8 Sep 2008

Farah binti Mohd Fuzi


i had a great long talk with cousin Farah last night by the phone. the call was initially made by me to ask for a friend's number; but was dragged up to almost 2 hours. (and she don't even have the number). we talked bout everything - my life, her life, family, works, memories during working at Mc Donalds, controversy, friends and just about everything. i feel kinda relief. i don't have any problems. no, i don't have any burdens. but after the long talk with her just make me feel relief. from whatever.

we were born in d same year (as well as cousin Effa). we grew up together. we even share a circle of friends. we had our first working experience together. we likeD a same guy. we argue. then we laugh. we even cried together. we share secrets. i guess i just miss her; being with me all the time during my high school year.

i remember, there was a letter she wrote for me when i was going to matriculation. i cried reading it. i kept on reading the letter through my whole year in matrix. i don't need to mention what's inside. just know that what she wrote touched me deep inside.

p/s: Effa, i miss you too! =p and thanks for always be there for me too!!

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  1. Ish… kau ni.. gayut lama²..membazir prepaid jer.. baik kau g tanya kan camera aku tu…wakaka

  2. huhu...

    xper bazir skali skaler.
    bulan pose ni kan bajet makan dh kurang. huhuhu~

    nak tanye ape lg. kan dh btau dah ari tu.. tggu keputusan nk beli ke x jer ni. isk3

  3. umi tau...umi tau...shhh!!jgn bgtau sesapa...

    tu gmbr masa zaman glamour...

  4. umi tau ape ni??
    blUr pulak..

    glamer saye smpai skang nih.

  5. owhhhhhh... umi....

    surat eh?

  6. terharu siot...
    at last dpt gak aku bukak blog kau huhu...

  7. siokk...hangout dng effa tadi

  8. farah,
    pasni bukak slalu.

    p/s: mmg la buke ngn ama nak jeleskan aku!! huh!!

  9. motif nk terharu???

    gelabah je cik farah bte mohd fuzi ni...
    jom buke rmai2..buke baju..buke pintu...

  10. effa,
    terharu bace post aku la ngeng!

    bulan dpn jgn lupe janji kau kpd aku~


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