31 Okt 2009

Belated birthday bumper issue hehe


So it has been 10 days past my birthday. I am now 24 years and 10 days old. isk. But nvm.. i'll always be young at heart :p

I realize i haven't really blog about how my birthday was. As you can see the cake in my previous post with the cute Bubbles on it was prepared for me for the surprise early celebration by my dearest sistah and friends. They really took me by surprised. and i hate you kakak for telling me lies about not coming to campus that day! I super love that cake. It have 'me' on it. I asked Nurin when i meet her last week if she has see my birthday cake. She said yes (I mms-ed her aunty the cake pict days earlier) and was kinda pissed sbb jelous. hahaha boleh belagak dengan budak kecik tu. best best best. talking about being 24 huh. blagak dengan budak 4 thn. huhu
i was not really in a good mood during the birthday because of some things. i tried my best to forget whatever happen and just being happy for sake of my own birthday.

the day after, hadi asked me if i wanna go lunch with him, sally and supposedly nik (sape suh g lunch awal sgt kan dah kene tinggal :p). we went to seoul garden with my head and my mind ntah ke mana2 jugak (sorry hadi & sally) but thanks to u both for making me laugh. i have no photo, again due to mood yang menghilangkan diri. but sally posted this. ;)

i went back on thursday, the 22nd. singgah ipoh to see kakak. went to jusco ipoh with kakak & ikmal, had lunch at sushi king (finally ikmal makan sushi lalalala)

then went to batu gajah (cousin kak lina's hubby's kampung), balik ditemani budak kesayangan itu. penat layan dia membebel dalam perjalanan. but half way, tido.

the next day, went to a dentist for a makeover :p super duper love it!! thanksss Dr.Fauziah. such a great birthday present for my own self.

later went to dinner with mum & cousin Diba. a treat for my birthday, of course. so we went to the Hale's Kitchen at Plaza Rah, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru for a western dinner. it was our first time there and the foods were great. btw, the outlet’s name was taken from the old name for Jalan Raja Abdullah, which was Hale Road.
On Saturday, Baiti, Nadia & I went to Eda's brother's wedding at Bukit Antarabangsa.
We technically met Sharmi at the wedding and made plan to go to OU since it's the nearest. It has been a while since I last go there pon. Sorry Eda x dapat join sama. Next time k, darl!
So we went for a coffee first. Besides the girls, there were also Ruban and Zikri.
After the starbucking moments with some gossiping activities, we went around window shopping. I have an eyes on a Blay heels. looks like the one I want at Nichi. but unfortunately.. no more shoes for julia. :'( i spent too much on heels/sandals/shoes in 2009. haisshh! beli for Raya Haji acceptable x? :p

But i get myself this..
....and a ring. nice isn't it? both from Diva. habis jugak akhirnya duit, even not for the heels..huhu

next we went for dinner at Charms. and pretty boy Ariff came. at last.
oh. no picts of Ruban & Zikri? biar lah. go see in Facebook jer la. hehe

and on Sunday i went to a Bengkel Asas DSLR. i might've known the basic use of DSLR through some reading but i think it was good to join a class as they teach u hands on, right. furthermore..it was organized by Itudio Studio. and the chance to meet the one and only Sue Anna Joe, bebeh!! plus, i made some friends ;)
For those who didn't know her, go google. hehe. i like her selfpotrait shots so much and it was an honour to met her eye to eye. and to have her co-teaching in the workshop. fuhh!

here some gambar curi from Itudio Studio blog. hehe

tho there were some things happened that kinda made me down during my birthday, i did enjoy the time i spent with the people i love.

thank you, lovely people. xxx

and good luck to my adiks here in USM who are going to take the final exam starting next Monday. All the best!!

28 Okt 2009

Should I let my mind or my heart do the calculation?


Have it ever happened to you when you want to do something badly but you didn't know if it is good or bad for you?

Have you ever needed to make choices but you didn't know what's the consequence you'll face when the choices are finally made?

There are two things that I really need to consider of letting go.

One thing that I THINK I should let it go, even when my heart says I SHOULDN’T.

And another which I KNOW I should let it go, too but my heart keep saying DON’T.

Both are killing me.

20 Okt 2009

Twenty Four

After years of waiting..finally! I get this. ;)

Thank you Kak Faha, Kak Ida, Kak Husna, Kak An, Ikmal, Norrish, Najwan & Amin for the surprise advance celebration. Zillion of thankssss!! I love you all so muchhhh!!

Can't wait to be home. to be with the bunch of people that i love.


Jom sama2 hayati lirik lagu ni sempena hari yang menjadikan umur saya setahun lebih tua dari semalam. :p

Ingatkah semua Hari tua pasti menjelma
Detik waktu yang laju Pantasnya tak akan menunggu

Begitu usia Makin hari makin meninggi
Siang malam berganti Yang pergi tak berulang sekali lagi

Begitu cepat putaran masa
Terkadang tanpa pun kita sedar
Siapa yang lebih bersedia
Dialah yang selesa

Tua mengejar
Pasti tiba masanya
Kau merasa
Hidup tak segagah
Waktu remaja
Di mana tenaga Menyala-nyala
Di hari tua
Makin terpadam semua

Tua mengejar
Di mana kau berada
Tak berbeza
Semua kan merasa
Itu hakikat
Tak bisa hindari
Walau seinci
Bersihkan diri

Sebelum terlewat nanti

Hey kawan semua Aku cuma memberi pesan
Andai cukup bekalan Tak mungkin kita kehausan

Usahlah menunggu Uban memutih di rambutmu
Cepat-cepat berilmu Semoga tak menuju di jalan buntu

(Fauziah Latiff - Tua Mengejar Kita)

Life is short. So live life to the fullest!

don't know how?
here's some idea!

1.2 the birthday cake

Some of my friend threw me early surprise birthday celebration at Secret Recipe, Juru Autocity. I am so thrilled as they got me the birthday cake with a Bubbles of PowerPuff Girls for me. Bubbles is my all time favorite cartoon character. Thank you all for the surprise.

I am now officially turned 24. During my teenage years, i always wanted to get married by the time I am 25. Firstly because the age is just suitable for a girl to get married, and my 25th birthday will be on 20.10.2010. Isn't it going to be such a lovely date? :P

19 Okt 2009

Hiked to the Muka Head Light House, Penang National Park


I've been to most of Penang's places of interest since the last 5 years here. But i've never been to Penang National Park (PNP) for an outdoor activity. This is due to the health problem that i have. Ive been hiking a few times and mostly i couldn't finish it because of that.

But when i google abt PNP, i really wanted to give it a try and challenged myself for it, so i looked for friends to come along. And i went there yesterday. A very last minute plan!

The PNP is free of admission fee. All you need to do is register your name at the counter to get an entry permit. there are few places in the PNN that you might like to go, such as the Monkey beach, Kerachut Beach, Muka Head Light House etc. you can either hike there, or go by boat.

We chose to hike to the Muka Head Light House. yes i want to be at the top of the light house since ive never been there or to any light house and to go hike to that level of height in my life.

rest stop equipped with picnic table placed throughout the park

after a few meters away from the entrance gate, you can choose which way you want to go. do google before you come here so you would know where you're heading to.

After about 30 minutes walk, we reached Tanjung Aling where the Centre for marine & coastal studies (CEMACS) by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is located.

The CEMACS is established in 1996 and used by researchers to carry out maritime related studies. The research station is located in Tanjung Aling where there is a jetty to receive and unload supplies from Teluk Bahang. The station's forest bed is used for botany and other forest related research.

Then we proceed to hike to the Monkey Beach where it then leads to the light house. The hiking trails was okay but was a bit slippery at some places. We hike through the jungle, the through the beaches and sometimes through muddy mangrove forest.

and finally reached Monkey Beach (Teluk Duyung) after more or less 45-50 mins. your hiking activity would be seriously faster if you do not stop way too much for photography activity :p hehe

Monkey beach is beautiful. the beach are cleaner and nicer and more beautiful than the feringhi beaches for swimming and sunbathing and fishing activities. the place is very popular among tourist. *ehem*ehem* you can catch sights of some hotties with swim suits here if you're lucky. hahaa

there also are places for camping here.

and from there, we started to hike to the Muka Head Light House.

damn it was really really tiring. we hiked through a 1200m trail with a very slopy hill. i stopped like a lot gila!! i almost gave up but a friend said that it was not worth it if i just turn back, since i was already on my half way there. and whats more, it's one in a lifetime experience for me. then i made up my mind and i decided to finish what ive started.

i agree. mindset helps.

and there was me at the top of the Muka Head Light House!!!!!!!! OMG i cant believe i did it. Despite being very very tiring and the breathing difficulties i faced, i did it!!! i hiked for 4220m and reached the Muka Head Light House. Mission accomplished!
Congratulations, Julia!

hahahaha gila bangga dgn diri sendri. org lain naik Kinabalu, Everest segala gunung pon x heran. hahaha
Twittering from 227m above sea level ;)
Ok. Satisfied. Jom balik.

oh, return trip was by boat. not enough energy to hike back to teluk bahang entrance :p see the face full of inner satisfaction. haha

fisherman jetty before the PNN entrance

i'm looking for friends to hike to pantai kerachut pulak to see turtlessssss!! hahaha sakit badan x abes lagi masa menulis ni ade hati nak plan hiking lagi. padan muka sendiri for not exercising and tetiba nak hike konon. lalalala~ :D

for those yang terbaca live Twitter update from the light house and those yang receive mms dgn niat menjeleskan dan terjeles (espesially adik hadi :p) ... nasib yer..hahaha

p/s: enjoying my last hours as 23. ;)

p/s2: happy birthday to YOU. hugs & kisses.

18 Okt 2009

1.0 the first attempt

My first attempt in live blogging ;)
I create this blog to post pictures in daily basis. Captured mostly via my mobile phone but might as well by my cybershot or 1000d.
Oh and my post might not be so 'daily' but i'll try to make it at least twice per week.
Wish me luck.


16 Okt 2009

Happy Deepavali!!!


I may not have a lot of Hindu friends, but still i wanna wish my Hindu friends who will be celebrating the festival of lights this weekend a very Happy Deepavali.

The Festival of Lights, better known as Deepavali or Diwali, is a public holiday here in Malaysia and is celebrated by the Hindu community. This festival is celebrated with joy, excitement, bright lights and an even brighter smile!!

And for those who might not know how to spend their Saturday night, let's go to enjoy the Esplanade in Action at Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang to join our Hindu friends in celebrating Deepavali. ;)

For those who have never heard of Esplanade in Action, it is a cultural show, held at Padang Kota @ Esplanade, every Saturday night at 8.30pm.

Check one of the Esplanade in Action show here!!!

15 Okt 2009

Rombongan sehari ke Manjung


Last Saturday, 10th of October me & friends went to Manjung for my big sistah, kak Farhah's raya open house. Gathered around 10+am and started our road trip from the campus. There were 3 cars with 13 of us. There's nothing much to tell as we arrived and straightly look for food. Kak Farhah's mum cooked soto for us. And Nasi Hujan Panas especially for moi. ;)

I asked kakak few days before that i wanted nasi hujan panas but she said they were going to prepare soto, and the night before she said she's going to cook nasi putih for me to have it kari daging (i'm not really a soto fan). but then, there were nasi hujan panas + ayam masak merah + kari daging. weeee! me love you,kakak & mama. :p

and most of the time...camwhoring again and again!

my favourite mother-to-be

tuan & puan rumah

family potrait, ey? :p

then, we headed to teluk batik a outdoor raya photoshot. hehe.

the people who made my day

ema & haniza also came to kakak's

then while some of us have some fun swimming at teluk batik, the other including me were just hanging out, having air kelapa and looking around the shop lot.

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