31 Okt 2010

Nokia N8 – To know is to love

There’s an old Malay saying “Tak kenal, maka tak cinta” which I think is applicable in the case to review the Nokia N8 under the Maxis10 programme. Before I go into details of the latest Nokia smart phone, I think it’s better for me to introduced the gadget first, so that everyone will know the N8 and eventually will (hopefully) love it.

The Nokia N8 set comes in a blue box, which is my favourite colour. The box is simple and recyclable. It’s a yayy! Go green people! :D


Together with the phone itself, there are also the USB cable, charger, earphone, HDMI cable and user guides.


a2010_10_31_9406 …the beautifully engineered Nokia N8. :’)

Nokia N8 have an AMOLED 16:9 nHD (640x360) display with a 3.5” screen size. It’s a capacitive touch screen with orientation sensor. Yes. We’re talking about the sensor which detect how you hold the phone – landscape and potrait.

*ehem* Hi, iPhones. So far, N8 looks cool just like you! :P
 a2010_10_31_9395Left side – camera button, lock switch and volume button

a2010_10_31_9396Right side – MicroSD slot, SIM card slot, charging indicator light and micro USB connector

a2010_10_31_9397Top – Power button,HDMI connector and AV connector (3.5mm)

a2010_10_31_9399 Bottom – Charging connector

a2010_10_31_9402Back – The 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and Xenon flash

  scr000006Personalised-able Home screen

scr000003Basic menu

One of the highlights of the Nokia N8 which is powered by the Symbian^3 is the photo capturing and video recording in HD. What makes video shooting with N8 more interesting is when you are able to connect the phone through the HDMI connector to your home television and watch it in HD. The other main key of the phone is the integrated Social Networking – which is quite important for Twitter addict like me. Nokia N8 comes with Ovi Store where you can download a lot of applications, games, wallpaper and ringtones. With the GPS built in, the Ovi Maps will make life so much easier with the voice-guided navigation. And hey. It’s free for life!! Well, they are more (hopefully) awesome features will be reviewed sooner!

Stay tuned! :D

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