10 September 2015

Babywearing journey

I got to know about safe babywearing when I was pregnant with my little Balqis. Before that, I thought narrow-based carrier was okay. I started to read on the information regarding safe babywearing with interest. After Balqis was born, I started to join babywearing groups in Facebook such as Malaysian Babywearers, Babywearers' Haven and Malaysian Babywearing FSOT. I was being a silent reader for quite some time - just read and read to know more about safe babywearing.

I was still looking for options and still considering on which gear would I like, which I should buy - wrap, ringsling, ssc, mei tai? And for that, I opted to try using the kain batik lepas I got from my mum - which she got from my grandmother. That was for me, the cheapest safe babywearing option I had, as long as we wear them right, before making decision on which gear I would like to have.

First try. Balqis at 3 months old.
Kindly ignore the sloppy tie job. 

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