16 Nov 2016

Don't break the chain!

I was having a major writer's block. 

I stared at the blank page on the screen for hours. Kept on flipping on the printed journal papers on my desk for hours.

Still nothing.

Then I found one of the videos on PhD and thesis writing saved about a year back titled "How to Finish Your PhD Thesis in 6 Months Even if You Have No Idea What to Write". So I spent my lunch time watching and listening to the video, hoping by the time I finished listening, I finally know what and how to write.

The first tips given by the speaker, Scott Rank from thescholarpreneur.com is;
He mentioned how by writing EVERY DAY, even a non-academic, non-PhD related, would help the PhD thesis writing eventually. 

Just keep on writing.

If possible, have a daily writing target or goal to meet.

Just draft whatever you can think of.

Write, write, write.

"A simple habit to help you write every day."

So, here I am - writing.

Hope this is the start to a longer (non-academic) write up and eventually the journal paper and thesis writing.

(And hope to regularly update this blog again, too. :P)


Wish me luck, guys!

28 Mac 2016

Review Daiesu Jigsaw White Linen

Daiesu Jigsaw White Linen 
 75% Organic Cotton 25% Linen 
Jacquard woven, Ecru warp with a Bright White weft
 Size 6 

 Wearee : 1y, 4m, 79 cm, 9.5kg

09 10