27 Mac 2011

Sunway Pyramid lights off for the Earth Hour 2011

It is an annual campaign on conserving the earth through the Earth Hour program. Every year in end of March, we are called to switch off the lights as a support to the Earth Hour awareness campaign. This year, the Sunway Pyramid mall together with the Malaysian WWF celebrating the Earth Hour 2011 at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid.


I wished to go, but didn’t have proper plan. Not until the afternoon on the 26th March itself that me, Khairil, Een and Andy decided to hang out at Empire Subang, which turned out to be a bit bored so we headed to Sunway instead to spend the evening. Since we were already there, we stayed for the Earth Hour countdown as well.


Too bad with no plan, no camera was brought, so all pictures are captured only by our phones.



We came out from the mall to join the crowd at the Sunway Pyramid main entrance at around 8.10pm. First thing first, grabbed the marker pens to sign off our pledge to support the Earth Hour 2011.




260320111817Ehem! :P


They gave away Sunway Earth Hour keychain to the crowd. And candles to be lit during the lights off moment. We sat while waiting for the countdown and listen to some celebrities and WWF representative giving out their words.



The Sunway Pyramid trademark – Leo the lion head before the lights were turned off.

And then the countdown started… (well not exactly countdown cos countdown supposed to be from 10 to 1, but they counted 1 to 10. That’s count-up –__-“ )

… and then the lights were off!!


The candles were lit. I love the candles. Weeee!!! Happy to take lots of pictures with the candles. Hehe.


260320111836 260320111844 

Throughout the ‘dark’ moment, there were performances – singing, dancing, shuffle and even wayang kulit. The flash mob dance was kind of cool. With one of the songs Lion Sleeps Tonight, the crowd cheered for the dancers and the flash mob-ers.


I don’t know why, but I was actually waiting for Hijau by Zainal Abidin to be played. I think it’s the best song to show the support towards green earth by Malaysian. But there wasn’t. I saw some tweets said the song was played on HitzFM instead during the Earth Hour.


260320111853 260320111856The crowd


260320111860  IMAG0075 260320111869260320111873Me, Khairil, Een and Andy



What not-so-earth about the Earth Hour celebration?





I don’t understand why it is so hard for some people to find a dustbin and throw the rubbish. Sad! So much about saving the earth, but can’t even help to keep the earth clean.


And look at what the brothers took back as a souvenir from the Earth Hour celebration:


260320111879 #fail!

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