22 Mac 2011


Everyone has their own unique nicknames called by family members, friends, clique etc. I, myself have a lots. Different circle of people call me with different nicknames. Even though my full name is already short enough, it appears that a lot of nickname could be created by that.

I remember few years back, in Facebook there was an application where friends can submit the nicknames they call you. I tried looking for it but it isn’t there anymore (or I couldn’t find it). I tried remembering all the nicknames I’ve been called with.

Lets's do this!

The very earliest nicknames, the very oldest nickname, of course the one used at home. Nonoi. Ok fine laugh all you want. But hey, that’s my name! Maternal family members call me that since 25years ago. Don’t ever ask me where that came from because I don’t know. Should ask mum to answer that on behalf, I think. Anyway, besides family members, my closest friends call me by that name too. My primary schoolmates – Azura, Sharifah, Rahayu. This is due to having cousins in the same school; hence they tend to call me with that too. Secondary schoolmates – Sharmi, Anwar, Naqi – also call me that and I feel so close to them – just like family. :)

And the most famous nickname – Julia. Well, do I need to elaborate? Of course this is the simplest nickname can come out from my full name automatically. And some call me with even simpler - Ju / Jue.

Juls made famous by Baiti the girlfriend. And Mia used to call me Kak Julsy. Juls are called mostly by my online friends.

And they are people who call me Bubbles or Babels. And I love it! Even when I was thinking of changing my twitter-handle from @bubbles182 to @juliamahir (well I reserved the twitter-handle anyway), some of them said that I shouldn’t because most people know me as Bubbles. Somehow Bubbles is my alter ego. :P

There is a name which so far, will remind me of 3 persons. This 3 person never fail to call me by that name. There are others who call me with this name once in a while, but these 3 persons call me this almost every time. These 3 person are from different circle. So if I got an anonymous text message addressing me with this name, I should be able to guess it’s from one of them. They are Mieza (ex-classmate in SAB), Kulert (ex-course mate in USM) and my very own Abang. They call me Juju.

Anyway, the picture of me above has been posted in my Facebook around last year. Mum made some comments that touched my heart. If you're on my Facebook, check how mum's word that almost made me shed a tear.

Ok. That is all I can recall. Is there any of you who call me with other name?

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