderma darah. Huhu. So, tadi pergi IMU Specialist Clinic for medical check up. And tetiba kena ambik darah. Takut wooo! Nurse kata vein dah senang nampak, obvious dah tp xdapat2 gak cucuk. Pastu nurse tu kata vein tu lari so susah nak amek darah. Tapi last2 dapat jugak. Huhu. So, tak la sakit sangat rupanya ambik darah ni. :P

10 Ogo 2011

Ramadhan, so far...

It had been 10 days we’ve fast in the holy month of Ramadhan 1432H.
If last year, I spent my first day of Ramadhan at the hostel, this year I had my first sahur and iftar at home. And if last year I only get to go perform Tarawih together with family on the 4th day, this year I went to the mosque on the first night of Tarawih with family.

20 Jul 2011

My handsom boy's birthday

Last 2 years, on 20th July, a cute baby boy was born in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He's the second son of the happily married couple, cousin Along and Zuraidy.
After the arguement between the husband and wife, they finally came to the decision to name their newly born son Hadief Zayed.

The over-excited Aunty Bubbles went to see the baby hours after he was born. She was so excited and happy as she loves kids so much. She looked at the lovely baby and kissed the baby on the left cheek.

And guess what???

18 Jul 2011

"Luck never gives, it only lends."

After I get a hold of my precious Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Engineering), I did not really look for job because I’ve made the decision to pursue with my Master Degree. I wanted to hold a Master scroll, or even a Doctorate if that’s possible. I’ve always wanted to be a researcher or a lecturer.

Years went by, and I came to almost the end of my Master study. I started looking for jobs - academic institution, research centre, industry - no luck. I sent out resumes (with the big S!!) – with only degree qualification, with my master in progress stated, high expected salary, low expected salary – still no luck. When I was about to come home for good after submitting the first draft of thesis, cousin Along asked if I wanted to do part time job in her office. I said yes. When you have mouth to feed, bills to pay, car payment to settle, least you would think of how good or glamour the job is.

9 Jul 2011

Tiang atau lembaga?

Setelah pesta itu tamat, saya pun balik. Jam menunjukkan pukul 11 malam. Jalan ke rumah saya itu lengang dan semak pula. Tiba-tiba saya ternampak tiang yang tinggi dan besar di tepi jalan dengan banyaknya. Saya merasa hairan, bila orang kampung memacak tiang yang sebegitu besar ini.

Lebih 20 tiang saya lihat, saya ternampak satu tiang yang lebih besar dan tinggi dari yang lain. Warnanya juga berwarna lain dari yang lain. Saya mendongak. Alangkah terkejutnya saya apabila melihat tiang itubermata, hidung dan yang mengerikan lagi ialah taring dan kukunya yang begitu tajam dan panjang. Rupanya ia satu lembaga.

29 Jun 2011

#WordlessWednesday #3


Moving to the new work station

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 29 Jun '11, 11.53am MYT]

Been tiring these 2 days packing and moving to a new work station. Same level but relocated at a new room. Academic Program Development has a new work station yaww!
We are basically rebuilding our unit. New place, reorganizing our stuff and documents, restructuring the job scope. Yeah, when i leave this place, the new personnel should remember me being the one contract staff who help the manager setting up the unit. Haha. Kidding! :p
In the picture, the ITS guys helping shifting my manager's computer from the previous office to our new place. Thank you, korang!

27 Jun 2011

Layan Monday blues kat balai polis

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 27 Jun '11, 12.02pm MYT]

Monday blues kat office pagi tadi jadi tak berapa nak blues when I got a call from my manager telling she's involved with an accident with a motorcycle. She told me that the guy yang langgar her car, means she's innocent. But she, being herself, brought the guy to the hospital, paid for the registration fee sekali. Haishh. Btw, here I am, accompanying her at the police station to make a report. And she didn't even have the motor registration no. Boleh x? Isk3. We sms-ed the guy's friend for the reg no, he gave. Then he asked my manager to not make the report because he doesn't have the road tax. Now who's to blame?

23 Jun 2011

Pesta Chow Kit Kita Fasa 2

"Di tengah bandaraya orang merata rata
Dari segala bangsa tua atau muda
Ada yang berkereta ada yang jalan saja
Ada yang cuci mata ha ha ha ha ha ha"

For a true KLites, that famous song by Allahyarham Sudirman had always stuck in my head since like forever. Chow Kit, generally, was one of the place where I used to spend my time at. Grocery shopping at Gedung Harian or Batu Road Supermarket, early Sunday morning at Pasar Chow Kit, lunch at the food stalls near "Bangunan UMNO lama", buying bakery stuff at Bake With Yen, Lorong Haji Taib and other places.

Chow Kit (including Chow Kit Road, Jln TAR, Jln Raja Laut) had always be me and mum's place to go even until today when no other KLites are going there anymore with the reason of too many unwelcomed 'foreigner' there. With so much interest and love towards Chow Kit Road, I am so happy to know that KL teenages get together with lots of volunteer and the KL Krash Pad to held the Pesta Chow Kit Kita.

120620112474Have you heard about the festival?

12 Jun 2011

Nokia Angry Bird Biggest Playground

Remember my blog post titled Are You an Angry Bird Freak? Well, big news to those who are. On Saturday, 11th June 2011, the Nokia Malaysia had broke the record of most people playing mobile game with the record of 2030 people. And I can proudly say I am one of them who helped breaking the record. :D

6 Jun 2011

The first patchwork attempt

I've been meaning to try patchwork for quite some time now. But due to the laziness to collect and gather the pieces of clothes, it's been delayed from time to time. But few days back, I've decided to push myself to start working on it. I asked mum for some pieces, and looking for old clothes that can't be used anymore.

 patchwork (6)
Variety of materials

28 Mei 2011

Are you an Angry Birds freak?

Have you ever feel like throwing away your smartphones or crash your lcd monitor screen when the pigs just don't wanna die?

Do you spend lots of time playing the Angry Birds than reading school books?

Are you ones with lots of golden eggs?

If the answers are yes, yes, yes... than you really should be at Low Yat Plaza, KL this coming 11 June 2011 from 11am to 9pm, because Nokia Malaysia is bringing you the most awesome World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground!! How big could it be? It is an attempt for the Guinness World Record - Most People Playing in a Mobile Phone Game Relay. Yes people. THATTT BIG!!

Register here to participate. Admission free, fun and prizes await!! So, do I see you there? ^_^

25 Mei 2011

One after another

Last week I got an mms from cousin Along, a picture of nephew Hadief Zayed with burnt right arm. Not sure how exactly did the hot water spilt onto his right arm. Due to the over-concerned, I went to visit him at his grandma’s place on Friday night together with mum, cousin Alice, her mum, and Nurin.


20 Mei 2011

Si hensem Hadief kecederaan

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 May '11, 10.17pm MYT]

Tengah sibuk kat sana sini pasal #asidsplasher atau penyimbah asid, tetiba dapat tau anak buah kesayangan sorang tu melecur tangan kena air panas. Adehhh~ ape lah budak hensem sorang tu. Macam2 hal pulak..
Malam semalam ayah dia mms gambar. Sayu pulak tengok, so balik kerja tadi ajak mak pegi tengok Hadief kat rumah nenek dia. Bawak Nurin sekali. Tak padan luka kat tangan tu... Ligat dia. Tapi berhati2 gak nak main dgn dia, takut terkupas teruk dan berdarah lagi teruk.
Semoga cepat2 baik Hadief.

Kesimpulannya, kena asid kat tepi jalan ke, kena air panas kat rumah ke, kemalangan boleh berlaku di mana2 bila2 masa. So berhati2 lah dan ingatlah orang tersayang.

As bad as I am...

These few weeks, I’ve came across a lot of incident which involve things that would hurt one’s mum’s feeling. Not that I’m such a good daughter that never hurt my mum’s feeling, but there are some things that happen around me that I know, I wouldn’t do when it comes to involve a mother.

Weeks ago, I tweeted that I overheard a high school girl talking about how she feels ashamed if she has to go out with her mum, just the two of them.

Penang, 1990

18 Mei 2011

Yong Tau Fu, Kampung Pandan

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 18 May '11, 2.18pm MYT]

Tadi mata merah balik, lepas beberapa minggu dah baik. Mata merah dan pedih, and I became a bit scared so took out the lenses. Asked cousin Along to send me back to take my glasses. I couldn't drive home after working hour without neither lens or glasses, could i? On our way back to Bukit Jalil, we drop off at the Kampung Pandan famous yong tau fu. Kedai yong tau fu tu dah ada kat situ since like forever kot. At least I grew up makan kat situ. Balik sekolah agama Al-Watan singgah situ. Kalau org Kampung Pandan x tau kedai ni, jangan mengaku org Kg.Pandan la ye. :p

9 Mei 2011

Too much doodle to handle

Arrived at the office like the usual this morning, switched on the computer, opened the Internet Explorer and went to Google.com to google on something. Saw a doodle and I thought it was cute. Clicked on the doodle to find out about it. Today Google doodle is dedicated to Roger Hargreaves for his 76th birthday. Wikipedia says that he was a British author and illustrator of children's books, notably the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, intended for very young readers.

I might not know this Mr Hagreaves, but what catched my attention was, when I opened the Google.com for the second time today, it showed different doodle from the previous one. Then I clicked refresh. Another one. Me likey! So much doodle for this guy! Here are some of them;

Mr Rush

3 Mei 2011

Malaysian Today Secret Phrase

Have you ever heard of the Malaysian Today fortnight newspaper? I started to read Malaysian Today after I started working in IMU as the paper can be found at colleges, universities, and popular eateries for free on Thursdays, fortnightly. Malaysian Today is not like the average tabloid you boring-ly read everyday. It is a magazine-style newspaper which gives you facts, information, so colorful and it is fun to read. Really suits their slogan: No 1 Youth Weekly. Plus,they give gift-away too!


And yours truly is one of the winner of the Malaysian Today secret phrase gift-away. Yayyy! It is as simple as ABC.



One of the covers which I twitpic-ed before.



So how to win the gift-away?

25 Apr 2011

The first social activity with the IMU colleagues

Some of you might have known that I am currently working on a contract basis in Chancellery, IMU doing what is not really my cup of tea - office job. I've been going into labs for years that I feel a bit bored doing things like sitting in front of the computer for  7 to 8 hours straight. Well, I wouldn't be if I'm sitting in front of my laptop doing things I love - blogging, tweeting, blogwalking and stuff. Hehe. Well, anyhow, it's been more or less 4 months since I first started working here, and only last Friday I went out socializing with my other colleagues.

Kak Yang, on behalf of the organizer who organized the unofficial bowling tournament had been kind enough to asked me to join them too. I didn't really plan to join cause I have the part time tuition. But I had cough and sore throat, started to lose my voice so I cancelled the class. Cousin Effa who excitedly came to join the bowling get together asked me to tag along so I thought I might just go with them as the class had already been cancelled. So there were we, playing bowling at the Bukit Jalil Golf Resorts.

22 Apr 2011

IMU bowling not so official tournament

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 22 Apr '11, 7.44pm MYT]

The kakaks from one of the department send out emails to ask us to join a bowling get together, tournament for fun. The plan was to go to Endah Parade, but due to some circumtances the venue was changed to Bukit Jalil Golf Club. 20 players are currently playing. Well i was supposed to go for my tuisyen class but i cancelled the class cos im having a cough and im losing my voice now. Effa join the bowling and she asked me to tag along, so here i am! Hehe.

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