31 Disember 2018

Resipi Sup Ayam Mudah dengan Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker

Sup Ayam memang lah menu yang terkenal dalam family ni. Sebab menu yang senang nak di masak, dan menu kegemaran anak-anak. Kalau ikutkan memang banyak versi resipi sup ayam.

Resipi sup ayam simple ni kira versi makan malam harian bila nak cepat. Resipi agak-agak je nak letak berapa banyak. Yang penting bila dah jadi mak-mak ni, tak boleh nak menghadap dapur lama-lama, maka Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker ni memang penyelamat.

Masak pun sekejap, tak perlu datang tengok check air ke. Biar dia masak, cepat, yang penting kentang dan lobak tetap empuk.

18 Disember 2018

Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Eating out is usually a great treat for the whole family. Mummy gets to rest from cooking while the whole family get to enjoy good food.

But since we have kids, we always have to think on how to get them occupy at the dining table. Of course we do not want them, especially Balqis, to run around the restaurant. And Bilal would be easily bored sitting at the table for too long since he's in the exploring phase. 

And we have no (or very little time) smart phone policy for the kids, hence we have to be creative and think of other ways to keep them busy and comfortable at the same time. So we can have our meals happily, too! LOL.

05 Disember 2018

Balqis' first day of school orientation

Indeed, time do flies so fast.

I still can imagine when I first hold Balqis in my hand four years ago, and now she's going to school already. She's going to a five years-old class in 2019 but school orientation started last Monday, together with school holiday programme for her kindergarten.

We had been telling her that she would be going to school since months ago to get help her subconscious mind being prepared, or at least we hope so.

"Nanti Mummy belikan Balqis books, pencils, bag nak pergi sekolah."
"Kakak tak nak beg. Kakak dah ada beg dah yang Mummy beli tu."

Referring to a RM5 bag I got from Big Bad Wolf book sales. Ain't she just soooo sweet and tak membazir like Mummy? Hahaha!

Honestly, I was worried that she might be crying, or refuse to stay at school. Even though we've been telling her that we would leave her at school and we would be going to work, she kept on saying "Mummy lah jaga kakak kat school nanti."

She has never been without us since she was born. The only person we ever leave her with is her babysitter. She even cry one time when we were out having dinner with the whole family at a restaurant and taking turn to go to surau to perform solat. She was following her grandmother and aunties to the surau and halfway she suddenly realized husband and I weren't going (we waited at the restaurant) and she cried out loud. They had to send her back to us at the restaurant. *facepalm*

So, on Monday morning, we woke her up early and got her ready for school. Had our breakfast together and ready to send her to school. She looked happy and I was less nervous. We had a parent-kid session first in the morning where we make craft and singing together, just to warm things up I guess.

28 November 2018

Nazzeera's Roti Bakar Kacang Phool Penang

I stumbled upon Nazeera's Roti Bakar Kacang Phool Instagram months ago and been asking husband to bring me there. Nazeera's Kacang Phool Penang has two branch, one is in the Penang Science Cluster, Georgetown and one is at Kompleks Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong.

We actually went to the Penang Science Cluster branch few weeks ago (or months?), parked our car a bit far and walked there (in the rain), dukung Bilal pulak tu and turned out they couldn't serve us as they were getting ready to serve lunch for participants of a program held at the Penang Science Cluster.

Yes, sedih kan? Should've updated the social media on that so we would not have to susah-susah go there. (Yes, we checked their IG before we came). They asked if we could wait until after 2pm or go to Tanjung Tokong. Mesti lah tak tunggu sebab tak tau nak spend masa kat mana, and dah lapar. And of cos tak pergi Tanjung Tokong sebab malas drive ke sana as we have things to do in town. So, makan je kat tempat lain.

But since the other day we were going to Street Quay at Tanjung Tokong, we decided to have our brunch at Nazeera's Kacang Phool Tanjung Tokong branch which is at Kompleks Desiran Tanjung food court.

27 November 2018

Learn & Fun Trip to Pusat Sains & Kreativiti Terengganu

From my recent post on our Jalan-Jalan Terengganu trip, many had asked me about the Pusat Sains dan Kreativiti Terengganu. It seems that many have never heard of the place, just like me if we were not going to Kuala Terengganu hehe.

Pusat Sains & Kreativiti Terengganu (PSKT) or Terengganu Science & Creativiti Centre is located at Kampung Laut, Chendering, Kuala Terengganu, which is about 15 to 20 minutes drive from Kuala Terengganu city centre. I'm not sure if there are any public transportation to go there as we went there by car.

26 November 2018

#snippetsofmylife: Mummy dan Bilal mana?

Tadi balik dari keluar beli barang, Mummy terus dukung Bilal naik atas masuk bilik sbb Bilal dah terlelap dalam kereta. Balqis still kat luar, Daddy tengah nak keluarkan dari car seat.
Lama sikit lepas letak Bilal, dgr Balqis tanya Daddy, "Mummy Bilal mana? Mummy Bilal mana?" ulang-ulang. Tapi buat taktau je lah. Tiba-tiba dengar dia nangis kuat. Ingat nak biar sbb tau Daddy ada kat bawah, tapi nangis tak berhenti.
Pastu dari atas kat tangga, panggil lah Balqis. Dia jenguk atas, makin kuat nangis sambil naik tangga. Dia sampai atas tanya lah, kenapa nangis?

"Mummy Bilal tak ada. Mummy Bilal mana. Daddy je ada. Mummy Bilal tak ada." 🤦🏻Nampak saja kasar Balqis ni. Dalam hati ada taman jugak bila Mummy hilang. 😂
Daddy kata, masa Balqis tanya kat dia Mummy Bilal mana, dia pi cakap kat Balqis, "Kenapa carik Mummy kalau tak dengar cakap Mummy? Kenapa carik Bilal kalau selalu buat Bilal?" Pastu terus lah anak melalak tu. 💆🏻
Al-kisah dah tamat drama hujung minggu, anak-anak dah tidur, tanya la kat Daddy kenapa yg Balqis nangis tadi.
Daddy pun satu hal cari pasal dgn anak kan.

(Gambar hiasan: Makan kenduri siang tadi. Abaikan pose Balqis yang Mummy pun tak paham style apa.)

23 November 2018

Visit to Pusat Sains Negara, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday, we went to Pusat Sains Negara or the National Science Centre, which is located at Bukit Kiara. The entrance fee for the centre is quite affordable, i.e RM 6 for adults, RM 3 for children (7 - 12 years old and senior citizen) and free for kids below 6 years old.

Going into the indoor galleries, you'll first walk under the Freshwater Fish Aquarium. The aquarium is the main entrance to the indoor galleries.

indoor gallery freshwater fish aquarium

15 November 2018

Benbat YummiGo Feed & Go Booster Seat

Tired of looking for clean baby high chair when going out to the diner? Not enough baby chair, all are occupied? Let your baby seat on your lap during meal time is not the best option isn't it?

Here's come the solution! Check out this Benbat YummiGo Feed & Go Booster Seat!

The YummiGo Booster Seat is lightweight, portable booster seat that can hold up to 20kg.

 It is as compact as a bag when folded, and have extra storage space where you can put all your baby's stuff inside.

07 November 2018

Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

Masa hari kedua kami jalan-jalan di Terengganu, kami dapat melawat ke Taman Tamdun Islam yang terletak di Pulau Wan Man. Taman Tamadun Islam yang terletak di atas sebuah pulau ni, terdiri dari beberapa bahagian utama, dan yang tarikan yang paling utama dan terkenal adalah Taman Monumen. Taman Tamadun Islam ni terletak lebih kurang 15 ke 20 minit perjalanan dengan kereta dari pusat bandar Kuala Terengganu.

Masa sampai sana, kami beli tiket untuk pakej River Cruise dan Taman Monumen. Oleh sebab river cruise ada jadual, so kami pergi naik river cruise dulu melayari Sungai Terengganu dulu baru masuk ke Taman Monumen. Mummy memang dah lama sangat teringin nak pergi Taman Monumen Taman Tamadun Islam ni sejak dibuka tapi tak berkesempatan nak jejak ke Kuala Terengganu. So, Mummy memang agak excited.

31 Oktober 2018

Surprise Anniversary Dinner at Akar Lima Kulim

Days before our anniversary, Husband had already informed that he was taking a day leave from work so we could go out, just the two of us. I was looking forward to the day. It had been ages since we had our date without the kids. Hehe.

So on the day itself, we were getting ready to go out when I asked where were we going. He said he needed to go to the bank. (On out anniversary? pppft.) Okay la.. but we went to our favourite breakfast place at Astaka Taman Tun Sardon first. We had capati with kuah daging, all time favourite serabai and roti sandwich daging and tuna. Then we went to the bank to get his thing settled and went to catch a movie. We decided to watch Paskal due to all the positive review. I am glad that we chose Paskal after all these years of no movie. It was a great movie. Got myself emotional a bit.

After movie, husband said we were going to have early dinner. Early cos we had to go back early to fetch the kids from the babysitter. (Yeah.. dating pun kena cepat-cepat lol). So he drove to I didn't know where he didn't want to tell. I was actually thinking we would go to Blackwood Cafe as he entered Kulim. But no, he drove to this place I don't even know where he found out named Akar Lima. And then came the surprise.

The lady owner showed our table. With balloons and flowers and "Happy Anniversary" decorations.

18 Oktober 2018

#snippetsofmylife : Wanita - keluarga dan kerjaya

Cerita semalam, makan-makan dengan 2 wanita yang "berkorban" untuk keluarga.
Yang tinggalkan kerjaya asal untuk anak-anak dan keluarga. Dengar cerita diorang, tertanya pada diri sendiri, kuatkah aku kalau nak tinggalkan dunia engineering/research sepenuhnya demi keluarga dan anak-anak?
Sebelum ni selalu je tanya diri sendiri; tak takut ke kalau org sekeliling kata, belajar je tinggi-tinggi tapi end up tak guna semua tu?

03 Oktober 2018

Open House Event Space, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Open House Event Space is a newly opened event space located in Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai, Penang. The Open House is a kid-friendly open space which cater a smaller crowd with smaller budget place for meet-up, party, event or easy-going talk and workshop.

24 September 2018

Jalan-jalan Terengganu Part 3

So, hari terakhir dalam program Jalan-Jalan Terengganu empat beranak diteruskan di hari terakhir. Sekejap sangat rasa berjalan memandangkan hari 2 cuma dapat melawat 2 tempat je. Sobsss.

Seperti semalamnya, hari ketiga juga dimulakan dengan sarapan di hotel saja. Sarapan di hotel Primula Beach Resort boleh tahan sedap dengan variasi nya. Yang paling tip top - of cos Nasi Dagang. Sebab memang puas hati dengan Nasi Dagang nya, tak terasa nak cari di luar sana. Nasib baik second day still ada menu yang sama. Selain tu, ada toast, salad bar, mee goreng, nasi lemak, cereals, omelette panas-panas (mine is cheese omelette of cos!), bubur dan macam-macam lagi.

Sebahagian dari sarapan Mummy yang sedap enak dan tak sabar Mummy nak makan yumm yumm!


18 September 2018

Jalan-jalan Terengganu Part 2

Pagi hari kedua tu, bangun awal dgn hajat nak tengok sunrise kononnya. Tapi sebab anak-anak tidur, maka terfikir lah Mummy, macam mana nak pegi tengok sunrise nya. Kesian tengok budak-budak ni tidur tak sampai hati nak bangunkan. So, batalkan je la niat di hati tu.

So anyway, lepas breakfast kami keluar menuju ke Taman Tamadun Islam yang terletak di Pulau Wan Man. Sampai sana nak beli tiket, baru decide nak ambil pakej River Cruise dan Taman Tamadun Islam. Agak rugi masa kat situ sebab tunggu next trip untuk River Cruise dekat setengah jam juga.

11 September 2018

Jalan jalan Terengganu Part 1

Setelah lama tak berjalan-jalan, akhirnya Mummy dan Daddy buat keputusan untuk bawa Balqis dan Bilal ke Kuala Terengganu alang-alang dah ambil cuti yang panjang untuk hantar mak ke Kompleks Tabung Haji Sepang untuk menunaikan ibadah haji pada tahun ini. Kiranya, percutian ni officially percutian pertama Bilal dan first trip for us as a family of 4. Kami pilih untuk ke Terengganu memandangkan kami dah berada di Kuala Lumpur, so perjalanan dah dekat berbanding kalau nak ke Terengganu ulang-alik dari Penang.

Kami hantar mak ke Kompleks Tabung Haji Sepang hari Khamis. Waktu lapur diri tengahari, lepas tu mak terus masuk dengan group dan kami terus gerak ke Terengganu. Kami singgah di Kemaman dulu malam tu sebab plan nak jumpa dengan kawan se-universiti yang ada kat Kemaman. Alang-alang dah jalan ke sana kan. So, malam tu kami dinner dengan salah seorang sahabat di Restoran Terapung Bakau Tinggi, Kemaman. 

Esoknya, kami ber-reunion kecil-kecilan sambil breakfast dengan 2 sahabat dari USM - Azrul dan Fakira. Diorang yang cadang makan kat kedai makan ni, katanya antara kedai sarapan yang terkenal. Sampai-sampai kat Kedai Abezi Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar ni, memang ramai orang dah. Antara menu yang ada kat kedai ni, of cos la Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar, ada roti canai dan murtabak, nasi berlauk, nasi lemak dan macam-macam lagi.

Kambing bakar yang sedap dan lembut. Memang teringat-ingat je.

02 Ogos 2018

Homemade pumpkin puree with Autumnz Baby Food Processor

When Balqis turned 6 months old, I was so excited to make her first puree to feed her with all scheduled and all. I made her food in a very conventional way - steamed on the kitchen, blend with a blender - one by one. I was just a student back then and had all the time needed to prepare her food.

But when Bilal was about 5 months old, I could imagine that I wouldn't have the time to prepare his food like I used to do for his sister. As I am currently working and need to leave house as early as 7 plus, reach home at almost 7 every day, and rush to cook dinner and wash cloth and so on and so forth, I knew I needed some help. Then I found one! It's the Autumnz 2-in-1 Baby Food Processor!

Autumnz Baby Food Processor is so convenient, it helps busy parents like me a quick and efficient way to prepare baby food. It is a steam and blend in one appliance, hence no more washing two or three kitchen stuff to prepare baby food.

I've been using it since Bilal turned 6 months old until now, for about 5 months now and yes - I would totally recommend it!

Since I love it so much, I made this tutorial video to show you how easy it is to use it. Check this out.

(This is not a sponsored post.)

01 Ogos 2018

Visit to LittleWhiz Setia Alam for Car Seat Shopping

When looking for a new car seat last weekend, we decided to visit LittleWhiz.com in Setia Alam as they are one of the shops with Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. And to our luck, Mr Louis Tan of LittleWhiz, their Certified CPS Technician Instructor was there that day.

He shared in detail on child passenger safety to the customers and gave advise on how to choose the right child car seat or booster for our kids, suitability depends on car, correct way to install the seat etc.

03 Julai 2018

Aktiviti Messy Play di Dr Nurhaya Lactation Centre

'Messy Play' atau sensory play adalah penting untuk perkembangan kanak-kanak kecil dengan memberikan mereka pelbagai cara belajar secara tidak langsung yang menyeronokkan.

'Messy Play' dapat membantu kanak-kanak dalam banyak cara, untuk bertenang, meluahkan perasaan mereka, bereksperimen dengan bahan-bahan yang berbeza, belajar tentang tekstur dan mengasahkan koordinasi mata-tangan atau melatih kemahiran menuang, mengukur dan mencampur.

Ia juga merupakan aktiviti membantu meningkatkan kemahiran sosial walaupun tidak terlalu bergantung pada kata-kata. Kanak-kanak boleh bermain bersama dan berkongsi hasil penemuan mereka dari 'Messy Play' tanpa perlu menjelaskan perkara-perkara tersebut secara lisan.

SO, hari tu Mummy bawak Balqis untuk join aktiviti Messy Play di Dr Nurhaya Lactation Centre. Seronok sangat Balqis bermain dengan semua "mess" yang ada. Harap dengan join dan melalukan aktiviti seperti ini, dapat lah membantu meningkatkan motor skill dia. Sebenarnya, salah satu sebab nak bawak dia sebab nak bagi dia bersosial sikit. "Social skill" pun penting untuk perkembangan anak-anak jugak.

Jom tengok video ni - sekitar aktiviti Messy Play di Dr Nurhaya Lactation Centre pada 1 Julai 2018.

05 April 2018

Visit to KL Tower Mini Zoo

The KL Tower Mini Zoo is located just before the entrance to the KL Tower. The concept is similar to Farm in The City in Seri Kembangan. I think it is managed by the same company/group. Some of the animals in the zoo are birds, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits, monkeys, foxes, raccoons, tortoises and alpacas. 

Balqis loved the alpaca so much that she keeps on telling us about how she touched the alpaca till today.
09 10