22 Dis 2011

Yuna : Terukir di Bintang Showcase

Have you got yours?

Ticketing Instructions

1. Seats are VERY limited.

2. Please view the seating layout to determine your desired seatings arrangement.

3. After confirming your desired seatings arrangement based on the venue's seatings layout, please call (NO SMSES PLEASE) 010-2872925 STRICTLY from 1PM-4PM ONLY any day from Monday - Sunday to book your preferred seatings arrangement.

4. If your desired initial seatings arrangement is already unavailable, please have the venue's seatings available in front of you so we could immediately proceed to book the next best seatings arrangement for you.

5. ONLY when the seating arrangement is agreed upon, proceed to SMS your FULL NAME, IC NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS and PRIMARY MOBILE CONTACT NUMBER to 010-2872925. An e-mail will be immediately sent to you with further instructions regarding the payment of your booked tickets.

6. Bookings will be CLOSED ON THE 6TH OF JANUARY 2012 and there will be NO TICKETS ON SALE AT THE VENUE as per instruction from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

(Source: Yuna Room Records Showcase FB page)

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