15 Okt 2009

Rombongan sehari ke Manjung


Last Saturday, 10th of October me & friends went to Manjung for my big sistah, kak Farhah's raya open house. Gathered around 10+am and started our road trip from the campus. There were 3 cars with 13 of us. There's nothing much to tell as we arrived and straightly look for food. Kak Farhah's mum cooked soto for us. And Nasi Hujan Panas especially for moi. ;)

I asked kakak few days before that i wanted nasi hujan panas but she said they were going to prepare soto, and the night before she said she's going to cook nasi putih for me to have it kari daging (i'm not really a soto fan). but then, there were nasi hujan panas + ayam masak merah + kari daging. weeee! me love you,kakak & mama. :p

and most of the time...camwhoring again and again!

my favourite mother-to-be

tuan & puan rumah

family potrait, ey? :p

then, we headed to teluk batik a outdoor raya photoshot. hehe.

the people who made my day

ema & haniza also came to kakak's

then while some of us have some fun swimming at teluk batik, the other including me were just hanging out, having air kelapa and looking around the shop lot.

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