18 Dis 2018

Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Eating out is usually a great treat for the whole family. Mummy gets to rest from cooking while the whole family get to enjoy good food.

But since we have kids, we always have to think on how to get them occupy at the dining table. Of course we do not want them, especially Balqis, to run around the restaurant. And Bilal would be easily bored sitting at the table for too long since he's in the exploring phase. 

And we have no (or very little time) smart phone policy for the kids, hence we have to be creative and think of other ways to keep them busy and comfortable at the same time. So we can have our meals happily, too! LOL.

So, here's some tips that we usually do when eating out with the kids.

1. Choose a kids-friendly cafe/restaurant

When in Kuala Lumpur, you can easily find a kids-friendly cafe with indoor playground for kids to play. But in Penang, you'd be lucky if you can even find a cafe with a tiny corner for kids to play or at least they have some kids toys for your kids to play with. But what is more important is that they provide baby chair, kids plate and cutleries and restroom is near-by.

Kids-friendly cafe with kids menu is a better option. Especially if they serve baby food. If not, you might want to prepare a home-cooked meal for your infant. Remember, no salt no sugar before 2 years old, okay.

2. Take a corner table

Ask to sit away from any other guests if you can. You won't feel as bad if you baby starts to fuss, and it will give you some privacy if you need to nurse your baby.

3. Put your handphones away. Communicate.

This is very important. Not only when eating out, practise this at home as well. Meal time is family time. Don't let yourself be engaged with phones at the table that you do not interact with your kids. Asked your kid to tell you their stories. Believe me, kids are great story-tellers.

Eating out is also an excellent opportunity to teach kids good manners and how to behave in public. So keep the conversation positive, teach them how to place order and eat like grown-ups. Eventually they will become adults that can order and eat a wide variety of foods and enjoy a meal out with family and friends!

4. Bring small picture books, colour pencils, blocks or any of their fave toys

We always bring at least one of these in the bag. These will surely keep our kids busy without gadgets. Balqis can sit and wait patiently the food if she got her hands some colour pencil and a piece of paper.

Creative Balqis - learning shapes with colour pencil! Killing two birds with one stone.

Cheap blocks. Kalau tercicir pun Mummy tak kisah sangat lol.

As for Bilal, currently what can keep him busy is a piece of napkin. He will wipe the table again and again happily. -___-"

But Moms & Dads, please leave all the tablet and phone away.

5. Bring their favourite feeding and drinking set

Bilal got one set of the OXO Tot feeding and drinking set. There are a few of them which is OXO Tot Training Plate with Removable Ring, OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover, OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup and OXO Tot Cutlery Set For Big Kids.

But the two things that we never go out without are the OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover and the Transitions Straw Cup.

The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup's soft, flexible opening gives kids easy access to their snacks, yet keeps even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Flippy™ Snack Cup is dropped, and the non-slip handle is shaped for tots. Includes a solid snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure. 

The OXO Tot Transition Straw Cup’s almond-shaped, spill-proof straw conforms to tot’s mouth and minimizes mess, easing the transition from bottle, breast feeding, or sippy cup. The straw valve opens as soon as tot’s lips touch spout for easy drinking, and the hinged cap closes to create a leakproof seal. The cap and straw are removable for easy, thorough cleaning.

Having his favourite feeding and drinking set, he will sit there and eat peacefully (at least most of the time if not all lol).

6. Relax.

If your kids do act up in the restaurant, do your best to calm them down, but don't let it ruin the outing. Chances are almost everyone in the place has been in your situation at one time or another.

If fussiness does turn into a full-blown meltdown, you or your spouse can take your kid outside for a break. Sometimes a simple change of scenery does the trick.

Have any other tips?
Share with us too!

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  1. comel nya feeding tools diorang.. hehe.. TB pun selalu keluar mesti bawa bekas minuman kegemaran harraz.. dan makanan untuk kudap2 time keluar.. like biskut homemade dan air putih .. dua-dua ni kena ada sebab si kecik tu suka berlari-lari sampai penat dan dahaga..

  2. great tips.. really need all these tips while eating out with kids.. hahahah~ great one.. not easy, but all are precious bonding moment..

  3. yessss i agree with you, put away the phone or ipad. i have seen so many parents just throw the ipad to the kids so that they dont kacau sgt.

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  4. idea yg bijak bila suh bawak pinggan cawan sendiri ...kanak2 pun pandai dah memilih ...kalau tak guna benda yg dia suka macam pinggan ke cawan memang diorang tak nak makan tapi kalau dapat minum dari cawan yg dia suka...air kosong pun dia kata sedap sangat....

  5. Good sharing there. I also realize that some young parents still do not know how to handle their kids in the public so I do hope they will get ideas by reading your post here.

  6. Bagus tips semua ni kak. Boleh ana praktik dekat anak ana nan sorang ni. Cuma syafi dia sejenis yg penakut, so dia tak kan berjalan sana sini. Hehe. Cuma part nak bg dia makan je yang susah. Tp kalau kena restoran yg dia suka memang sekejapan habis.

  7. Good tips. At least train they all more behave kat public. Tak de la disturb others too. harap ramai ibu bapa baca ni.

  8. Thanks for the great tips, this will.be really useful for parents. For me I always look for a place that's kids friendly it's easier that way.

  9. Bagus idea ni. Budak2 cepat bosan. Kang die mengamok pulak dlm kedai. Sekarang ni rata2 saya nmpk ibu bapa nk bgi anak diam dengan menghulurkan smarphone mereka. Bende yang sgt tak bagus. I agree with this idea much more.

  10. Very nice tips and informative! I really love it . I can implement it to my kids because sometimes kids make a drama to get our attention. Hopefully, I can apply this soon. Thanks for the tips! Very informative!

  11. Kita juga pernah pergi makan dengan kanak-kanak ni makan dengan anak sedara hehehehe banyak kerenah dan juga ibu bapa kena sabar dan tips ini sangat berguna juga kepada mereka..

  12. I usually bring a pen and a small notebook along whenever we go out for food in public with our boy. So far, he really behaving good. I guess i am just lucky

  13. Nice tips buat mereka yg ada anak kecil. Kdg2 sis tgok ada yg bawa anak2 kecik makan..aduhhh risau kita dibuatnya..berlari sana sini, jerit n nangis..kdg2 kesian dgn diorg, mayb sebab boring

  14. Wah so nice this tips. Can applied to all parents. Kanak2 ni tak tahu apa Dan Kita yang patut main peranan. Kalau dia tantrum macam Mana ya

  15. kadang bila ke kedai makan, diorang ni tak reti nak duduk diam.Dan tips ni sangt berguna kepada parents out there.Sebelum muka mak² jadi hijo,baik kita sediakan apa yang perlu untuk mereka duduk dan nikmati makanan seeloknya

  16. Great tip u have here.. Mmg kita as parents kena bijak tackle anak2 lagi2 dekat public kan.. Dah la society kita ni cepat judge orang... Hahahah

  17. Nice tips.. Seeloknya kalau boleh tempat makan biar friendly kna-kanak lagi bagus kan.. Tak pun bawak mainan diaorg atau alat tukis.. Phone mmeg tak bole kene komunaksi denga diaorg baru betul..


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