30 Dis 2010

#harimaumalaya brings back the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

I know that every single blog must have updated about this since last night, but I want to!

I am so proud of the Malaysia #harimaumalaya team that I want share with everyone the joy of it. :D Watched the game at home last night, shouted and screamed, honestly one of the most nerve-wracking match I’ve ever watch. Feel like gugur jantung to watch every second of game (plus tweeting). :P That match seems more interesting than any Manchester United game I’ve ever watched. Haha.

Anyway, by beating the Indonesia Garuda team 3-0 in the first leg (Stadium Bukit Jalil), and score 1-2 against them in the second leg (Gelora Bung Karno), Malaysia Tiger wins the game and brings back the AFF Suzuki Cup WITH PROUD!


(Source : TheStar Online)

And one thing that I really really wanna share, especially with those who are not in Twitter, check this out!

25 Dis 2010

Makan satay rebus di malam minggu

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Tadi ambil mak kat Ancasa Hotel, she was there to meet an aunt from Singapore. Ajak Diba teman. Fetch her then asked mum if we could go to Jalan TAR as i wanted to have the satay rebus / steamboat. It has been a while.
So here we are having my favourite chicken liver and kerang. Weee yummy!

23 Dis 2010

Rakyat Malaysia Terancam - Cegah Sebelum Terlambat

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Amalkan gaya hidup sihat!

Saw this ads on the train. Agak menakutkan the title kan? Huhu. Yes, Malaysians are said to not having a very healthy lifestyle. Betul ker?
Come to think of it, I asked myself : Do you live a healthy lifestyle? No, I don't think so. I might not be smoking, not taking alcohol. But I dont think I practise a healthy lifestyle enough. Pemakanan tak berapa nak jaga, tak bersukan, tidur waktu tak menentu. Isk. Must take care of ownself better!

22 Dis 2010

Birthday/ Christmas/ Year end celebration potluck lunch

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As I'm doing my part time at the Chancellery, IMU, the staffs are having the Birthday/Christmas/Year End celebration at the office and I'm invited to join. They always have this kind of celebration at the office.
So we're having a pot luck lunch now. And we're going to exchange gifts to the person whose name we got by draw.

21 Dis 2010

Lawatan sambil tweet ke Zoo Negara

Planned a trip to Zoo Negara last weekend with some Twitter friends who are now my real life friends. Some of us went to a #kltour trip to Muzium Negara, Planetarium Negara, Tugu Negara and Central Market (which was more to a hangout session for us but a first time visit for Eny ;p) last month.

The previous member of the trip  (Me, Aman, Eny, Ayong, Kay and Mun), together with some new members, Een, Kerel and Zelo  went to the Zoo Negara last Sunday.

According to the plan, we were supposed to meet at the Zoo by 10 am, which on the day, I was still at home waiting for somebody to pick me up. Yeah. So janji Melayu, kan? -__-"


20 Dis 2010

Trying out the Blogger mobile templates

After reading the article from amanz.my about the mobile templates for Blogger, I was called to try that out since me, myself is a smart phone user and always read others' blog on the go, wherever and whenever I want to.

I know that I don't really have a lot of readers that wish to spend their precious time reading my blog via the computers or laptops, moreover via phones. But hey, there's no harm trying the new stuff right? ;p

But since I use customized templates for my blogs the one that will appear on the mobile version is just the Simple Mobile templates, and this is how it look likes on my Nokia N8 .

19 Dis 2010

Zoo Negara day trip

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As planned, I'm here at the Zoo Negara for a day trip with dear friends. Already here are aman, kay and mun. Waiting for (probably) eny, kerel, een, ayong and zelo to come to us.

Supposed to meet here at 10am but well now it's already 12noon.

The OgilvyPRKL dinner, ‘Makan’

Well, as a previous Maxis10 reviewer of the Nokia N8, I was invited to a dinner party held by the Ogilvy PRKL, the company who organize the Maxis10 Programme on behalf of Maxis. The dinner - ‘Makan’ – was held at their place, at Menara Milenium, Damansara on the Friday night.

One of the objective or reason for the dinner is to celebrate the people who directly or indirectly involve with their company. And also for the Ogilvy team and us to mingle, and us, with each other. Well, me being me, I dont really go around, just hang out with my two bodyguards of the day and fortunately, Kak Nani (@loveykatz) was also there and we just sat and gossiping. ;p
 17122010739My bodyguards of the day – Aman and Een ;p

18 Dis 2010

Chilling out with mummy and cousin Farah at Ice Room

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Mum offered to have ice cream on this Saturday afternoon. Asked cousin Farah to join since she's at home too. Having the Tropina Mix Fruit Shaved Ice today instead of the one I usually have, Peanutbutter. And having the Tiramisu as well. Yummy!
Thanks, mum!

17 Dis 2010

Ogilvy PR KL dinner "Makan"

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 17 Dec '10, 8.14pm MYT PST]

Oqilvy KL is holding a dinner party to celebrate who have directly or indirectly involve with them. As a #maxis10 reviewer, i am invited to join the dinner party at Menara Milenium, Damansara. They did the 3 Jacob cracker challenge and lightyoruichi won! But those who participated got a pair of return Firefly tickets to Kuching - and Een got it!! Benci!!

16 Dis 2010

15 Dis 2010

Top 10 blogger kacak – parody of @andyhowtt's

Well, not really a parody. Just when Andy posted the entry, it’s from his eyes. So.. I feel like listing down my own choice of ‘Top 10 Blogger Kacak’ in my eyes. ;D

If you think you are handsome, macho, gorgeous etc. but you’re not listed, may be because I happen to never reach your blog yet. So, please do leave your blog link (in case of I’m updating my Top 10 Blogger Kacak list in the future). :P

Well, lets count it backward!

14 Dis 2010


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Menyedihkan. Rasa nak sepak2 je org yang buat tiang tiangtkat KL ni macam hak milik sendiri. Kalau nak sgt tampal, tampal ah kat bilik tidur korang sendiri. Ganti poster2 artis kat bilik tu. Tapi, org kalau x bertanggungjawab, cakap apa pun apa diorang kisah, kan?

13 Dis 2010

Setulus Kaseh Charity Dinner with @maherzain - by Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia

Hey guys, as some of you might know, I’ve been blogging about Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK) for a few times by now. I was also invited  by Mr. Muhammad from Donate For Ummah – the man who always gives his hand to help the unfortunate from RTK  as a writer for the RTK blog ( I didn’t really write a lot there tho.. huhu... my bad -_-" ) Anyway, he asked me to help to promote a charity dinner with the most charming male singer of the moment, Maher Zain they’ve been planning.


11 Dis 2010

My girl, @edhakuchan2607's wedding

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 11 Dec '10, 9.57am MYT PST]

Am now at Masjid Saidina Omar AlKhatab, Bukit Damansara for my other darling, Eda Edlina. Just a month ago Sha got married and now Eda, and insyaAllah will be followed by Sharmi next. The bride and groom are ready, just wait for the akad nikah to begin.
All the best to, Abg Ham & Eda! ;D

9 Dis 2010

Agro Bazar @ RnR Ulu Bernam

When I was on my way back home from campus, i received an SMS from mum telling me to stop by at RnR Ulu Bernam (southbound) to buy her the famous Putu Perak. Me, myself has never tried the putu Perak. Mum said she read it in the newspaper about the Putu Perak. In case you’re travelling southbound and wanna give it a try, stop by RnR Ulu Bernam and look for Zie’s Taste.

Pencemaran udara melampau!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 9 Dec '10, 3.23pm MYT PST]

Dalam perjalanan balik ke kuala lumpur, sampai dekat area ipoh nampak asap hitam yang banyak. Ingatkan rumah terbakar tapi rupa rupanya asap tu asap dr kilang. Teruk gila. Kilang tu sangat tak bertanggungjawab dan mengakibatkan pencemaran udara melampau. Tak sayang alam sekitar betul!

8 Dis 2010

Prosperity burger is back!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 8 Dec '10, 9.08pm MYT PST]

Burger kemewahan telah kembali. Tak paham gak apesal awal memandangkan Tahun Baru Cina macam lambat je lagi. Tapi tu tak penting. Yang penting... Burger kegemaran telah kembali. Jemput makan..

7 Dis 2010

Attention ladies. This is serious.

I got an sms from my aunt, who worked for the PDRM. So she always got the news from PDRM, and any news from her will be taken seriously by the family. Instead of just forwarding the sms to my family and friends that I know, I think I should take the responsibility to share this with all of you too.


And so the sms read;


PESANAN PENTING UNTUK SEMUA WANITA YANG PERGI KERJA, KOLEJ ATAU SEKOLAH SENDIRIAN. jika anda terjumpa budak kecil sedang menangis atas jalan, yang memberi anda alamatnya dan meminta anda menghantarnya ke alamat tersebut. Sila bawa nya ke balai polis. Tak kira apa yang anda mahu lakukan. JANGAN bawanya ke alamat yang diberikan. Ini adalah taktik baru untuk penjenayah merogol wanita. Sila sms kan mesej ini kpd semua rakan anda agar mereka boleh memberitahu maklumat ini kepada rakan-rakan mereka dan ahli keluarga mereka. Terima Kasih. dari ASP SUMAN KUMAR. D9 – Bukit Aman.”


And those who read this, please spread the words. Thanks.

6 Dis 2010

Mari menonton Narnia

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 6 Dec '10, 4.36pm MYT PST]

Skrang kat GSC Sunway Carnival Mall Penang nak tengok The Chonicles of Narnia - The Voyage of The Dawn Treader dengan cousin Adiba. Yup Diba is here in Penang, teman duk sini 2 3 hari sebab nak balik KL balik nanti.

1 Dis 2010

If you want it to be a good girl…

…get yourself a.. BAD BOY!

Ok. That’s a title of one of BackStreet Boys songs years back. I keep that in mind, that’s why keep on looking for a bad guy. Ok kidding. :P Mum, please don’t kill me.

Anyhow nowadays watching all the TV series, yes i think most of the characters I like are the bad guys. They are just… too sexy when doing their bad-ass thingy. Don’t you think? Here are some of the bad guys that I can’t take my eyes off and make me impatiently wait for the next episode every week.

ed-westwick-chuck-bass-1 Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass – Gossip Girl

His name itself is already sexy. I can’t even pronounce “Bartholomew” properly but I think it sounds sexy. He’s the worst guy ever, the wicked lass, but even if he spent his time with lots of hot chicks who come and go anytime, he does fall in love with his only true love, Blair Waldrof. How sweet is that? Awww~

Langit gelap tanda nak hujan...

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 1 Dec '10, 4.00pm MYT PST]

Tingkap bilik ni mengadap kawasan lapang belakang kampus. Pagi pagi boleh nampak matahari terbit, cantik. Tp skrang ni, nampak awan gelap sangat, tanda ari nak hujan. Sejak dua menjak ,memang musim hujan je kat sini. Hari hari bila petang je, dah mula glap dn hujan lebat. Kadang-kadang sampai ke malam. Ni pun guruh dah mula berbunyi. Semoga hujan yang turun membawa rahmat pada semua. Amin~

29 Nov 2010

How will d post looks like if i post via Pixelpipe?

Lets try and see how it work. If it's good, can use this for live blog. If not, will stick to flickr for live blogging. So what say you? P/s: I can't use (enter) to go one line below. Wonder if break works. Try break...

Testing New Template

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 29 Nov '10, 4.55am MYT PST]

Yayy! It works! ;D

25 Nov 2010

I’m the proud owner of the Nokia N8


Thank you Maxis for giving me the chance to review the Nokia N8 for the Maxis10 programme, and now let me own the gadget (wehoo!!) just when my HTC Tytn II failed on me… –__-“
Anyhow, I’d also like to thank my family especially Mum for the support, and friends who indirectly and directly helped me through the reviewing period.

23 Nov 2010

When life gives me lemons…

…i tried to make lemonade, but it doesn’t taste good.

I am not a person who like to plan ahead of what I’m gonna do and what I wanna achieve in life. The only thing I planned, that I can remember clearly is to get married on the 20th October 2010, which I obviously failed to achieve.

But during my Master degree, I started (try) to plan of what I was gonna do next and how to achieve each of them. I planned on when to start my lab work, when I’ll be able to finish. When to start writing for the thesis and when is the target date to finish it. I planned to graduate by certain time, to start working, so on and so forth. But I guess planning just won’t do for me. I failed to finish writing on the particular period as i planned. I failed to start working as I planned. I’ve failed myself.

20 Nov 2010

Hanging out session after a #kltour day

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 Nov '10, 7.39pm MYT PST]

Spend my day with some twitter friends @ayongqiela @sickchild72 @amanfirdaus @mrkaymy @holocoustine and ayong's sis, epy for a #kltour to few places in kl. First stop was the National Museum. Then had lunch at the museum cafe, then walked to the National Planetarium. 3rd stop was Tugu Negara, due to very expensive admission fee of Butterfly Farm and Bird Park. And now we're at Central Market, cuz Eny have never been here. Ayong and her sis have went back, so here me with d others hanging out at OTWC.

19 Nov 2010

The day I spend with my loved ones

I had my day spend today with my loved ones – my mum, niece Nurin and nephew Amir the whole day yesterday. Went to several places as promised to Amir and Nurin. Too bad Hilman didn’t join us.

I picked Amir & Nurin up, together with their grandma (my aunty) in Cheras at noon and headed to our first destination – The National Planetarium. I don’t wish to talk about the place now, but surely will add it up in my Travel Blog later. But there are some of many interesting things I like about the place which I last went during my primary school visit.

aIMG_5913Virtual football court

13 Nov 2010

My dear Sharifah Norazura

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Tahniah my dear Sharifah Norazura ;)
a friend that i know 15 years now had finally tied her knot with her loved one, syafie. Solemnisation ceremony was earlier today at 930am and now we're at Dewan MPAJ for her reception ceremony.
We the single and attached girls planned to wear pink today for her special day. :)

12 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Record and edit your HD video

We’ve talked about how good the 12mp camera provided by the Nokia N8. And from the very same camera, video recording is also available and what’s more awesome is video recording is in HD! N8’s Carl Zeiss lens video recording gives a great HD video shot in 720p.

In video recording, you can choose scene modes – Automatic, Low light or Night. You are also able to change the setting of White balance and Colour tones. And for fun, you can even record video of yourself using the secondary (front) camera. :D

Here are some example of virgin, untouched videos recorded by the Nokia N8.

Penang very own popiah skin maker made his way to the upper level, when he was featured in one of Astro food channel.

11 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Lets go with the USB-on-the-go

If you ask me, what is another interesting feature of Nokia N8 that I’d go awe to… I’ll definitely answer it’s the USB-on-the-go!

Call me noob, but this this something that really awed me. I never thought (or have) a phone that can directly connected to USB drives, like flash drive for instance. And then the phone can actually read the files. And copy and paste and move the files. Just like you do it on your laptop or computer.

7 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Capturing Penang with the 12MP camera

Through these few days I’ve spent with the Nokia N8, yes there are few things that do not satisfied me. But, as a person who love photography, I’d say Nokia N8 is by far the smart phone with the best camera built.
Nokia N8 offers its 12 megapixels (mp) camera with Carl Zeiss optic, maximum aperture f/2.8 with xenon flash. The flash range is 3-3.5m for normal condition. The camera has the wide-angle capabilities of a 28mm lens which would be very convenience than the typical 35mm. The 1/1.83” sensor used in the N8 uses 1.75 micron pixels which, with its 12-megapixel resolving capability, results in a sensor larger than most compact digital cameras. The ISO range is ISO100 (default), ISO400 and ISO800.

In a video of Dr. Hubert Nasse of Carl Zeiss talking about the N8 camera module during Photokina 2010 in Cologne, he stated that the Carl Zeiss lens inside the N8 are made out of 5 single optical elements with complex shapes never seen before in large scale optics. This results in excellent image quality.

The camera function of the Nokia N8 included of some setting options like Scene mode, Self-timer, Colour tone, White Balance, Light Sensitivity (ISO) and the Face detection, which are mostly available in compact digital camera.

So, below are some untouched pictures taken with the Nokia N8. The 12mp size photos are in 4:3 ratio while the 9mp photos are in 16:9 ratio.

05112010161 Penang Bridge. Landscape mode. 9mp.

3 Nov 2010

Rapid Penang is now with free WiFi access

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 3 Nov '10, 3.58pm MYT PST]

If u hav a phone that support WiFi connection and you're touring around Penang Island especially in Georgetown area, u can now access free WiFi internet in the Rapid Penang busses. This is also a way to attract people in Penang to use public transport.

Nokia N8 – Troubleshoot Mobile Internet Connection

Hey. I’m off the topic to review the Nokia N8 for this post but this is something that I think I need to share.
I had problem connecting to the internet when I first received the phone. I thought the problem must be with the telco or my sim card, so I went to the Maxis Centre in Queensbay Mall, Penang to fix it up. To cut the story short, it’s fixed. No sim card replacement, and actually can be done by myself (if only I knew how). It’s actually caused by the phone setting.

I don’t think to share the information until a dear friend, who already bought her Nokia N8 told me she couldn’t go online too. So, I told her what to do (like the Maxis guy showed me) and tadaaaa… she’s able to connect to the internet.

2 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Social Networking made easy

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some times, you would came across this post and know that I am a total social network addict especially Twitter. I check my Twitter and Facebook for like once every 5 minutes.

When I first received the Nokia N8, I wonder if its social networking-friendly. What I did first was to download all available Social Network application from the Ovi Store, and it was easy. Thanks for my Maxis Unlimited Data plan, I don’t have to worry to download as many application as I want :P


31 Okt 2010

Majid Chelor-Chelor @ Padang Brown

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 31 Oct '10, 6.59pm MYT PST]

Pernah nampak kedai ni kat internet tapi belum pernah cuba. So datang hari ni nak try. Klau kat KL
selalu makan kat Jalan TAR atau kat Danau Kota. Tapi dah lama gak x pegi. Astaka Padang Brown ni food court yang ada macam2 makanan lain lg seperti char kuey teow, pasembor, yong tau fu, dan air coconut shake.

Nokia N8 – To know is to love

There’s an old Malay saying “Tak kenal, maka tak cinta” which I think is applicable in the case to review the Nokia N8 under the Maxis10 programme. Before I go into details of the latest Nokia smart phone, I think it’s better for me to introduced the gadget first, so that everyone will know the N8 and eventually will (hopefully) love it.

The Nokia N8 set comes in a blue box, which is my favourite colour. The box is simple and recyclable. It’s a yayy! Go green people! :D


30 Okt 2010

Atas permintaan jejaka-jejaka geek idaman Malaya

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 30 Oct '10, 10.17pm MYT PST]

Kononnya teringin nak masuk live blog tak seberapa milik Bubbles yang comel ni. :P jejaka jejaka geek ni tadi ber-meet up kat Times Square dengan beberapa geeky yang lain. Pastu menemani saya ke KL Sentral untuk menaiki keratapi pulang ke kampus.
Jgn ditanya jejaka2 tu masih available atau tak, sbb masing2 merahsiakan status diri masing2. Haha.
Kalau nak berkenalan, sila tweet mereka (dari kiri) @khairilafzal, @roslan_nazri dan @amanfirdaus. Mereka geek. Mereka x layan sms. Layan tweet je. :p

P/s: Ok korang sila bank in bayaran iklan ni k. Lalala~

Majlis syukur jambul Syawal

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 30 Oct '10, 12.05pm MYT PST]

Hari ni kakak sedara, Angah buat majlis cukur jambul dan aqiqah untuk anak sulung dia, baby Syawal. Habis lah hilang rambut pacak Syawal pasni. :p yang excited dengar org marhaban si Hadief. Die pun konon2 ikut org bermarhaban jugak.

29 Okt 2010

I’m one of the lucky Maxis10!

I was hanging out in the campus library (yes, hangout, not studying :P ) with a friend when suddenly my phone vibrated. I saw a non-familiar number but since it’s KL number (+603..) it could be any of my cousins’ offices number. I picked it up.

No, the caller wasn’t one of my cousins neither anyone I knew. She’s just someone who deliver a good news to me that almost make me shout in the library. She asked me to keep the news to myself until it is officially announced but being me, I just can’t keep it to myself… -__-'

So I tweeted.


I didn't jinx it and look what I got!!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 29 Oct '10, 12.45pm MYT PST]

I'm one of the lucky Maxis10 reviewer for the new Nokia N8!! I'm here at the Maxis Centre with some other like MK, Blowie and Khai.

28 Okt 2010

Mari pulang ke kotarayaku!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 28 Oct '10, 11.54pm MYT PST]

Tengah tunggu keretapi kat Stesyen Keretapi Parit Buntar untuk pulang ke Kuala Lumpur lagi sekali. Baru je sampai ke kampus Selasa lepas. Pastu hari Rabu dapat call yang menyebabkan diri dengan rela hatinya pulang ke rumah semula. Keretapi dijadualkan sampai jam 12.04pg tapi xtau la pukul berapa sampai nanti. Minta2 tak ada penangguhan.
Ok. Jumpa di Kuala Lumpur!!

27 Okt 2010

Spot the food with Foodspotting

Do you love food - any kind of food? If you do, come join the latest hottest food spotting web in town - Foodspotting.com! In this site, you can upload the picture & details of meals you had to share the experience with your friends, and browse the other famous and delicious dishes around you spotted by others. Together we can share the love for food.

Ok, talking about foods just make me hungry -__-"

25 Okt 2010

Central Market - always my favourite spot

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 25 Oct '10, 5.07pm MYT PST]

Been awhile since I last come here. Central market used to be my favourite place during my high school years. There were always reason to come here - to buy keychains, button badges, bangles and bracelets, shirt printing or simply come to hang out at the nearest McDonalds. Anyway i've been meaning to come here since the last few months and just got the chance to come today. Went to KL Sentral just now with cousin Diba and drop by here before going home.

Beramah mesra bersama rakan Twitter di #Oct23rdtwtup

Seperti yang hangat diwar-warkan di internet sejak berminggu yang lalu, maka tiba lah hari yang dinanti2kan, 23 Oktober 2010 untuk majlis/parti/perjumpaan pengkicau2 Malaysia, #Oct23rdtwtup kat Pusat Komuniti, TTDI.

Tunggu Aman, Paeh & Syah kat KL Sentral pastu gerak pergi TTDI. Masa tu Khairil dengan Piratz dah tweet cakap diorang kat sana. Masa lepas park kereta, Wawan sms tp x sempat reply kereta dia dah sampai kat depan mata.

Ok memang malas nak tulis panjang2, sebab dah konfem2 banyak blog lain cerita tentang ke-happening-an #Oct23rdtwtup nih! Tapi… kalau korang ada kat sana masa tu.. lagi terasa keohseman tweet up nih. Betul, tak tipu! :P


24 Okt 2010

Pameran Warisan Khazanah Dunia, Muzium Kesenian Islam

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 24 Oct '10, 4.00pm MYT PST]

Di Muzium Kesenian Islam, Pusat Islam Kuala Lumpur sedang berlangsung satu pameran yang dipanggil Warisan Khazanah Dunia,Seni Hiasan Permata India Dinasti Mughal yang mempamerkan pelbagai koleksi kesenian Islam dan artifak pada zaman Mughal dari abd je 16 hingga abad ke 18. Muzium dibuka setiap hari dari jam 10pagi ke 6petang.

I'm back from #Oct23rdtwtup and I had fun!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 24 Oct '10, 12.33am MYT PST]

Dah sampai rumah akhirnya dengan penat tapi sangat enjoy hari ni. Dapat jumpa dgn kawan2 Twitter yang dah pernah jumpa & yang baru pertama kali jumpa. Memang meriah dengan games yang pelbagai & persembahan nyanyian yang best2 jugak. I even got a lucky draw wehoo! Jarang kot ada luck nak dapat lucky draw :p
Lepas tu pegi Shah Alam lepak2 makan2 dgn Aman, Ayong, Paeh, Khairil Afzal, Andy, Syah, Wawanz, Eny, Piratz, Een, Aman ke2 and 2 org kawan Eny - and they got me a cake! :D Time kasih korang! Sayang korang banyak2!

23 Okt 2010

I'm here at the #Oct23rdtwtup yawww!

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 23 Oct '10, 6.17pm MYT PST]

See orang2 kool yang datang Tweet up kat Pusat Komuniti TTDI dpt sign kat banner yang sangat besar ini! It's happening yaww!

20 Okt 2010

Lawatan mengejut Ayong, Paeh, Een & Aman ke Pulau Pinang

Nak kata mengejut, tak lah mengejut sangat. Memang dah ajak2 Paeh datang ‘teman’ Aman naik train ke Pulau Pinang, walaupun tak tahu kenapa mesti teman si Aman tu. :P Sekali hari Ahad masa Aman nak beli tiket, Paeh bagitau Ayong ngan Een nak datang jugak. Boleh kata last minute plan jugak lah. Diorang datang pun tak lama. Gerak dari Rawang Isnin malam, sampai Butterworth Selasa pagi. Selasa malam dah balik KL balik dah.

Yang bagus nya, ada 2 kamera, tp 1 pun tak bawak. Macam mana tah boleh lupa. Yang si Ayong pulak, ada bawak camera, tp memory card tak de. –___-“

So, sepanjang perjalanan mereka dari Rawang x tau la apa keadaan dalam train, tapi menurut kata Ayong, Aman sangat tak reti diam :P Pegi ambil diorg dalam pukul 7.20pg lepas tu naik feri ke Pulau Pinang.
Macam2 hal budak2 ni. Aman agak excited naik feri, ok! lepas tu dia cakap org lain plak yang excited. Haha. Sampai pulau, hantar Aman kat Sunway Hotel untuk event StartUp Penang dia, and kitorg pun beredar.

Memula pergi Gurney Drive lepak Khaleel untuk breakfast. Lepas tu, tak tahu nak pegi mana sbb awal lagi. Oleh kerana Een ada report lab nak kena siapkan, kitorg pun pergi la lepas McDonalds kat Gurney siapkan kerja Een. Dekat 4jam jugak oohh!

aIMAG0227 Datang jauh2 nak buat kerja. Sila bagi markah lebih ye, lecturer een.

Birthday present from Mummy

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 20 Oct '10, 3.02pm MYT PST]

Yayy! Pagi tadi dpt surat dari Pejabat Desasiswa kata ada bungkusan kena ambil kat pejabat. Kalau tengok guna Nationwide tu dah boleh agak dah siapa yang bagi. Lgpun siapa je yg tau alamat hostel kan. So td pegi la ke ofis ambik bungkusan tu. Tadaaa~ hadiah harijadi dari bonda! Suka sangat sangat.
Terima kasih.

Thanks for the present.
Thanks for having me.
Thanks for the 25 years of care & love.
Thanks for being here with me, for these 25 years.
Today is actually the day to celebrate you as a mother - 25 years of motherhood.
I love you, Ma :)

Your one & only daughter.

19 Okt 2010

Nasi Kandar Line Clear berwajah baru

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Dengan meja2 yang baru dan masih berkilat lagi & dinding yg di letakkan poster ala-ala wallpaper gitu :P nampak bersih sket hehe

16 Okt 2010

Gadis Hilang

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 16 Oct '10, 11.47pm MYT PST]

Notis di Stesyen KTM Parit Buntar - Gadis hilang
Nor Yuniza Mohd Yunus (22thn)
OKU : Bisu & pekak
Kulit sawo matang
Jika ada maklumat, sila hubungi:
017-5486691 (Asrina)
017-5184046 (Saharuddin)

14 Okt 2010

Bila tak reti jaga kesihatan...

[Live blogged by julia a.k.a bubbles182 at 14 Oct '10, 10.01pm MYT PST]

...dah sakit, padan muka sendiri.
Dah dekat 3 hari kot kepala sakit2. berdenyut2 je. Makan panadol pun takde beza. Oleh itu hari ini decide untuk berjumpa doktor juga. Dan seperti yang dijangka, tekanan darah agak rendah. Tapi tak lah rendah sangat. Tapi dinasihatkan oleh doktor supaya menjaga kesihatan jgn sampai turun lagi. Oleh itu cik Bubbles, sila lah lebih menjaga diri & kesihatan. Sekian terima kasih -__-"

13 Okt 2010

Oktober – Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan

Selain dipilih sebagai Bulan Kesedaran Kanser Payudara dan bulan memperingati P.Ramlee, bulan Oktober juga telah dipilih sebagai Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP).
"Selaras dengan keputusan kerajaan untuk mengisytiharkan Oktober sebagai Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan, semua kementerian, kerajaan negeri dan agensi kerajaan diarah melaksanakan program bahasa peringkat masing-masing sepanjang bulan itu, kata Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin."

7 Okt 2010

So long my dear Honda C70…

Atuk (my grandfather) owned a Honda C70 (see the past tense),which I loved so much. I grew up with the motorcycle. I have a lot of memories with that old C70.

Atuk sent me to the kindergartens riding that old bike.

Atuk took me on an evening ride around Kampung Pandan with that old bike.

Atuk sent me to primary school at Changkat Thambi Dollah, near the Berjaya Time Square building with that old bike.

Atuk sent me to high school every Wednesday morning (because I refused to take a bus with my KRS uniform on, it would get all crumpled huhu) with that old bike.

I learned to ride a motorcycle with that old bike.

I spent my almost-25 years looking with that old bike.

I loved that old bike.


6 Okt 2010

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in the month of October, the world is campaigning on increasing the awareness of breast cancer among the women. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month or well-known as the Pink Ribbon campaign is an annual international health campaign that offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.


1 Okt 2010

Budak hensem saya demam lagi

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Baru sampai KL tengahari tadi terus pergi rumah makcik kat Cheras nak jumpa anak-anak buah Nurin, Harris dan Hadief. Sekarang kat Damai Perdana. Hadief demam lagi. Sejak keluar hospital demam Hadief dgn Harris naik turun je. Kesian tengok Hadief takde mood, terbaring je. Get well soon, sayangs!

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