Nov 23, 2018

Visit to Pusat Sains Negara, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday, we went to Pusat Sains Negara or the National Science Centre, which is located at Bukit Kiara. The entrance fee for the centre is quite affordable, i.e RM 6 for adults, RM 3 for children (7 - 12 years old and senior citizen) and free for kids below 6 years old.

Going into the indoor galleries, you'll first walk under the Freshwater Fish Aquarium. The aquarium is the main entrance to the indoor galleries.

Wonderspark Gallery is where you will learn about the science behind natural wonders of aqua, light and wind and how they can drive the future of green technologies.

Taller version of Balqis.

Shorter version of Balqis.

There's a baby care room located at the ground floor of the centre. There are two private nursing rooms with curtains and extra chairs inside for you to nurse your baby. Honestly, since I've became a breastfeeding mom, a nursing room is a plus point for me. I remember when I went to Aquarium KLCC and there was no nursing room, and no proper hidden place to sit as well and I just have to sit on the floor at one corner to nurse Bilal sobss.

There's a diaper changing table and kid's toilet as well.

While we were in the science centre, there was also a science show. The kids loved the science show as if they were watching some "magic" tricks.

There are actually more gallery but just did not managed to take photo as we were busy chasing my little guy right here, seronok dapat lari sini sana.

Some other indoor gallery are I-Ray, Eureka, Kid's Discovery Place and many more.  

Besides the baby care room, another plus point facility for me at the National Science Centre is the prayer rooms (surau). The surau is located at the forth floor. You'll need to take the elevator at the first floor (near Wonderspark Gallery) to go to the 4th floor. The surau is spacious, clean and comfortable. If I were to come again, I wouldn't mind spending the whole day here because the surau is comfortable, so the kids can have enough time exploring around.

Before we head home, we went strolling at the outdoor parks. But too bad some of the parks are closed for renovation. But also good that the water park (Water Plaza) is currently closed, or else we'll be spending more time there pulak haha!

The Garden of Nature is one of outdoor exhibit zone where it provides the approach of learning biology and biodiversity in a tropical ecosystem. All exhibits, flora and fauna are parallel to the education program conducted for school children and families.

Last but not least, we went down to the Prehistoric Garden, which is located at the junction entrance to the science centre, just by the road side. Balqis actualy saw this dinosaur park when we arrived and been wanting to go but we arrived at noon and it was so sunny, so we came back later after we were finished with indoor visit. 

One for the family album, with the most favourite dinosaur, T-Rex.

But Bilal was already tired and sleeping. Thank you for the invention of the ergonomic baby carrier - he's sleeping well while we continue to jalan-jalan hehe.


  1. teringin nya nak pi Pusat Sains Negara ni.. nak bawak harraz sambil diri sendiri pun nak jugak cuci mata sebab tak pernah ke sini lagi.. huhu..

  2. Dah lama tak pergi Pusat Sains Negara. Ruby ingat last sekali pi masa trip sekolah. Hahaha. Lepas tu selalu lalu Sprint Highway tengok je kubah tempat ni sedang renovasi. Nanti nak pergi dengan anak-anak. Cuti sekolah dah mula. Hehe

  3. wahh memang seronok la kalau bawa bebudak datang sini banyak benda diaorang boleh explore. airah pun suka jugak pergi tempat macam ni tapi kalau ada anak2 confirm lagi meriah

  4. waa it’s been a while that I haven’t visited this National Science Museum, haha. It’s great tp bring the kids there, as there are many interesting things that they can learn and experience themselves there right. Been planning to bring my kids there too someday, they must loves it hehe.

  5. Sekali pun tak pernah pergi. Sekarang musim sekolah mesit ramai ibu bapa bawa anak anak datang sini. Entry fee pun murah je. Next time I pun boleh visit.

  6. Rasanya dulu pernah la menyinggah di Petro Sains KLCC je. Memang suka kalau tgk pertunjukan sains, nampak macam magic kan. Tak sangka admission fee murah je. Teringin jugak nak melawat2 kesana. Sedihnya kami tak pernah mai sini.

  7. Sesuai sangat tempat camni untuk spend time dengan anak-anak. Pusat Sains Negara macam dah banyak berubah la heheh. Teringin pulak nak pergi lagi. Kali terakhir pergi dulu waktu rombongan sekolah darjah 6 hahaha.

  8. Dah lama tak datang kat sini bawa anak-anak. Memang best macam-macam aktiviti ada kat sini yang anak boleh terokai. Boleh plan bw anak2 dtg sini time cuti nanti

  9. Wahhh nampak menyeronokkan betul tempat2 nie. Sesuai utk bawa kanak2 ke sini. Mesti dorang suka. Banyak benda dorang boleh explore. Wahh dinosour tu mesti akn jadi tmpt feveret ramai budak2

  10. Long time tak pergi pusat sains ni..dulu pergi masa dengan anak buah rombongan sekolah kita ikut..ahhaa..menarik datang sini bawak anak-anak