27 Mac 2011

Sunway Pyramid lights off for the Earth Hour 2011

It is an annual campaign on conserving the earth through the Earth Hour program. Every year in end of March, we are called to switch off the lights as a support to the Earth Hour awareness campaign. This year, the Sunway Pyramid mall together with the Malaysian WWF celebrating the Earth Hour 2011 at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid.


I wished to go, but didn’t have proper plan. Not until the afternoon on the 26th March itself that me, Khairil, Een and Andy decided to hang out at Empire Subang, which turned out to be a bit bored so we headed to Sunway instead to spend the evening. Since we were already there, we stayed for the Earth Hour countdown as well.


Too bad with no plan, no camera was brought, so all pictures are captured only by our phones.



26 Mac 2011

Celebrating Earth Hour @ Sunway Pyramid

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Tgh boring2 kat rumah, ajak la budak2 Een, Kerel, Andy keluar. Yang lain2 semua ada hal. Tujuan asal ke Empire tapi bosan and x tau nak makan apa, so we headed to Sunway Pyramid instead. Kebetulan ada sambutan Earth Hour 2011, kitorang pun decide nak stay and support the Earth Hour celebration. Nice. They give away candles for us to lit. After countdown, at 8.30pm they switched off the lights around Pyramid.
Now ada siapa ntah shuffle2 atas pentas.
And bumped into Kak Yan @bugbitesandco here! Semalam sama2 check in kat Pavillion. Ada jodoh betul. Hehe.

25 Mac 2011

“…Dalam Botol”: Controversial much?

Yesterday, B asked me out for a movie. Well if you have known her for years, you would know that she didn’t really watch Malay movie. But she had been watching few lately – Adnan Sempit in example – in cinema! Yes, that didn’t sound like her at all last few years.


Anyway, she asked me out to watch …Dalam Botol. I was like “Are you sureeeee??” Then she said it was because she wanted to see what the fuss was all about and what’s good about it till it caught the Library of Congress, Washington DC attention. I had no plan and had no protestation towards gay movie, gay character or maybe *cough* gay actor *cough*, plus I am being supporting to a USM student, Arja Lee (like I was biased-ly supported Mamu in Raja Lawak :p), so I said why not?

And there we were watching the controversial movie, “…Dalam Botol”.




22 Mac 2011


Everyone has their own unique nicknames called by family members, friends, clique etc. I, myself have a lots. Different circle of people call me with different nicknames. Even though my full name is already short enough, it appears that a lot of nickname could be created by that.

I remember few years back, in Facebook there was an application where friends can submit the nicknames they call you. I tried looking for it but it isn’t there anymore (or I couldn’t find it). I tried remembering all the nicknames I’ve been called with.

Lets's do this!

15 Mac 2011

The IMU Registrar's last day

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Today is the IMU Registrar's last day of working here after 18 years she had been with IMU. She's one of the youngest and coolest registrar i've ever met. Been admiring her since the day i first met her. We had the farewell party + her birthday party last week, where we the Chancellery ladies perform dikir barat.
Anyway that's the card i made for her, from the Chancellery while the chocolate is home-made by her. She gives us one box each.
All the best, Puan Noraidah. We'll miss you!

12 Mac 2011

Sentimental value vs technology

I still remember how excited I was to send and receive Hari Raya Aidilfitri cards from classmate which was mailed to my home, and received birthday cards from friends and family members during my school years. In secondary school, I made most of the birthday cards for my mum, family members and friends. When exam was around the corner, I made my friends good luck cards. Once in a while, I would make cards for anyone for no reason. Not that I make beautiful cards just that I think the sentimental value added to the hand-made cards are priceless compare to the ready-made cards.




9 Mac 2011

One of my favourite photos with Nurin

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Kalau duduk2, tengok2 gambar dalam handphone ni, sampai kat satu gambar ni mesti tiba tiba nak tersenyum sorang2. Gambar dengan si buah hati pengarang jantung, Nurin Adrianna masa kenduri tahlil atuk saudara dalam sebulan dua yang lepas. Masa tu Nurin dah boring sangat, dan dah mengantuk. Pastu mula lah carik tempat2 strategik nak baring sbb takde bantal. Last2 makcik dia yang comel ni. :p
Suka tengok gambar ni.. Xtau kenapa.. :)

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