27 November 2019

Taman Burung Kulim is more than just a bird park

Taman Burung Kulim is not just a bird park. It is more like a very small mini zoo with other animals besides birds. There are tortoise, rabbits, chicken, duck, and reptiles too. You can also feed the rabbits and fishes. It may not as big as other bird parks or mini zoo, but with the very minimal admission fee, I'd say it is worth a visit.

We just happened to know about this Taman Burung kulim by chance on Youtube. We've stayed nearby for almost 8 years and only found out about it few months ago lol! Could have visited the place earlier if we knew.

Last time it was free (kept by Majlis Daerah) but now it's privately own that's why there's a minimal charge. Some think it's expensive, some think why did not just let it still be free (and this is just tak logik - hello, they still have to buy food for the animals and pay the keepers salary!), but I think it is worth the very little admission fee if your kids love playing seeing and feeding animals!

Well, obviously there are more photos of other animals than the birds, as most birds are in their own cage. So we can't really touch them. And some that are free-flying, are just too hard to catch. Jinak jinak merpati.

Yes, this place is named Taman Burung even though there are like many other animals, but I think I prefer it to be like this because the kids can learn about more animals too!

The kids had fun feeding the fish and rabbit! The rabbit and fish food are sell at the counter seperately.

Oh, we were told that there would be deer too soon yeayy! It's near, it's cheap - we'll definitely be back!

The Taman Burung Kulim is located at Jalan Tunku Bendahara, Kulim, Kedah. It opens Sunday to Tuesday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and close on Monday.

Entrance fee:
Adults RM 5
Children RM 3

And since we don't have any pet at home but we love to let them play with animals and nature!

For us, it's cheap, it's near, we'll be back definitely!

Check out our video too!

12 ulasan:

  1. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully there is one in KL area. Kulim is far from me! Hahah but thanks for sharing! It's cheap though!

  2. best tempat ni.. gambar pun cantik-cantik.. bayaran masuk tu berbaloi dengan apa yang dialami.. anak-anak pasti seronok..

  3. wah murah! animals pun banyak juga!berbaloi untuk bagi experience pada anak.

  4. not bad tempat dia..first time dengar...kalau ke kulim bolehlah bawa anak-anak ke sini...mesti diaorang excited bila tengok ada banyak burung2 cantik

  5. Wah. Balik kg masa cuti sekolah nnti boleh la bawa anak2 ke Kulim nnti.. Singgah tgk bird Park nie.. Mesti si adik suka..

  6. zul pernah pergi sini masa balik kampung dulu, memang best dapat sentuh haiwan-haiwan ni.

  7. seriusla ada taman burung dkt kulim ni? aiyoo bertahun2 stay situ tak pernah tau pun. in shaa Allah nnti balik nk pergi sinilah.

  8. murah jgk entry rm5. boleh la nk jalan2 bawk ank ke sini. sesekali berjalan dkt negeri orng kan.. jumpa aguana kulim pun nice jgk

  9. Murah la masuk only rm5..takkan la org nak komplen.. Haishh.. Tempat mcm ni mmg elok bawk anak.. Anak dpt pegang, dapat rasa kasih syg kepada haiwan

  10. wah cantik juga tempat dia, masuk pun murah :)

  11. Kecil nampaknya taman ni. Tapi bersih dan blh berinteraksi dengan binatang, tiket masuk pun murah. Berbaloi nak bawa ank2 sertai ni.

  12. Boleh bawa family pergi...tinggal dekat je tapi tak pernah pergi


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