19 Dis 2019

Local, Affordable, Natural and Organic Skincare by Orgga Malaysia

I received my first Orgga skincare Oliva complete set about three weeks ago. I wanted to blog about it sooner, but I wanted to give it a try first hence the postponed blog post. I used to not taking much care about my skin. But *cough* aging makes me think twice. And getting to try Orgga is a great way to a new start too since I'm pretty much into organic and natural products. When I found out that Orgga is using natural and organic ingredients and The Butterfly Project was looking for blogger to review their set, I was excited and eager to apply!

Orgga is proud with their products that are free from alcohol, hydroquinone, mercury, SLS, paraben, synthetic preservative, sulfates, synthetic colouring and fragrance. Their ultimate goal is to provide a natural skincare made with premium ingredients at affordable price.

The Oliva Complete Set is generally suitable for dry, aging and premature aging skin. Basically, the complete set consists of Oliva Luxe Beauty Oil (20ml), French Rose Facial Cleanser (50gm) and your choice of Face Mist (60ml) and Face Roller.

For me, Le Neroli Face Mist and Rose Quartz Dual-Sided Face Roller together with the Olivia Luxe Beauty oil and French Rose Facial Cleanser.

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